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  1. nhs contracts? Hi all, i am now working in the nhs as part of the theatre department and in doing so signed the usual contract agreeing to working on calls, late shifts and weekends etc, the problem is that some staff are not taking part in this arrangement because of various reasons ( my cats scared of the dark or little johnny wets the bed) sanctioned by the managers and therefore the remaining staff are having to work extra shifts to compensate. My question is, are we all being treated equally and do we have any basis for taking action against the management. Any h
  2. I'm trying to give up smoking, I'm using a vape pen which helps most of the time but at other times I get so stressed I will give in and buy a packet of cigarettes. I'm disabled and housebound and felt that cigarettes were my only enjoyment I had left. I'm really trying hard to give up not only for health reasons but it is so expensive, I'd appreciate any suggestions to help stop me giving into temptation when I get stressed out.
  3. It really is a bad habit. I dont believe im playing this subject down. Dose any one agree smoking should be classed as suicide? bankers4me
  4. I have a thread elsewhere about being backdoored with a CCJ by Rectums/Carboot which is progressing nicely. Once I realised I had been CCJed with a default judgement I went into fightback mode, went for a set-aside and Rectums have pulled out on me and Discontinued a case that at the moment they still have an active CCJ on. Wont be long before that resolves itself though. However, they are holding something of a smoking gun in that I know AND it looks like I can prove Carboots instructed their Rectum to issue paperwork knowingly to my previous address thus winning the Default Judg
  5. From 1 October, several changes to the law around smoking come into force. Here’s everything you need to know: Q: What is happening on October 1? A: From that date private vehicles must be smoke free if there are passengers in it who include someone under 18. Q: Is it just the driver who faces prosecution if the law is broken? A: No. If one of the passengers lights up in the vehicle they and the driver will face prosecution. Q: What will happen to those caught? A: They will received a fixed notice penalty of £50. Q: Does the law apply to e-cigarettes? A
  6. A ban on smoking in cars comes into effect just as people are being urged to quit smoking for Stoptober. From 1 October 2015, it will be illegal to smoke in a car (or other vehicles) with anyone under 18 present. The law is changing to protect children and young people from the dangers of secondhand smoke. This is a very silly and unthought out law. A person can smoke in public at the age of 16, so what if a person of 16 or 17 in that car is a smoker and decides to light up. Does it mean the kids can smoke but the driver/parents can't or will they be breaking the law as well
  7. I'd be very interested to hear folks experiences of using Hypnosis to stop smoking
  8. I have been smoking for five years and haven't managed to kick the habit what would you say are the best ways to quit?
  9. Smoking in cars carrying children is set to become illegal in England late next year in the biggest crackdown on lighting up since the ban on smoking in public places in 2007. On Wednesday the government will lay the regulations in parliament needed to pave the way for the new restriction on smoking, which is likely to come into force on 1 October 2015. The measure will criminalise smoking by parents, carers or other adults in a car carrying anyone under 18. Enforcement officers would be able to issue a £50 fixed penalty notice both for smoking in the vehicle and failure
  10. Hi Guys, I guess you see a lot of these smoking claims issue and I was wondering if you could help me out. Usual case: stayed at TL, extended room for one day, next day, women came into my room whilst I was sleeping and said I been smoking. I was due to check out anyway. She said I was smoking then said I covered fire alarm, then after I contacted TL executive office said I left towels on the floor. TL executive office were very unhelpful, sent them an email with 5 questions, only answered one question, prompted them to answer all 5 questions, just answered one more, very unhelp
  11. Hi, I was just hoping for a little advice. I have been sent letters from CRS in regards to smoking and damages to 2 rooms during a stay I booked on behalf of my Boyfriend and his mates, demanding £430 for damages/compensation. I have spoken to all members of the party and they catagorically deny it, I trust them completely, and so I replied to the letters confirming I won't be paying and requesting proof. They have since sent a response containing some non-desript photos of generic damage, they aren't dated etc and theres no way of showing they are from the specific rooms they'
  12. During October 2013, thousands of people across England are taking part in Stoptober - a new, exciting 28 day challenge to stop smoking. There's lots of free support to help you along the way - and the great news is that by stopping smoking for 28 days, you are five times more likely to stay smokefree! Stoptober support is available as an online/smartphone app, a Stoptober pack, a 28 day stop smoking text support programme and support via the Smokefree Facebook page. The Stoptober pack is a pack for smokers with facts, tips and tools to support them through the 28 days
  13. A few weeks back I got kicked out (and my friend from a different room because he tried to smuggle me in his room and they found me) for smoking in the room. I admit that we smoked out of the window, it was lazy and stupid of us not to go downstairs and go outside. However I was shocked that the duty manager gave us no warning whatsoever, we were instantly "evicted" (he loved using that word!). I didn't want to cause trouble so we left and tried to check into a hotel down the road. However all hotels in the city were booked up due to major events, the only t
  14. Hi, I searched on Google and here seems a good place to ask. I have been sent two letters today one with my name on and one with one of my mates. You can view one of the letters here: http://s2.postimage.org/c4rwacl61/59505_10152451539445693_14521781_n.jpg Now Me and my mate in the room i was in are non smokers. The other room my mate has guaranteed me he did not smoke. I will be truthful with this bit, another of my mates has said in a different room there was smoking but they have not received a letter or should i say i have not receieved anything for them - i was t
  15. got a letter saying they want £150 for me smoking in my room from ukcrs din't smoke in there room can anyone help me did send a email to ukcrs saying that I wish to dispute the claim that i was smoking at travelodge on sat 1st sept. got a reply sent on wednesday the 4th sept saying that they noticed a strong smell of smoke a member of management was called n they believed that smoking had accured in the room. so sent a reply today saying I stayed at travelodge alone on sunday and i rememmber it well as it was gay pride, as i was there to support my friends. I b
  16. did any of these cases ever get a court apperance? i read alot of claims on here and wondered if any actually got to a court case, i,m going through it now and have told them take me court based on their evidence its pathetic, they sent me pics of a windowsill with ash on (laughable) and have 2 cleaners statements.
  17. https://www.google.com/search?q=indonesia+children+smoking
  18. Hi all, I've registered here to just to make this post. I noticed quite a few complaints here about Travelodge's smoking fine, and threatening letters from CRS. I was accused by Travelodge a while ago of smoking in my room, and received a letter from CRS demanding £150 or face court action. As usual, their "evidence" was ash on the window sill and a smell of smoke in the room (I don't smoke, so this was not true). After a few letters back & forth, I asked CRS to provide a copy of the invoice received by Travelodge for the "specialist cleaning" which they claim was re
  19. Hi folks new here and would like some help if possible please , I have been contacted by a company called CRS (civil recovery solutions) regarding a claim from Travel lodge for breach of their terms and conditions (smoking in room). To say i am livid is a slight understatement ! Neither myself or my wife smoke ! we booked for the sportcity travel lodge in Manchester but on arrival we were informed that the boiler was broken and there was no hot water ! not good when you arrive straight from work and need a shower before going out for said wifes birthday (first n
  20. Hi there I,m new and I really wanted to ask a question. Has anyone used Champix for quitting smoking? If so, do you know if you come off if you can go back on?
  21. At work my employer has said: Staff who work 6 hours or less are not entitled to have a smoking break or 5 minutes to eat their lunch. They have to work the 6 hours. Staff who work over 6 hours have to have an unpaid 1/2 hour break. If you smoke you can have 6 x 5 minute breaks instead of the 1 x 1/2 hour. My questions are: Can a 6 hour employee be made to work the whole 6 hours flat with no break at all (how can a member of staff working 9.30 - 3.30 have no lunch)? My wife works 6 hours in a school and gets a 20 minute paid break every day. Is there anything in law
  22. There is a very good article about it on the BBC Watchdog website. Travelodge: Smoking or non-smoking? Travelodge is the fastest growing budget hotel chain in the UK. Seven million rooms were sold last year alone and some for as low as £19 a night. But whilst your bill may be low during your stay, afterwards you may be sent a demand for seven times that amount as a punishment for something you haven’t done. Along with restaurants and other public places, hotels have restricted the places on their premises that people can smoke. Light up and you can be fined up to
  23. Here are a few things that have helped me in my battle with Nicotine. There is a lot of help out there from the NHS etc, but I feel everyone who wants to stop should read Allan Carr's very good book 'The easy way to stop smoking'. To start with here is a run down of what happens to your body after you stop smoking, it's a sort of check list as time goes by and helps keep you on track :- I found it helpful to print it out and leave copies where I could easily see them, by the computer, fridge etc...... Within 20 minutes - Blood pressure and pulse rate start to return to norm
  24. Barclays publishes "smoking gun" email that reveals conversation between the Deputy Governor of the Bank of England Paul Tucker and Bob Diamond over key bank lending rate. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/newsbysector/banksandfinance/9371778/Barclays-scandal-Bob-Diamond-resigns-live.html
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