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  1. Oh! We also found out at one point that the receptionist who made this claim had given one of the room keys to the wrong people, same party but wrong guests, but apparently this breach is legally "inconsequential" so long as its under the same booking...just something to bear in mind if your booking groups/big business trips, apparently its fine for them to let your colleague into your room without your permission....
  2. I've not heard from them for about 4 months now so fingers crossed they've given up! This is what happened over the months they did keep bugging me from the first letter... 1. Letter sent to CRS, signed by myself and the 2 party members who were previous harassed, stating we denied the claim and had no knowledge of the events described. Requested evidence such as photos of damage that were time stamped and proved this was in fact the rooms in question, and made a formal request for all the information they held about myself, the claim and the damage in question. Also sent a copy of this
  3. For it to be valid I was told it just had to being writing requesting "all data on XXXX and XXX", I checked and it can be posted or emailed and does have to specifically quote the FOI or DP acts to be valid, that should be enough right?
  4. No, they arent like that and they've said they didn't, I believe them and i 100% believe my boyfriend. I agree TL should deal with damage situations, but we havent damaged anything and they're being purposefully evasive in trying to resolve the matter outside court. Im not happy about it, its not nice not knowing whats going on and being harassed for something we havent done, I want to resolve it and I've said if they can provide 100% proof, I'll pay, but they can't becuase they didnt damage anything. My guess it that the negligence of TL and CRS in their "protocal" and company responsibilitie
  5. Hi, I was just hoping for a little advice. I have been sent letters from CRS in regards to smoking and damages to 2 rooms during a stay I booked on behalf of my Boyfriend and his mates, demanding £430 for damages/compensation. I have spoken to all members of the party and they catagorically deny it, I trust them completely, and so I replied to the letters confirming I won't be paying and requesting proof. They have since sent a response containing some non-desript photos of generic damage, they aren't dated etc and theres no way of showing they are from the specific rooms they'
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