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  1. It may just be coincidence but I'm pretty sure they only post monday to fridays but I wonder who's paying them
  2. Hi, What chances do you reckon they will have that original loan agreement from 1997 ?, I got my mum to go back down the local branch to ask the adviser for a copy of the loan agreement (a reconstructed copy) but she stated she wasn't able to go back that far and advised we fill out the FSA questionnaire complaint and they will investigate and sort it all out on their side. I suspect it was the system search issue or my mum not providing information on the loan settlement statement to narrow the search. I'm not comfortable entrusting the bank to take care of it and would prefer to kn
  3. I've checked both loan agreement's monthly repayments against the loan settlement statement and the book of historic bank statements and shows the lowest monthly repayment which would seem no payment protection insurance was taken or paid for ? Being that they've provided me with reconstructed loan agreements and not actual copies of the original agreements. Doe's that legally comply with my SAR ?. I've said before they look very basic and generic and not satisfied with the provided information but accepted as 3 of her loans was taken out very recently (2011/2012) it is very unlikely to
  4. Hey, Thanks for the advise and not to doubt the forums member's but is this a legal entitlement I can enforce as some of the advise given and read from MSE suggest they're not legally obliged to send me any information dating back further than 6 years so even though they've provided some information going back further doe's this exempt them from legally having to provide a certificate of deletion if the loan agreement exceeds 6 year limitation as is the case with the Barclayloan that dates back to early 2000's and closed in 2005 ? They sent me a loan settlement statem
  5. I first created this thread on MSE a week ago but received very few replies and attracted ppi forum trolls who defend the bank claiming what possible motive could their PPI team have for being deceitful. This is a complaint I've been handling on behalf of my mum against Barclay's and requested a subject access request using a template letter. I'm yet to start the official complaint process The contents of the SAR included (4) unsigned loan agreements with some including a loan settlement statement attached and (1) loan settlement statement on it's own for the 2nd Barclayloan but was
  6. I am absolutely stunned it has certainly turned into a laughing matter. Not 1 Fleshlight came in real packaging. I expected the tin can packaging they're essentially received as OEM Original Equipment Manufacturer not retail that may have seemed obvious to some since purchasing from the manufacturer but no where doe's it state it won't be delivered in retail packaging and on some area's of the site it show's the tin packaging. For £450 a price negotiation is definitely required. Even the paper billing is shoddy as ink in printer is clearly running out with only some of it actually printed
  7. Personal, as explained before I'm buying them all now so I never have to return or deal with this company again. Side note: Made my 4th purchase attempt last night thinking maximum web order was £350 (€437) and failed due to exceeding $350 so I split my order into two separate transactions totaling to just over £440 plus they owe me £8.19 so in total spent £450 with zero service. £10 of the £440 was commission is it right buyer pays all the commission for sending payments when clearly I was charged commission on receiving my refund ? Deduct 30% is fair, plus 18% Spanish VAT it just under
  8. Poor levels of customer support in general, failure to escalate repeated request to speak to senior manager, failure to provide receipt/reassurance of my refunded transaction. I have made several inquires and raised concerns over the quality of certain products and Fleshlight UK Domain's website and have had less then satisfactory responses.. I also contacted support on multiple occasions to resolve my purchase issues (bank block & customer service representative blocks), Internal support & helpdesk systems returning no customer support.. I could go on endlessly their is so many flaws
  9. £8.19 is correct, They messed up on my order which resulted in a refund. They refunded the money but did not compensate/factor in the International "commission" Fee for both my outgoing purchase payment or my incoming refund payment so in total the difference is £8.19. I expect 30% reduction due to non service. As explained they're providing both product & service and are failing to provide service. I have spent best part of 3 weeks making inquiry's, chasing Fleshlight support why the hell should I pay full price for a service I am not receiving but also if I experience problems with
  10. Nope no puns intended. I know the guy or representatives of his company are reading this via webclippings etc and have provided support with my phone number so why have they not contacted me ?. I have researched a little about their company who claim to have sold over 5 million and ernt over quarter billion dollars and the company has plans to break into the Asian market and other big economy's of the world I will chase this for as long as it takes. Only interesting leads I've found have been job openings on Linkedin and Employee reviews of working for them at Glassdoor I have never c
  11. Hi, To cut a long story short of total mistreatment, I need to contact the owner & founder of Interactive Life Forms which is the parent company to Fleshlight founded and owned by Steve Shubin. All support and helpdesk systems in both European & American websites plus their email addresses are rendering no responses. I am extremely angry at the level of poor service especially as the founder and owner Steve Shubin is an ex Los Angeles S.W.A.T officer. This non service is absolute criminal and they owe me £8.19 as when they refunded my order they did not pay the outgoing or incomin
  12. Hey thank you, I appreciate your informative yet simple answer I just needed a little reassurance peace of mind that the money will arrive smoothly Yeah your right, In that case maybe we should shut the CAG forum down as the search engine will provide us all with up to date information huh ?
  13. I've already provided them with that info. I gave sort code, account number, name/address, my banks local branch address IBAN and SWIFTBIC. They've stated a wire transfer will be sent to your account tomorrow. Don't ask why it's coming from America as they've service centers with refund departments all over the world but hey I guess that's how it works.. All I'm concerned about is if it's enough to cover the fee and will it require me to authorize that fee Btw they've provided an additional $25 out of their money to cover the fee so really the cost is not an issue
  14. Well long story short, Product failed under warranty which resulted in being escalated to the head office in America. Who finally after months worth of emails are now willing to refund the money. I don't want name drop company just in case it get's caught up in web clipping and/or web cache or possibly seen by company's employees. The moneys not been sent yet I just need to know the cost as they've requested my bank details so I went onto Barclays and looked up what they needed to complete the transaction and also reminded them it would cost ca
  15. It's not a spoof, Which is why I said it's coming from a multi billion dollar company lmao just encase anyone thought wire transfer eh it must be a [problem] etc. No this payment is coming from a well known corporation in way of a refund I'm just curious as I've never received an international payment before if $25 is able to cover the cost.. Roughly ?
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