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Found 8 results

  1. Hi there I am a Support Worker employed by a city council. I support someone with a very mild learning difficulty, but they are totally independent. They are able to cook, clean, self-travel, etc. by themselves, and our team is present 24 hours a day to ensure the service user does not make unsafe decisions about relationships, or get in trouble with the police for anti-social behaviour. They live in reasonably small, modern 2 bedroom flat on the 4th floor. The single bedroom is designated as the staff sleepover room. The flat is owned by a housing association, which the city council then rents. Therefore, the service user is not directly the tenant. We do not have guardianship of the service user. My question: The service user is a smoker of around 110 to 20 cigarettes/day. They choose to smoke inside their bedroom - sometimes with an open window but often fully closed up, particularly at this time of the year. If they are smoking in their bedroom, the smoke can be smelled by staff in the sleepover room - even with an open window. We have been told we have the right to leave their flat for 1 hour if the service user starts smoking. Upon re-entering after 1 hour, the smell of smoke is still noticeable. I understand 2nd hand/passive smoking is dangerous as its unfiltered, can linger in the air for many hours and the dangerous stuff is invisible. As I am working 12+ hour shifts each day in this environment, what rights do I have as a non-smoker? Should I join a union? Many thanks
  2. Earlier today as I was about to enter a shop I dropped my roll up on section of ground outside their entrance. I was approached by an environmental office equipped with a video camera who proceeded to fine me. I pointed out that it was on the shop's property but he said that it made no difference and that the wind might blow it onto the public highway. Am I liable for the fine? I appreciate that litter is a problem but by the time I have ground a roll up into the ground with the sole of my shoe, there is no visible evidence. His distraction prevented me from doing so on this occasion
  3. Hi everyone I need some of your expert help please, so here goes. My hubby was standing chatting while in town, he had a cigarette and when finished smoking it stubbed it out and put it in his pocket. Seconds latter a environment officer issued him with a fixed penalty of £75.00, Hubby asked why, he replied I have just seen you throw the cigarette over the fence. My hubby replied I didn't here it is, and showed him the stub The officer replied I have you on camera, but would not show the footage. We have written an appeal letter stating all the above, What can we do next or what will there next steps be. Thank you sunnydee x
  4. Hi My son was walking through sainsburys car park smoking a roll up and absently mindedly dropped it on the floor (he knows he's a very naughty boy etc) then from no where pops up a woman in uniform armed with a camera telling him he'd been filmed littering which is an offence and he is to be fined £60 to be paid within 11 days or it goes up to £80 or court Whilst I agree littering is bad. ..nothing worse then takeaway wrappers blowing all over the place or having to tip toe through dog dirt in the park but I've never had in issue with cigarette butts.. ..but yes..litter is litter & he did a naughty thing ...my issue is not with that, on reading the government guidelines for these 'litter enforcement officers' it seems to state that a person should be given the opportunity to pick up their litter. ..but I suppose thats the up to the officer and on reading they get some kinda commission for their fines, unlikely they'll be letting people off... .so my other issue is the car park is private property shared with sainsburys, homebase, argos & McMucks. ..NOT council land.. .the gov website also states that they are not permitted to issue fines on private property, even if used by the public without permission off the landowner. I contacted sainsburys to enquire why they have allowed their customers to be intimidated, humiliated by uniformed people claiming to be council workers loitering outside their store entrance armed with CCTV filming their customers!! Disgusting:-x!!! However, sainsburys HO don't seem too happy about it either and they contacted my local store who have assured me that they had no idea of what was happening in their car park and they are looking into it for me. ...now I'm wondering if this fine inflicted on my son (a student and forever skint) will stick ...of course i want to get him out of paying it. ..I have done the online appeal thing to raise my concerns with the council on his behalf. ..has anyone had success arguing the toss about fines on private land??? Thanks
  5. She was stopped in a public place having dropped a butt outside of a shop before going back in. After she came out the shop, 2 men approached her asking to see her immigration documents (shes European and has every right to be here). They both were apparently very aggressive to her. Anyway she gave them a fake name, and an address she lived at many years ago. What could happen now? or is she in the clear?
  6. A man was killed when a charging e-cigarette exploded and ignited oxygen equipment he is believed to have been using, Merseyside's fire service said. The 62-year-old victim was found in the living room of a house in Penkett Road, Wallasey. A small fire in the bedroom of the property had gone out before firefighters arrived, Merseyside Fire and Rescue Service (MFRS) said. The exact cause of death is yet to be established, with an inquest now due. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-merseyside-28701515
  7. Last weekend me and three others were on our way to a theatre show and were standing outside a train station. We were having a cigarette, but I cannot remember if, at the time I actually was (I may have had one earlier). As we entered the station, we were approached by local authority "officers" who pulled me (and one other from my party) aside and accused us of dropping and leaving our cigarette butts on the ground. As I cannot actually remember having a cigarette at the time I therefore cannot remember committing this offence. When being questioned I said very little, only identifying my name (as i didnt have ID on me) and this was verified. My wife explained that as we were running late we didnt have time to hang around and one of the officers said I would receive a Fixed Penalty Notice in the post. I did. I contacted the local authority and asked for a copy of any video/audio recording of me either admitting to the offence or showing me commit the offence. I have been told that there is NO video evidence and I said "very little" on the tape and my wife did most of the talking. No change there then. The man on the telephone said if it went to court, it would boil down to "My Officers word against yours, and you didnt deny it", which is true but I didnt admit it either. Im worried now as I really cannot afford to get a criminal record, as I would lose my job instantly, yet I feel I should not be made to pay for something which I honestly dont think I did. The other girl with me DID drop her cigarette and is happy to pay the fine. Any advice? UKD Also , really sorry if this is posted on the wrong forum, mods please feel free to move it if necessary.
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