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  1. Hi folks new here and would like some help if possible please , I have been contacted by a company called CRS (civil recovery solutions) regarding a claim from Travel lodge for breach of their terms and conditions (smoking in room). To say i am livid is a slight understatement ! Neither myself or my wife smoke ! we booked for the sportcity travel lodge in Manchester but on arrival we were informed that the boiler was broken and there was no hot water ! not good when you arrive straight from work and need a shower before going out for said wifes birthday (first night without kids for years too!). they very nicely transfered us to MEN lodge so we very quickly went to that lodge showered and straight out, did actually notice the window was open when we arrived but thought nothing of it. One restless night later as wife thought the room smelt stale we got up and checked out and wife did actually mention this to the checkout staff but nothing came of it, had breakfast and left. That was 14th of september and just recieved letter and i have no intension of paying the 'fine' , contacted travel lodge but they didn't want to deal with me and just appologised do i just write a letter to the company involved ? Regards Mark.
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