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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all My wife recently received a County Court Claim Form which we have decided to dispute in full. I've completed the details below. I would be really grateful for your help with next steps. From reading other threads it seems my next move should be to send a CCA request to the Claimant and a CPR 31:14 request to the legals reps. Is this correct? Thanks --- Name of the Claimant: Cabot Financial (UK) Limited Date of issue: 09 Jan 2019 - Defence form submitted online on 24 Jan 2019 What is the claim for: By an agreement between JD Williams Ltd Re Fashio
  2. Hello This morning I received a letter titled "Overdue Account" from Lowell chasing a JD williams debt. I am not sure of any dates or information regarding this account. I believe my next step is to SAR JD Williams to get all information. It is possible that this defaulted in October 2011. If someone could someone give me a nudge in the right direction that would be amazing. Thanks DC
  3. Hi does anyone know who to complain to please re this company? I have an on going problem with them and feel they are fobbing me of so need to make a formal complaint Many thanks Sandy
  4. Hello everyone. I hope you are all well. Would like help, or information regarding my trouble. Fashion World passed over to Reliable Collections in 2009 Passed next to Scotcall (which inc.' from same adDress - Westcot, Fredrickson and Moorcroft) 2010 Passed to S.C.Gray Solicitors Jan.2011 Passed to Advanced Investigation Services Feb.2011 Passed to Cabot Fin.Services 2014 who hired Mackenzie Hall on same date to also contact me for payment. Passed back completely to Cabot Dec.2015 who sent me a statement of account (I didn't request it) Cabot then hired
  5. Hi i am brand new to this forum, i have a question, i began purchasing goods from fashion world about 3yrs ago, also Littlewoods & very.co.uk, however i have noticed that my minimum payments seem to be going up, yet i pay regular upon looking close, there are so many credit charges that vary and late fees of £12, no wonder it keeps rocketing have i entered into a written agreement with them, i found this on fashion worlds website If we enter a credit agreement with you, we will also supply details of your agreement with u
  6. Hello, I am new here but have referred to the site quite often for advice. Unfortunately I now have my own problem. I have a Fashion World Online Account and have ordered without problem since 2013. Recently I ordered a Tutti Bambini Cot Bed for my new grandson. I have copies (screenshots) of all details in the advert and do this as a matter of course now. My son advised me that the bed was delivered this morning but without a mattress. This cotbed was £199 plus a delivery charge from FW of another £10 plus their £3.50 on top......fine. I looked at the adv
  7. Hi, Im brand new to this forum and would appreciate a little advice? I'm in a lot of debt problems and I'm only just starting to face up to them and deal with it. a year or so ago i ordered from a few catalogue companies, one being Fashion World...i think the whole company comes under JDWillams ltd. ...anyway i have been getting letters and phone calls and now today a letter to say someone will be "making an appointmnet to contact me at home" today, which I'm sure is just to scare me into doing something, but the reason i need advice is that i have never signed a credit agree
  8. Hi everyone, I would really like some advice please, I have been a fashion world customer since March 1993 and have always kept up with payments, unfortunately my husband suffered an industrial injury and was forced to give up work and our lives were thrown into financial disarray. I contacted all my creditors and all were helpful and froze any interest and allowed me to pay smaller payments except for Fashion World who didn't seem to care and refused to reduce my payments or freeze interest on my account, as you can imagine I have been through the demandin
  9. Hi, i hope i am posting this in the correct place. Just after some advice really, i have had an account with fashion world since 2011, i lost my job at the end of April and also my relationship broke down, i am still living in the house and my ex has agreed to keep paying the mortgage til we can arrange to sell the house. I contacted Fashion World by email as i was fed up of sitting in a queue waiting to speak to them, i have since had the phone disconnected and i have advised them i can only be contacted by letter. My friend is kindly allowing me use her internet to look/apply for
  10. Hi everyone, After a little advice please regarding Fashion World catalogue. My niece sent a SAR to FW regarding my sisters account (she is acting as her rep with her debts as my sister is ill and unable to manage her affairs at this time) so that she could see the state of the account before making any arrangements to pay. All she got back was a load of bumpf that wasn't very helpful so she sent another letter asking for a copy of the credit agreement and statements since account was opened in about June 2010. She has received a reply saying that they 'do not hold any cop
  11. ********* POSTING FOR A FRIEND******** Hi just some general advice really. I have had these accounts for many many years and never failed with them until recently when i was taken ill at work. I have spent some time in hospital and as a result lost my job so on discharge i come home to find several letters including one threatening one from reliable lol ignored and filed under bin! So I faxed JD Williams direct and asked them to put my account on hold for 28 days while seeking advice. They have refused point blank but offered me a few low payments on 3 then a
  12. Hi, Around 10 months ago, I bought a bed from Fashion World online catalogue. We desperately needed a new bed, and didn't have the money at the time which is why we chose Fashion World as I have an account with them. A couple of months ago, it became apparent that the bed was falling apart, it creaks every time you so much as move a muscle and the springs are sticking up through the mattress - it is extremely uncomfortable. We've taken to sleeping on a spare duvet and blankets to make it bearable. Around a month ago, I contacted FW and explained the situation and said that the
  13. Hi All I would appreciate some help and advice, as I have been in dispute with Fashion World and Reliable Collections now for almost a year. I had a catalogue account and got into some financial difficulties. At the time, I informed the catalogue company and offered to set up a repayment plan if they provided me with some bank details. At the time I owed £1432, of which there were numerous admin charges, which I tried to reclaim, but they just ignored.At the time, I calculated I owed about £750 with charges and interest removed. x It was soon passed to Reliable collections
  14. Hello is there anybody that knows who the CEO of Fashion World is and there Email address - I have been treated so badly by Fashion World today - I will explain - Today I got a letter from S C Gray Solicitors Ltd saying Fashion World had passed my debt over to them and I needed to pay within so many days ect I was really shoked by this because since the end of last year with the help of the CAB I have been paying Fashion World £5 a month by standing order through my bank account - I checked with my bank and they told me I have paid every month since it was set up so I phoned Fas
  15. Hello. Last year I made a successful claim for unlawful charges against Fashion World in which they paid back roughly about £300. However within the same year they started adding charges again and I also noticed they now also charge me around £5 a month for a credit charge as they reactivated my account suddenly without any go ahead from me, no new cca signed or letter informing me. Are they breaking any laws here and what would you advise I do?. Thank you.
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