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  1. I contacted a friend of mine who recently started working at TL and already he knew all about the £150 smoking thing. Initially he said that TL are looking to improve their image so if I contacted TL customer services they may back down. I did this and basically asked them to respectfully reconsider seeing as I was evicted, had to sleep rough, and felt like I was punished already. They simply said that CRS deals with disputes so I should contact them. Separately I asked CRS to provide evidence and they have provided 2 photos which I do actually believe are genuine. 1 photo shows a small
  2. I wasn't warned at all, they just knocked on the door and told me I was evicted.
  3. re message from Citizen B. I've confused you with my narrative, it was my own room I was smoking out of the window in, my friends were in and out of my room to the point when I got evicted. After that my friend tried to smuggle me into his room, but eventually they knocked on that door too cos they knew I hadn't left the hotel and they said they knew I was in there. I hear what you're saying.
  4. To be fair I think it was CCTV in the corridors where said they saw someone coming in/out of my friend's room when they subsequently found me in his room. We don't think this is correct and in hindsight I think that was their so called justification for evicting people in the second room, although they have only (only!) charged 1 lot of £150. In terms of my room, one of the staff witnessed me hanging out the window smoking, and the guy said that smoke could be smelt on the landing. What do you think?
  5. A few weeks back I got kicked out (and my friend from a different room because he tried to smuggle me in his room and they found me) for smoking in the room. I admit that we smoked out of the window, it was lazy and stupid of us not to go downstairs and go outside. However I was shocked that the duty manager gave us no warning whatsoever, we were instantly "evicted" (he loved using that word!). I didn't want to cause trouble so we left and tried to check into a hotel down the road. However all hotels in the city were booked up due to major events, the only t
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