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  1. Thank you to assisted blonde for replying. Some of what you mention is food for thought. I posted for the reason of getting a second opinion.
  2. hi it's me again. I posted about smoking but I just realized it is a bigger issue behind it. In the last 3 weeks my 20 year old son has become homeless. I got majorly stressed about that. In addition to the intenseness of quitting smoking, this made me a bit depressed and worried as to how to help my son. What was further alarming was that my husband/partner didn't seem to care at all and didn't once ask me how I was feeling or why was I so down. The day came when my son called to let me know he was okay and staying at a friend's place that night and wanted to come by and get different clothes as we let him store some of his gear in our garage. When he came I wanted to feed him after hearing he hadn't eaten in a few days and had no money. My husband became very ignorant and left in the middle of the visit. So of course we argued when he returned later and we haven't been on good terms since. But the thing is, he won't let me open the door to my son. His opinion of him is that he's lazy and deserves what he gets. The fact is he's young and he admits that he put himself in his predicament but I cannot believe that it's not okay to give the guy a meal; and let him take a shower once a week and get clean clothes? So, my partner's relentless reminders that this is his house and not mine have made me very depressed at this point and I can't help wondering how he would react in the future if something else catastrophic happens like with my daughter or granddaughter. I cannot stop thinking that even though I love this man I just can't seem to go further. So, I have come to the conclusion to end our relationship and move out. I am probably not thinking clearly, but i can't come to any other end. At 46, I am forced to start over with nothing yet again, not because it isn't going my way, but rather because it doesn't seem to be the right way. I can't believe his compassion is gone. I am not the kind of person to open my door to strangers but always to my children in need. But this week I was forced to tell my son no at a time of great need. This apparently is deal breaker for me. I really need a wave of advice and opinion on this one if anyone wants to share any. Thank you so much. Because maybe I am the one who is wrong here and can't see it.
  3. tried champix and it was working but some major heavy stress came down on me and I just started smoking again. does anyone know if you,ve come off champix, if you can just start back on it again?
  4. Hi there I,m new and I really wanted to ask a question. Has anyone used Champix for quitting smoking? If so, do you know if you come off if you can go back on?
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