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  1. Its not the agreement itself that bothers me too much. It just looks like its been made up of more than 1 agreement to me. I dont know if DLC have a paper copy of it and scanned it or if they have just received a scanned copy of it. Ive asked for the paper copy of it to be posted to me already. Should there be a date next to my signature? ot sure I remember signing anything legal without also dating the signature.
  2. Needs to be zoomed in quite a lot. Also, does somebody have a similar document because I think there is something missing (I havent redacted any dates). (COA) 10018390960-page0001.pdf
  3. Didnt need to SAR BH in hte end as they bailed on me and DLC offered me full disclosure FOC. As for redacting parts of the document, doing that is going to tamper with it and may destroy some of the anomolies I think I can see. I would prefer somebody to see a virgin, untouched version of what I have got. One other thing, when did the law change with regard to producing original CCAs? Was it somewhere towards the end of 2006 when things changed and a reconstituted version was allowed?
  4. Time for another update because I am still working away on this. 1. Complaint to the FOS about Cabot and them claiming it was nothing to do with them. FOS have agreed with Cabot that they only provided information to Restons (at DLCs request) so had nothing to do with the case at all! Still pondering this and might send it back to the FOS for a review. 2. After many requests I have finally got a (bad) copy of the CCA from DLC. Im not at all happy with it as its quite a poor copy and would like somebody who knows their stuff to take a view on its authenticity. Is there any
  5. They couldn't deny that they done the searches based on the paperwork I have. In the final response they say they done the searches but then didn't have confidence in the information that they received. The did agree that this probably shouldn't have happened and they have commited this to paper. If you read back the post from earlier it covers something of a glaring hole in this argument though.
  6. True, but a small price to pay to have a CCJ removed from your records though.
  7. No, used their complaints process and offered them the opportunity to cover my costs. They agreed the costs that I would have submitted to the Courts anyway plus the extra £400 which I wouldn't have got from the Courts. Overall a better deal deal for me and more than I had suggested to them at one point. Wasn't happy putting another £255 into the Courts either with no guarantee of success. The FOS said they would compel them to pay up a reasonable amount if they found in my favour so had that as an avenue as well if needed. Will keep this updated as ive got another cal
  8. Time to update this thread as its been quiet for a while now. I submitted a complaint via email to Cabot for their behaviour in using the wrong address. 35 days later I get their final response saying it was nothing to do with them. This is despite them and one of their employees being named in a witness statement. Not long after receiving this I then started getting letters from DLC saying that they were investigating the matter. Got a couple of 'we cant be bothered to look into this issue' letters from them decided I would phone their compliance team up and ha
  9. Why not? You can do a CCA request on anybody at any time you like and they have to respond to it in 12+2 days is my understanding. Doesnt matter if a CCJ has been issued or you are just being nosey, it has to be supplied on request. If Cabot cant/wont produce a CCA it give the OP a reasonable defence for the N244 application. With clear proof they raised papers at the wrong address then there is every chance they will do exactly the same as they done to me and withdraw, deleting the CCJ. Which team do you bat for andyorch?
  10. Finally got to speak to the Courts today. They confirm case is discontinued and the hearing date I had in June has been vacated/re-allocated. Spoke about the Wasted Costs application but was told it would cost £255 to submit it. This is a bit too much of a gamble so not going to do that. Heard nothing back from Cabot since emailing them my complaint. Might re-mail it with a Read Receipt attached to it. If i dont hear from them soon then off to the FSA. There is another thread with similar circumstances so would be an idea to bring that case in at the same ti
  11. Its exactly what I used in my Witness Statement for my Set Aside and as soon as Restons saw that they bailed out and Discontinued. Equifax will give written confirmation of what they tell whoever asks if you ask them firmly enough and I cant believe any DJ will not accept that as a good enough piece of evidence to support the Set Aside. However, the OP needs a reasonable defence and being denied a copy of the CCA on request should give at least a chance of the Set Aside. Disappointing how defeatist this forum seems to be. Im no expert at all but I have direct experience of being backdoore
  12. I have been backdoored by the Carboot Rectum team recently using an old address. I have absolute proof they knew my new address and it looks like you may have the same. In your shoes I would CCA Cabot and as soon as the 12+2 days has elapsed stick your N244 in using the wrong address as the reason for set aside AND lack of CCA and/or other paperwork as the defence. You will not get a set aside without a reasonable chance of a defence and chances are with a CC that old there wont be the right paperwork available. This backdooring trick seems to be a favourite
  13. Confirmation today in writing from Restons that they have discontinued proceedings. I am directed to make future payments to ME III Ltd who as far as I know have absolutely nothing legally to do with this case. Still nothing from the Courts about the case being withdrawn yet though.
  14. Found that but staring at it through a glass of Old Pultenay doesnt make it any more understandable to me. I do wonder if Restons can simply claim they only acted on instructions given in my case so have a Get Out Of Jail Free card to play? Think I will write up an informal request and submit it on the grounds the case is still 'live' at the moment. Went through the rather rubbish Cabot website this evening and found their complaints section. Emailed a complaint in to them about the deliberate use of my wrong address mainly so I can satisfy the FOS rules about trying to resolve the case
  15. Time is up for Carboots Rectum today then. No comms and no sign of payment so time for the fight. Will get the SAR printed, PO bought and posted recorded. Might even sign them as it would look very suspect if they generated some paperwork after their behaviour so far. Still cant figure out what it is going to cost me to submit the Wasted Costs claim though.
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