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  1. nhs contracts? Hi all, i am now working in the nhs as part of the theatre department and in doing so signed the usual contract agreeing to working on calls, late shifts and weekends etc, the problem is that some staff are not taking part in this arrangement because of various reasons ( my cats scared of the dark or little johnny wets the bed) sanctioned by the managers and therefore the remaining staff are having to work extra shifts to compensate. My question is, are we all being treated equally and do we have any basis for taking action against the management. Any h
  2. My contract states that I will not receive any money in exchange for any hours worked over my contracted hours, except at the Company's discretion from time to time. Over the summer, I worked as an engineer/manager on-site, alongside 30 other employees (labourers) who all raked in approximately 15 hours a week of overtime paid at x1.5 their normal rate. I counted up all the hours we did and calculated that, had I been paid overtime at a x1.5 rate too, my employer would have paid me £4,000 in the span of those 4 months. I don't think there is a law that will require my employer to rei
  3. Hi all looking for abit of advice, i got suspended on wednesday for not being available for overtime. They are telling me i have agreed to doing reasonable amount of overtime. Yet they are not able to determine what a reasonable amount is. I informed them i could not do it before shift started. They still put me on a route that would force me into overtime. I turned around with 4 drops left to do. I then started getting pushed into finishing it which i declined. I then received emails with my contract and asking me again am i available for overtime. I replied with no and never got
  4. Hello All , I have a problem at work with overtime payments This months wage,i have not been paid any overtime I have spoke to wages department.,who informed me that the Director has told her to not to pay overtime but to add hours worked to my holidays . Can he do this?? He did not speak to me about it No notice -nothing ! In the 3 years that i have worked here never had any problems . The Company is Global having sites all over the world ,and has a yearly -turnover of £200 Million ++ Thank you Evo123
  5. Hi, I'll try to keep this short. Preface: So I am working for a retail company for last 6 years, and since summer last year I've been on an 8 hour contract to give me flexibility for my studies. I've been working for 25 hours a week for the last 4 months but now that exams and coursework deadlines are approaching I've asked to only work my 8 contract hours per week until they are over. I have been told by management that I need to give them 4 weeks notice as they have already done the rotas for the next 4 weeks and they can't be changed. I'm only contractually obliged to do overtime durin
  6. Hi guys i work for a company who look after the virgin media contract, i am working at the moment over 70 hours a week which is tiring me out to be honest, i have a family and have very little time for myself or my kids you keep telling them about it in the nicest way possible even though its hard to keep your cool sometimes and they take Sh*t all on aboard what i have to say. I am on template pay (pay per job) now i can make some decent money when i get the big jobs like quad's, triples and duals. But lately ive been finishing my own work by 3pm ready for hom
  7. Hi everyone, I'm hoping all you knowledgable folk on here can offer your assistance . I started a part time job last year. During the interview, I explained that I was looking for part time hours to enable me to pursue a hobby, which I also get paid for, not much but I do it because I love it. I don't claim any credits or anything like that, money isn't everything to me. They were receptive to this and liked hearing about it. They also explained to me that sometimes they may ask that I do some overtime during heavy workload periods, not often, just an hour or so here and there, which
  8. Hey all! Not sure if this is the best thread for thus? At the restaurant we currently only receive tips as cash and these go direct to your server we have been told with no notice or consultation that tips will now be set up on card payments but via a tronc system...what are the rules around this? From what I u derstand it will be a 70 30 split between foh and boh based on how many hours you work....without getting into the pros and cons of tip splitting, what are the rules around this? Does it class as a change to working terms and conditions ? My second question, at my salaried role
  9. Despite recent rulings there still appears to be a grey area about holiday pay and overtime hours counting towards a weeks pay, that is with regard to volentary overtime over contractual hours(though I am aware this has been cleared up in Northern Ireland). My question is, under current English and Welsh Employment contracts what would be the correct calculationfor the following situation Contracted hours 37.5 Worked hours per week 48 (this has been normal for the last 3 years) the overtime has been volentary above contracted, the employee has always done the overtime and ther
  10. I work in a call centre, earning the minimum wage. If I am on a call at the end of my shift, I am expected to finish the call before I can leave. Sometimes this can result in me staying back for over half an hour. I don't get paid for staying back past finish time. Whether I get the time back in lieu is at management discretion (and my manager is only willing to give me the time back on the odd occasion). Her argument is that the company pays me for time I spend going to the toilet when I'm not on break, so it evens itself out. As a result of the above, I am in effect working
  11. Hi there last August I started working 16 hours a week was a very stressful time as I lost my dad and stepmother within a month of each other. I thought i would get full housing benefit which I didn't only got 200 a month so had to pay 100 a month. A work colleague told me that as long as my basic wage stayed the same I could do overtime so have been doing quite abit every month. Have had a letter from my local authority asking to see my last 2 payslips and after looking on their website realise I should have told them about working the overtime. It worksout I have been overpaid 1800 pounds d
  12. I am hoping I can pick some peoples brains here about contracts and employment law etc.I have worked for a company for 4years now and have a contract that I signed when I started I work 12 hour shifts on a pattern of 2 days and then 2 nights followed by 4 days off. This is one block of 7, then after block 7, I have 18days off. This is also a job that is at sea, but within coastal waters no more than 12miles offshore.New staff have been taken on over the last 2 years on a new type of contract deeming the same job to be a Multi Skilled role, meaning they company will train these people for
  13. Hi, Was just wondering if anyone can help me with this matter... From january this year im owed about 6 days worth of wages from the overtime I have not been paid for.. in a meeting on 3/11/14 I informed the line manager about this problem and he said he would look into it I have been paid recently on 13/11/14 and still not been paid for my overtime and was also underpaid. Today 01/12/14 I was asked to work overtime which I refused to work it and told him ive not been paid for the overtime from jan till now which he said he will ask someone else to do the overtime instead but didnt reply to me
  14. as part of the NHS i will be on strike next week for a 4 hour period. Some of my co-workers are choosing not to strike (as is there right) , but i noticed some staff are working overtime that day . Can there union dismiss them for that ? As in dismiss from the union they are members of .
  15. Hi guys i have a question regarding overtime in my workplace. I have been employed with this company to a 40 hour a week contract since 2008 and at the start of my employment i was expected to do overtime as it did state in my contract that overtime is required for new depots. Fair enough. After everything settled down i was always asked by my manager if i wanted to do some overtime, sometimes i would, sometimes i declined. Now i don't mind doing overtime and its not all the time, but my problem is i need to leave some nights on my finish time (5pm) as i have evening events 2
  16. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-29896617 Be aware appeals are pending, this is not yet finalised
  17. Good morning, I have a question about the above. I think I know the normal regulations but I just want advice before I start questioning managers etc. Where I work at the moment I am salaried. Since August, I have worked a lot of overtime due to demand. This was arranged through an overtime rota every so many weekends (working on the Saturday and Sunday). Now, they are putting in ANOTHER rota until the end of the year. However, on this rota I am required to work every one in three weekends. This will be Saturdays and on-call on the Sundays. My contract is very minimal.
  18. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-scotland-business-29452980 This sounds a very good article but fails to tell you how to go about getting it
  19. Hi guys I have a query regarding overtime rates for employees who receive a shift premium, i have scoured the internet but can't find anything relevant. I receive a shift premium for working day/back/night shift, averaging out at 37 hours per week, over 8 weeks. When I work overtime on day/back/night shift, my payment is calculated based on my basic salary, without shift premium. I would assume that my premium is paid for my contractual 37 hours a week and any further shifts I work in overtime should include an additional premium for those hours. Can anyone confirm if
  20. At the time I got my job I was unemployed so didn't really have a lot of room for manure, If I turned the job down no JSA, and I never found out about the overtime clause until I had been in the job 2-3 weeks. I will be brutally honest, I'd rather not be there at all let alone stay any longer than necessary so this over time clause kills me. We already work 45 hours basic let alone over time, Is there anyway out? I know all about the 48 hour limit but its averaged out over X amount of weeks. Its the fact all plans have to be dropped as and when asked or your marched into the office
  21. Hi all, I am employed by a company full time in the UK. My contract states the following : I am based from home, and work 7.5 hours a day on a customer's site (+1 hr lunch) and have to travel up to two hours a day to get to the customer's site and back (one hour each way). They used to pay us in fifteen minute intervals for travel time in excess of that. They have changed it so we can only claim 30 minutes at a time, and we are not allowed to round up, so we would have to travel over an hour and a half before we could claim any travel overtime (30 minutes). This means we now have to
  22. Hi,Hope someone can help me with a little problem I/we are experiencing at work. I work an annualised contract,my working week is from Sunday to Saturday,37.5 hrs a week.Currently we're working Monday to Friday on a 2 shift rota pattern and have been for the last 3yrs.Problem I'm having as are a few others is that we're being 'forced' to work a Sunday even though we have worked the 37.5 hrs already.I've been threatened with a 'absence' and then a disciplinary if I don't work the Sundays My contract states: It is a condition of your employment that you work flexibly in accordance w
  23. So my work has reduced our 8 person team down to a 6 person team and consequently changed the shift from an 8 week rota to a 6 week one. We would work an average of 37.5 hours per week over the 8 weeks and 38.5 over the 6 week. I raised this with my manager and wondered if there would be an adjustment in pay for any extra hours worked as a result of the shift pattern change. I have been told that some of us will be getting a payout and some will end up owing hours back to the company. No new contracts have been issued and we are now working on average an extra 1 hour per week. Is t
  24. Hey there, just found this forum and it seems like it would be good place to ask this question. I started a new part time job a few days ago under the pretense that I would be working 18 hours, which I'm more than happy with as I was only really looking for something that would allow me to make a little extra money while I focus on a few personal projects and freelance work. I've been there for around 3 days so far, and I've already had to do an additional 14 hours worth of shifts bringing my current weekly total to somewhere around 26 hours - this is significantly more than I signed up
  25. Hi Everyone, I shall do this the proper way and introduce myself first since this is my first post My name is Dan and I am from Leeds! Moving on.... I'm having some difficulties with my employment. The company I currently work for employ 200+ staff, but they are a family run business if that makes a difference. The business grew extremely fast over the last 4 years, 4 years ago they only had 30+ staff. However in terms of management, they still act like they are running a small business. From 2012 I was working for this company as a sub-contractor, since I was working
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