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  1. like i said pilkers they sent me foto evidence and 2 witness statements by cleaners, and told me that if i lost in court i would have to pay expenses i told them the same that if they didnt prove their case in court me and my 2 witnesses would claim all our expences occured on that day, the fotos have no time date or room number on them do you realy belive a judge would accept them in a court of law? if they were that bothered they would have sent the claim by recorded post whos to say you,ve even recieved the claim from them, they told me to seek legal advice, i told t
  2. pilkers do not pay the fine the same thing happened to me in feb this year they accused me of smoking in the room they have no evidence whatsoever to back up their claim after a few emails back and forth i said to them take me court and guess what i havent heard anything else from them and i let you into a little secret yes i did smoke in the room like you had my head out of the window.
  3. becca91 as you can see my thread on the smoking claim they are trying to get me to pay, we have exchanged 3 emails now and the last one i sent i instructed them to take me court as i,m not paying their smoking claim, that was a month ago now and i havent heard anything from them upto date, dont pay it they are bullies trying to scare you into paying it.
  4. what have you been fined for or what are they claiming for? being sick on the bed? wow you would have been better off smoking in the room only a £150 claim lol, stick to your guns if you feel you been delt harshley and let them take you court if they will? i,m going through a similar sittuation about smoking in the room and have sent them 3 letters now replying to 3 of theirs and have told them take me court.
  5. thats the same letter i recieved except for paragraph 2 i just keep counter acting everything they say to me and telling them i will claim all my lossess in court if you dont prove your case wait till you get the photos you cry with laughter.
  6. i wrote to them twice and told then to not contact me again, but they did with a 3rd letter i am not replying to them, they sent me 2 very badley written cleaner statements saying they could smell smoke in the room, and 3 of the most pathectic photos of ash on a windowsill, belive me they are bad i nearly fell of my chair with laughter when i saw them, in the 3rd letter they told me to take legal advice and that i was relying on the watchdog programme to clear my name, how stupid is that statement? i will see them in court if they want to if they were that bothered sure they would have sent th
  7. i,ve now recieved another letter from crs they have advised me to seek legal advice on this case and the evidence that their clients will rely on, and told me that their client will be claiming the full amount£150 interest, court fees and legal costs, even tho i told them no further correspondence i wanted with them. i,ve now got 7 days to pay or in their words "they will refer this matter back to our client to obtain instructions as to whether or not they wish to issue court proceedings, these proceedings will be issued with no further warning to yourself" i,m not responding to the
  8. i will let you no i also told them that if they dont prove their case in court, us and our freinds who stayed in the same hotel and are my witnessess will be claiming of them all our expenses occured on the day i sent this via email as i wouldnt waste the cost of a stamp on them.
  9. couldnt ignore it made my blood boil with their pathectic letter and photos they sent me i sent them a proper pic of what fag ash actually looks like on a surface and told them the two were worlds apart and also told them of the watchdog programme and pasted quotes from the article from the consumer legal expert.
  10. did any of these cases ever get a court apperance? i read alot of claims on here and wondered if any actually got to a court case, i,m going through it now and have told them take me court based on their evidence its pathetic, they sent me pics of a windowsill with ash on (laughable) and have 2 cleaners statements.
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