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  1. I think i said in a post before that one person did smoke however they didnt write me a letter stating their booking number or room - they got the rooms and people wrong i guess? - as i say one they accused was me and i didnt smoke. I made them believe the fine was for them and they have given me the money which i am holding. This is why i am tempted to pay it to get them off my back and take away the risk - as its not coming out of my pocket. However i do not want to contact them to state i will pay and find the other charge is still active too and they start chasing me for that.
  2. This is the thing. They apparently did see one of my mates smoking however this is all being addressed to me. This is what worries me about them taking court action. There were so many of us there how do i know who it was. They addressed the first two letters to two people - myself and my friend who has guaranteed me he didn't smoke. I also know no smoking took place in my room. It seems they don't know who it was they caught or what room it was?
  3. Click here There it is. They claimed they have staff who would be a witness in court. However they don't seem to know who was smoking and it wasn't me - if they take me to court they could ask me if i smoked and if i saw anyone smoke and my two answers would be no.
  4. Received another letter today. Again it just references one of the fines - no mention of the other now since the first letters i got - im wondering if its been dropped. They are saying if i do not respond to them they will have no option but to issue proceedings in order to recover their consequential losses. Where court proceedings are issued our client will then seek to recover from me court fees and added interest in addition to the value of the claim. Now i dont know what to do. Do i ride it out and see what happens - but i do not want to go to court or do i ring them and as
  5. This is their reply to me denying it. I denied both on the same letter and i have received this which makes me wonder have they dropped one of them and not the other? http://s16.postimage.org/bzxxfw551/644635_10152590088055693_430625089_n.jpg
  6. Ok that sounds good. I booked all the rooms so the letters would come to me as i am the only address they have. I think what you posted before is the best way to go - however do you suggest i go with the line "I deny your claim and will not enter into any further discussion with your company" or do i slightly reword it to state those that the letters that were sent to have not smoked? Also the letter with my friends name on it, should i pass this onto him and get him to reply separately the same as what i reply? Sorry for being a pain
  7. Thankyou havinstella. However i have just remembered with regards to the room which did smoke briefly - the alarm went off and at reception they were able to tell me which room - which i promptly went down to question. I believe they have got the rooms muddled up which is why i am happy to challenge it but perhaps they would have evidence on their system for the other room.
  8. Ok thankyou. I did read the other threads, however i couldn't find any which had a final answer to what happened. Just worried about the fact that there was smoking in a room so they could have some evidence. I am wondering if its better to reply stating the two names / booking refs accused have not smoked - then again they could see that im defending us 4 but not the others.
  9. I am no good at replying to letters. I believe i should contest as the two people mentioned did not smoke in either of our rooms - one room has admitted there was a person who smoked in a room - albeit it was someone not even with our party - but there is no letter for them. Thing is i do not want to be summoned to court as the hotel we stayed in is a long distance away! Would cancelling my card cover against the charge? It was a debit card. Sorry if i sound like a right noob to this - just i do not fancy paying something that i didn't do.
  10. Hi, I searched on Google and here seems a good place to ask. I have been sent two letters today one with my name on and one with one of my mates. You can view one of the letters here: http://s2.postimage.org/c4rwacl61/59505_10152451539445693_14521781_n.jpg Now Me and my mate in the room i was in are non smokers. The other room my mate has guaranteed me he did not smoke. I will be truthful with this bit, another of my mates has said in a different room there was smoking but they have not received a letter or should i say i have not receieved anything for them - i was t
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