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Found 9 results

  1. we bought a lodge to live in was informed by holiday site this was ok, we spent £82k on this my life savings this was in November 2015. since this happened I have been diagnosed with primary progressive m.s and decided to sell up and return home to Huddersfield. we informed the site and they have said they will buy it back for £37000 clearly we are all in the wrong business, since this happened we have found out how much they do this I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has purchased anything on sand le mere park in tunstall hull and had a bad experience we are taking this down the legal path.
  2. My hubby has today received a PCN for a YBJ offence that took place on 13 April. The picture on the notice looks pretty conclusive but I've requested the video evidence just to make sure. It is a notorious junction in that you think you'll get across because the traffic is moving nicely, then it all grinds to a halt, not helped by the pedestrian lights that are spitting distance from the edge of the box. I'm not looking for excuses for hubby- if he did it, we'll obviously pay, but I don't like the idea of giving the council extra money if I don't have to. My main question is, should the PCN actually state a contravention code? This only says "Entering and stopping in a box junction when prohibited". No codes or nothing else. I'll upload a copy of the PCN shortly if it helps
  3. Can someone please shed some light on this? I've previously lodged an incidental application to have this case sisted, but was instructed to file a defence. A date for proof was set, but now it seems that the pursuer are trying to discredit me (again, and moreso), but still fail to present any evidence to support their claim. I took delivery of this summons tonight, and the hearing on incidental application is tomorrow at 10am. Is there even any point in attending?
  4. http://www.itv.com/news/meridian/story/2015-09-03/a-woman-tells-of-her-disgust-at-finding-a-hidden-camera-while-showering-at-travelodge/ http://www.oxfordmail.co.uk/news/13641641.Woman_stunned_to_discover_camera_hidden_in_shower_while_staying_at_Wheatley_Travelodge/
  5. Are there many out there who have a holiday park lodge and are liable to pay service charges? We have a lodge in North Cornwall and we seem to be in constant disagreement with the site owners over the level of service charges they are allowed to levy. The site has expanded continually over the last ten years and the landlord has been through a number of insolvent administrations but the same people seem to emerge each time under different company names. There are also a number of problems with planning permission and building control issues on the site. The site owners seem to think they can charge lodge owners whatever they like by way of service charge including development costs for expanding the site and infrastructure for building new lodges. We bought the property through a solicitor but we were not warned of any of the potential problems with the site and when we went back to her asking for advice on specific items included in the service charge, she did not seem to know, saying things like a barrister would have to advise and that the deeds were supposed to be flexible. This was the vendor's preferred solicitor. These holiday parks are not uncommon and I would like to know whether other people have experience of this.
  6. citizenkain

    lodge allowance

    Im trying to get some information on lodge allowance for working away from home,Im single but own a flat,Ive been offered a job in aberdeen but it means i would need to get a caravan and work for an agency,I think there is such a thing as lodge allowance in this circumstance I just cant seem to get info from the hmrc on the form etc,does anyone here know how I would go about this?
  7. Hi Everyone My name is Tracy and I am looking for a little advice regarding a travel lodge smoking fine, which was sent to my partners employers, when he was working away for them and stayed a couple of nights in a Travel Lodge, some 2 weeks later his employers received a £150 fine! from Travel lodge claiming he was smoking in the room and their evidence was that the cleaners smelt smoke and there was cigarette ash on a window ledge,my partner categorically denies this ,so his employers sent this back Good Afternoon We are in receipt of your letter dated 30th October 2012 regarding a claim against us for smoking in a room at the Travel Lodge in Uxbridge 16th October 2012. We have spoken to our employees who were staying there at that time and we asked if either of them had been smoking in their room at the hotel. They both categorically denied smoking anywhere in the hotel, therefore we refute your claim for breach of contract and the £150.00 charges for specialist cleaning, loss of rental and consequential damages. We look forward to your advices in due course. The reply was that their cleaners were willing to sign a statement! To cut a long story short, I did some searching and found quite a lot out about these so called fines and so called evidence and also found out that it had been on watch dog! and lots of people are being accused and fined for a offence they did not commit. This fine as been paid by his employers which we are very upset about as we would have preferred they take it to court as we feel they do not have any real evidence and he would have liked to defend himself, may I had that this money as been deducted from his wage! very unfair I feel, I have emailed Travel lodge chief executives office regarding our grievance and received a reply for further details and it would be looked into, which I have now sent and awaiting a reply. Any help or advice anyone can give would be very much appreciated as I feel I cannot let this rest we are £150 out of pocket for something he did not do! Thank Tracy
  8. Hi folks new here and would like some help if possible please , I have been contacted by a company called CRS (civil recovery solutions) regarding a claim from Travel lodge for breach of their terms and conditions (smoking in room). To say i am livid is a slight understatement ! Neither myself or my wife smoke ! we booked for the sportcity travel lodge in Manchester but on arrival we were informed that the boiler was broken and there was no hot water ! not good when you arrive straight from work and need a shower before going out for said wifes birthday (first night without kids for years too!). they very nicely transfered us to MEN lodge so we very quickly went to that lodge showered and straight out, did actually notice the window was open when we arrived but thought nothing of it. One restless night later as wife thought the room smelt stale we got up and checked out and wife did actually mention this to the checkout staff but nothing came of it, had breakfast and left. That was 14th of september and just recieved letter and i have no intension of paying the 'fine' , contacted travel lodge but they didn't want to deal with me and just appologised do i just write a letter to the company involved ? Regards Mark.
  9. Good morning all, I was directed here by the guys at ******, I really would be most grateful for any advice. So far I have (from searching ect) -> Write to CRS denying any alleged debt with them, any further comms will be deemed as harrasment. -> Write to travellodge, ensuring they know I will be contacting HSE + potentially trading standards and report the dangerous condition of the handrail and the room being sold as suitable for disabled when clearly not. They are after £80 - I'm very familiar with the speculative invoicing in regards to parking tickets so applying a similar logic here? Stayed at a travel lodge for 2x night, disabled room. Didn't report any damages on arrival...as it's a Travelodge... it would of taken some time. The disabled swing down toilet helper bar was hanging out of the wall at one of its 2 fittings, but still in position (balanced, not held I imagine) Came back one night around 12:30, saw it was on the floor (top fitting had come away from wall, bottom fitting was a hinge so was at 45 degrees) , let night reception know, he took a picture, all good he assured me, I went to bed. Just heard from UKCRS (Civil recovery solutions) Do I have a leg to stand on? Many many thanks
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