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Found 15 results

  1. Went to London for the New Year Eve celebrations and booked a Travelodge for an overnight stop. When we arrived, I attempted to pay for parking, but the machine refused to accept a card payment. Message on the screen was Network Unavailable. I brought this to the attention of the recetionist and showed him the machine ( I also took a photo on my phone ). He said can you not pay with cash and I said, no as I didn't have any on me. He then said no problem, I will email the parking company with your Reg number and you pay me cash later, obviously a little cartel going on here!! When we returned in the very early hours, a little bit worst for wear, I tried to pay the money to a different receptionist who said they don't accept payments. She said not to worry as her collegue would have emailed the company and basically you have free parking. Well this morning I have received a parking charge notice from APCOA Parking dated 15/01/16 saying I breached the terms and conditions of use of the hotel car park and want me to pay £60.00. Should I appeal this, complain to travelodge or chuck it in the bin!!?
  2. Travelodge Halesowen have recently employed the services of one of the Cowboys.. .. this is the notice on Reception desk, next to the keypad to tap on your car registration plate. There is signage in the car park, it's now a 1 hour limit as there's a KFC, Off Licence & Greggs under the Travelodge, no ANPR cameras (only Security CCTV which has been there since the hotel was built), so must rely on a drive-by check. Car Park signage is quite small, and high up on the lamp-posts so not overly readable or even noticeable, especially if you arrive at night. And there's isn't a sign as you enter the car park, only on a few lap-post further in. Just for a laugh I was winding up the Manager when I checked in, asked him what planning permission was granted for the hotel, in particular regarding car parking and charging, and that the signage was inadequate, plus his Notice was incorrect using the term "fine"... . he just shrugged his shoulders and said its nothing to do with him. I came down in the morning, actually looking forward to seeing a Yellow package on my windscreen, and what fun i could have taking them apart for numerous CoP breaches etc, alas I was disappointed......!
  3. Hi Guys, I guess you see a lot of these smoking claims issue and I was wondering if you could help me out. Usual case: stayed at TL, extended room for one day, next day, women came into my room whilst I was sleeping and said I been smoking. I was due to check out anyway. She said I was smoking then said I covered fire alarm, then after I contacted TL executive office said I left towels on the floor. TL executive office were very unhelpful, sent them an email with 5 questions, only answered one question, prompted them to answer all 5 questions, just answered one more, very unhelpful company... Letter arrived not to my address but to a friends address but named to me, but said friend booked the room. Should I just respond stating that I did not smoke, i deny all claims sent to me? They all stated they needed specific cleaners and could not rent the room out which is BS. Should I ask for any evidence for this. I just want to stop correspondence going to an address that is not mine as it has a detrimental affect on my friend (very sensitive for me ) Can i ask them to cancel correspondence to that address? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks Yugoif
  4. Hi, I recently stayed at a travelodge and on m return found my room trashed. Our clothes everywhere and soaked. A hole in the wall, a toilet blocked of all our belongings etc. luckily we had another room and all stayed in there. In the morning we left and complained. We have a suspicion of who did it as there were some cocky lads on our floor but we didn't want anymore trouble just to get out of there. I have complained and heard nothing else. I have got now got a letter from cra demanding over £800 in damages. Can I ask what rights etc i have? And have any of these ever gone to court? I refuse to pay this for something I haven't done?
  5. Hi, I was just hoping for a little advice. I have been sent letters from CRS in regards to smoking and damages to 2 rooms during a stay I booked on behalf of my Boyfriend and his mates, demanding £430 for damages/compensation. I have spoken to all members of the party and they catagorically deny it, I trust them completely, and so I replied to the letters confirming I won't be paying and requesting proof. They have since sent a response containing some non-desript photos of generic damage, they aren't dated etc and theres no way of showing they are from the specific rooms they're referring to, as well as the "incident logs" stating the night porter visited the room in regards to a fire alarm fault. They have also included an "invoice" but all the claims are for "compensation of cost" not cost. I sought legal advice and was told that the "evidence they have sent" is purposefully limited and wouldnt stand up in court, and advised to reply reiterating my denial of the incident and advising them I will bnot respond to further correspondence unless the law requires me to. However Im concerned. so I have a few questions I want to ask before I send a response, if anyone canhelp me out that would be really great! 1. I was not present during this stay, originally the 2 claims were sent to my address in my boyfriend and one of his mates names, however the claims have been moved into my name as CRS state that the designated person of each rooms have "refused to resolve the issue". They have not refused to resolve the issue, they both phoned, stated they denied the allegations and refused to pay without proof, at which point CRS advised them they will not discuss the matter further with them and would only speak to myself. When my boyfriend requested the claims to be moved into his name so he could deal with it as I was not present, they refused. If this went to court, where do we stand in being able to move the claims out of my name and into my boyfriend and/or his mate, as they would like it to be? 2. The "report log" is not dated or signed. It states that the night porter attended the room against which they have made smoking claims, due to a fire alarm fault. Refitted the alarm and then left. It states the next morning, he found Ash on the window sill and the smell of smoke. CRS advised us it was another customer who had reported the smell. Also, if the party had been smoking prior to the porter arrival while the fire alarm was disengaged, he would have smelt very strong smoke at that time. He confirms he refitted the fire alarm himself, so they wont have been able to smoke after he left. Would this be sufficient flaw in evidence to dispute this claim should it go to court? 3. The second claim for damages, in the incident report it states that the porter let someone else into this room without the occupants permission. He says its reasonable as they gave the right name and room. They were members of the same party and they took the matress of the bed as a prank. the night porter escorted the real occupants to the room adn asked they replace the matress and then left. He says he saw damage later the next day that he "hadnt noticed". Would this be sufficient flaw in evidence to dispute this claim should it go to court? 4. Is "compensation of cost" actually legally binding claim invoicing? I was under the impression they can only claim for actual losses, I notice their careful in their wording...if it was the actual cost, surely they'd put "Cost" without the compensation. I also know that CRS receive a commision on the claim, which isnt invoiced, so this must have been built into the "compensation"... 5. Have requested full and satisfactory evidence from both CRS (who provided no specific and vague information "for my reference only") and Traveloge (who refused directly to me and advised CRS they'd only provide in court"). Given their refusal to provide satisfactory evidence to resolve the matter outside of court, if this went to court, would this be sufficient reason for them beging denied the right to reclaim legal cost should they win? 6. Anyone aware of any of these cases actually going to court??? I've found lots of people getting the letters but no-one seems to have ever been taken to court! At the end of the day, the party didnt cause these damages so I will only pay if they can provide absolute proof or I am ordered to by a court. Im disgusted by the attitude of CRS, they're so rude and agressive, story changes every few days, and Travelodge are just as bad, they've even ignored my written request for all data on myself and the bookings in question and told me they wont discuss the matter further with me! Im not gonna respond to any more of CRSs letters, and Im pretty confident that should it go to court, they wont win, everythings so "sketchy", but I would like my mind putting at ease a little!!!! Cheers m'dears
  6. Hi, new to this place but I gather others have experienced this problem and received good advice. I stayed in a Travelodge recently with my two children. Unfortunately in the morning before we checked out one of the children was sick in the room - a small patch on the carpet, on the duvet and on the mattress. The duvet did not have a cover because, despite requesting one repeatedly, it was not provided. I cleaned up as best as I could and the front desk was informed. I have received a letter from Civil Recovery Solutions demanding payment of nearly £300 for, among other things, damage caused during my stay, loss of use of the room etc. I have had no previous contact from Travelodge concerning the matter. The letter states that I have broken IMPLIED terms and conditions. I have requested from Travelodge a breakdown of the costs incurred as well as proof of the consequential loss as the room was unable to be re-let. CRS have stated I should liaise with them not TL. I wondered if anyone can add anything to help me out? Many thanks if so!
  7. A few weeks back I got kicked out (and my friend from a different room because he tried to smuggle me in his room and they found me) for smoking in the room. I admit that we smoked out of the window, it was lazy and stupid of us not to go downstairs and go outside. However I was shocked that the duty manager gave us no warning whatsoever, we were instantly "evicted" (he loved using that word!). I didn't want to cause trouble so we left and tried to check into a hotel down the road. However all hotels in the city were booked up due to major events, the only thing available was for £141 in the centre of town but as it was already 4-4.30 am we felt it wasn't worth it. we killed time until 6.30am when our friends (in another different room) who had a vehicle were contacted and then we chilled in a friend's car until they were ready to drive home at about 9am. Humiliatingly we actually tried to get some sleep on park benches near the hotel, in an area which isn't particularly safe. I thought it was out of order that we weren't given a chance by way of warning. If we had received a warning then we would have instantly switched and gone outside for a fag. I apologised, pleaded for leniance and even offered to buy another room. However the duty manager insisted that it was not his decision but that it came from Head Office (someone must have told head Office..?) and threatened to call the police if we didn't leave. I asked if they will try to levy further costs and he said Head Office may try to charge £150 for cleaning of the room. Again it was "not his decision, but Head Office will decide". I cancelled my credit card. About 2 weeks later after no further contact from Travelodge, I received a letter from CRS dated 13 Aug 2013 making a claim for£150, otherwise I have to explain within 10 days (not sure if working days..?) if I wish to dispute. I'm not sure what to do. I have read many other threads online, many which are people incensed because they didn't smoke, whereas I admitted it and got "evicted". At the time they said they had CCTV evidence but we never saw it. I'm not sure if he was bluffing or not. Also I feel it unreasonable to ask for £150, how can they justify that size of cost? So I have some choices/questions 1. Pay it and split with my friends (who incidentally are saying to me that I should ask for evidence, easy to say when it is not in their name!!) 2. Ask for evidence. They might have been bluffing by saying that they have CCTV footage. I've seen other threads where the evidence provided has been photographs that don't necessarily link it to the individual circumstance. My concern here is whether they somehow provide evidence (CCTV) that we admitted it and left the hotel and then subsequently increase the claim. Can they do that? 3. Tell them to justify £150 as it seems extortionate. 4. Ignore it because Travelodge themselves have not contacted me about it, other than on the night itself (I saw another thread that suggested this route, although the difference there was the guest denied smoking, whereas I did not). Clearly as soon as I make any contact then they have a lead from which they can pursue me. 5. Can I claim that the hotel have breached their duty of care towards me by making me sleep rough.? Surely that was punishment enough, a further claim for £150 seems excessive. 6. If it doesn't specify then does 10 days mean 10 calendar days? Or it generally accepted that it is 10 working days? The main thing I am worried about is having a black mark on my name in terms of credit checks and so on. Which is obviously the fear that these people prey on. But do I have a case if I admitted it and left the hotel? Help !
  8. got a letter saying they want £150 for me smoking in my room from ukcrs din't smoke in there room can anyone help me did send a email to ukcrs saying that I wish to dispute the claim that i was smoking at travelodge on sat 1st sept. got a reply sent on wednesday the 4th sept saying that they noticed a strong smell of smoke a member of management was called n they believed that smoking had accured in the room. so sent a reply today saying I stayed at travelodge alone on sunday and i rememmber it well as it was gay pride, as i was there to support my friends. I booked into the hotel at around 7pm alone that night and was only in the hotel room for 10 mins. for a change of clothing. The next moring i was in a rush so i dint even have time for a shower. If someone was to smoke in your room then i would of thought the smoke alarms would go off? I did not somke on travelodge premises. I was with people who smoked all night and it was raining so if it did smell a bit of smoke in the room then it must of come from my clothing. Can you ask Travelodge to remove any black mark that maybe against my name, and next time i do stay at travelodge i will make sure the manager inspects my room before i book out. can anyone help me as i did not smoke in the hotel room
  9. did any of these cases ever get a court apperance? i read alot of claims on here and wondered if any actually got to a court case, i,m going through it now and have told them take me court based on their evidence its pathetic, they sent me pics of a windowsill with ash on (laughable) and have 2 cleaners statements.
  10. Hi all, I've registered here to just to make this post. I noticed quite a few complaints here about Travelodge's smoking fine, and threatening letters from CRS. I was accused by Travelodge a while ago of smoking in my room, and received a letter from CRS demanding £150 or face court action. As usual, their "evidence" was ash on the window sill and a smell of smoke in the room (I don't smoke, so this was not true). After a few letters back & forth, I asked CRS to provide a copy of the invoice received by Travelodge for the "specialist cleaning" which they claim was required, also to provide proof that the room in question was not used the next day, and also to provide detailed calculations showing how these items totalled exactly £150. I never heard back from them ever again. Job done. Bunch of idiots. Do they really think this is the best way of getting repeat business?! I will never again stay in a Travelodge hotel & would advise everyone else not to either.
  11. There is a very good article about it on the BBC Watchdog website. Travelodge: Smoking or non-smoking? Travelodge is the fastest growing budget hotel chain in the UK. Seven million rooms were sold last year alone and some for as low as £19 a night. But whilst your bill may be low during your stay, afterwards you may be sent a demand for seven times that amount as a punishment for something you haven’t done. Along with restaurants and other public places, hotels have restricted the places on their premises that people can smoke. Light up and you can be fined up to £200 if convicted, plus damages if the company is granted them in court. http://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b006...avelodge-fines
  12. I was just informed that the room I stayed in at the travelodge has suffered major damage and a painting was stolen and they are charging me $700 or so. Although it was a business trip, the room where my brother and I stayed in was under my name. (now the company is being billed the money) Here's the thing though: The room was booked 3 nights: thursday, friday and saturday, but my brother and I only stayed the first two nights. we left saturday morning at 10:00 am, and after we finished the show we were working on, we decided to stay and tent over at the festival site. We decided this too late to cancel the reservation of saturday night. Then, we are notified that the room was found in terrible condition on sunday morning. We were 50 kilometers away all night, there is no way we could have done the damage. We still have the keys so we didn't give them to anyone. The way I see it, is that if the door was left open, it would have to be the cleaning crew's fault because we left at 10:00 am. And even though I am responsible for the room, I can't be responsible for bad hotel security can I? Is there something I can do?
  13. Hi, I have just recieved a letter from a civil claims company saying that when we stayed at Liverpool Central The Strand Travelodge on sat 19th may 2012 a piece of fire detection equipment had been tampered with. I have been hit with a £150 charge for loss of earnings from the hotel. I contacted the travelodge to refute these claims and also find out actually what they were on about and I was told a plastic bag had been placed over a smoke detector. I stayed in the room with 2 of my friends and none of us smoke, there was nothing in the letter to say they could smell smoke in the room, just this plastic bag over a smoke detector. Now this could have been there days or weeks before we got there as apparently they are above head level, this is a brand new hotel and im told brand new smoke detectors come brand new in a plastic wrapper when being installed, I am absolutely furious with this letter and will go to court if thats what it takes. Judging by the amount of threads on here this £150 is quite common, I have been told I have to write a letter to the claims company if I deny all accusations. What would be the best sort of response to give??
  14. Hi, I’m hoping someone may be able to offer me some advice / assistance. This morning I received an unpleasant letter from a company called Civil Recovery Solutions (CRS) who are acting on behalf of their client (Travelodge Hotels Limited), relating to an alleged incident that occurred during one of my stays on 11th May 2012, which resulted in damage to a wall. They claim the damage is for £400, and that I either need to pay this within 14 days, or write to them denying liability within 10 days! There was no damage to my room at all when I stayed, and I am shocked and appalled by the letter I’ve received, which is very ‘bullish’ to read! I have since stayed with the same hotel since May 11th, and not one member of Travelodge’s team has mentioned any damage, nor has Travelodge been in contact with me directly, despite having all of my contact details. I don’t know what the damage is as they have failed to elaborate or provide a cost breakdown, nor its location, other than it’s to a ‘wall’. This letter has come completely out of the blue, and as a total shock. All I know is, I can’t afford to pay £400 for something that I never did, nor am I willing to do so. Obviously I will defend myself; I just don’t know how to go about it. How do I prove or disprove such allegations? Surely it’s going to be my word against theirs?? How do I know a) the damage occurred, b) it was in my room, c) it wasn’t done after my departure, or even d) that it already existed before I stayed but I didn’t notice it (they haven’t confirmed which wall the damage occurred to or its extent!). I was proposing to reply in writing denying the claim, and request photographic evidence of the damage, but I’m not sure if this is the correct response? Should I also contact the hotel I stayed at directly to query the whole incident? I also feel that I should write to Travelodge head office for such an appalling way to treat a customer! I noticed some similar posts on this Forum, but they were all relating to Smoking in Rooms, not damage to property, so I’m unsure of the best approach to this. Thanks in advance for reading my post and any advice you may be able to offer, Kind regards
  15. Hi anyone and all who who reads this, I was hoping for advice in Claims made against the consumer... heres the story. My Girfriend and i were staying at a Travelodge earlier in the month. She only recieved a letter through the door yesterday which was a 'Notice of Claim' from a third party company called CRS (Civil recovery solutions) of £150 for allegedly smoking in one of their rooms. First off me and my gf are smokers but were certainly not smoking in the room. Travelodge have not been in touch full stop. only the third party. so there is no claims of evidence or anything, just details of how to pay this Claim value of 150 pounds for specialist cleaning and the loss of rental opportunity etc etc. Having recieved the letter late i find myself not much time to deal with this. The letter states that ' If this claim is not settled within 14 days of this notice we will have no alternative but to refer this matter back to our client with a recommendation to consider issuing court proceedings' And we are on day 8 now. should i worry, what will happen when the 14 days expire? Any help or advice would be more than appreciated, Gary
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