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  1. The report expectation date is on the letter attached to the previous post. Im on a section 3 If this is the case maybe we need to do something about NHS foundation Trusts not complying with there own rules. Government guidelines say the info will be released within 21 days but the law says 40 which both deadlines have passed.
  2. I am a detained paitent in a hospital and I am eeding to get access to my medical notes. The hospital wrote to me and said the DPA request I sent was valid and that it would tae them 40 days to respomd. But the hospital wrote to me again and said they wouldnt be able to meet the deadline . They gave no excuse at all. I would like a copy of one of my reports Please can you help me?
  3. So to get a copy of the CCA agreement has the bank got to prove first that they have met the requirements when they handed the documents over within 14 days of opening the account? Ah so there is a nice person left on here.
  4. Dose the contract give me the borrower's right to withdraw from the agreement, any effects this will have and how to do it
  5. Revived a notice saying that my account is closed and that legal action would follow. Dose this mean its in default or is it just closed. If its closed what legs do they ahve to stand on?
  6. If its causing you hardship and distress they will listen to you. You may not need to go down the legal route have they wiped charges before for you? Have they said the account is closed or in default?
  7. yeah best bank in the country
  8. ok well I have been reading on google (good old google chat) http://ec.europa.eu/justice/data-protection/
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