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  1. I'm helping someone in financial difficulty that has 6 debts with Lowell. Do I send Lowell one CCA request (and £1) quoting all references or six requests, one for each original debt and 6 x £1?
  2. Thanks very much for keeping this thread updated. I'd be very interested in any further developments if you don't mind
  3. The arrears (or lack of them) are probably a bit of a red herring - the Op has been given a section 21 notice (I'm assuming that the property is let under an AST.)
  4. In case you're not already aware of it: the Late Payment of Commercial Debt Act exists and can be very useful to small businesses
  5. Yes but I was trying to help the OP given the situation that they are actually in rather than one they might/will probably be in. As things stand ll has served what purports to be a S21 but which isn't valid because the deposit in unprotected (if I understand things correctly)
  6. Is the S21 valid though? The OP says that the deposit is not protected
  7. Update: I gave him a week to collect them. He didn't. After he missed the deadline I asked for his bank details so I could pay him what I got from selling the ladders and he said he'd be there the next day. He wasn't, so the day after that I put the ladders up for sale in a local facebook group. An hour later they were collected
  8. Brilliant! Thanks very much. It looks like section 12 and schedule 1 part 4(1) apply to my situation
  9. He would disbelieve that they were stolen, certainly without me being complicit. They are huge - in excess of 5m and three separate ladders that weigh a considerable amount. (The same thought has crossed my mind) Can I legally dispose of them after the notice period? What law allows me to do this? It would be useful to know so I can quote it when I give him the ultimatum
  10. Three weeks ago I had the fascias on my house painted. As I live in a three storey house this necessitated the use of a very large set of ladders. When he finished the work, the painter asked if he could leave his ladders at my house until Friday. I agreed. On Friday he did some remedial work and asked if he could leave the ladders until Monday when he would have his large van. I reluctantly agreed out of pragmatism – there was little he could do if I’d said no. Three weeks later, the ladders are still here and he won’t return my calls . I’m of the opinion that he is intending to leave them here until the next time he needs them, in effect forcing me to allow the use of my house as industrial storage but it could be that he’s gone out of business or dead or anything else. Ideally I’d like him to come and collect the ladders but there is no pressure or incentive for him to do so. Nevertheless I want them removed and have considered: 1) Getting the council to come and take the ladders for recycling (I know this is probably illegal) 2) Giving him a deadline then, if he doesn’t collect them, charging him for storage. 3) Giving him a deadline then, if he doesn’t collect them, selling them and give him the proceeds I don’t know if any of these ideas are lawful but there must surely be something I can do to get the ladders removed. Any suggestions?
  11. The T&Cs say "If the funds aren't available in your account, or if your card has expired, you will be notified and given the opportunity to pay the amount due." Something has gone wrong with the final payment for whatever reason but she should have been notified and given the opportunity to pay it before they cancelled the ticket. Its only following a failure to pay after notification of a missed payment that she is at risk of the ticket being cancelled. ("After notification if you are unable to process the amount due you may incur additional charges or your booking with be cancelled with no refund"). Did they notify her and give her the opportunity to pay and, if so, why didn't she just pay?
  12. Re one standing charge per meter: Are we saying that customers on economy 7 (two meters; one for day, one for night) should/do pay double the standing charge compared with a standard meter? That doesn't seem right to me. Re three meters: In the dim and distant past there was a tariff called "super tariff" that billed at three different rates; day, night and heat. Customers on that tariff had three meters, one for each rate. Its possible that the OPs property was on super tariff in the past and that SPs inability to deal with the situation is due to them having no concept of super tariff
  13. BT are putting their prices up so should allow you to leave early without penalty. This is from the email I got from them on 10/02/2017.
  14. What are you on about? The OP has nothing to do with which cases are heard in a county court and it isn't limited to small claims. It also includes fast track and multi track. From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Civil_procedure_in_England_and_Wales "The County Court hears all Small Claim and Fast Track cases. County Courts designated as 'civil trial centres' may also deal with claims allocated to the Multi Track." In other words, all small claims are heard in county court (as are fast track claims) but that doesn't mean that all cases heard in county court are small claims. County court is not (or at least shouldn't be) referred to as small claims court. Why not fast track court? (I accept that for most people, the claims that are issued are allocated to the small claims track but that isn't what you said. What you said was "County court is also known as small claim court" and it was this single sentence that I was clarifying)
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