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  1. A somewhat good result. After more chasing, they've sent me a spreadsheet of the accounts for fire protection, water charges and electric. Communal Electricity - Estimated £45.00, Actual £241.73 - Revised: £41.63 Communal Water - Estimated £3.66, Actual £234.91 - Revised: £76.96 Fire Protection - Estimated £2.08, Actual £147.65 - Revised: £51.15 Still it seems too high, the total for this estate alone for water charges came to £62,950.07 last year. The thing is, they've listed blocks that don't seem to exist on our estate. Possibly from the new development that has o
  2. They send a summary every year with the previous year, estimates and actual costs. I used this to work out the increases in the first post. The issue is, they don't break down the charges enough, so we have no idea why "Communal Water" went from an estimate of £3.66 to £234.91. They're telling me that they're waiting for clarification on the service charges before they can tell me anything.
  3. Hi, All the tenant's I've spoken to have this charge added. I eventually got an email back from the "Service Charge & Section 20 Officer" for Clarion with the below: This was almost a month ago now. It's been well over a month since I requested to see a copy of the invoices. I've emailed him back twice and called twice but I don't hear back from him, or anyone else at Clarion. There's a bunch of us that are complaining about charges. Some people in other blocks are getting charged for use of the secure car parks, that they don't actually have a
  4. Thanks Stu. I'm a housing association tenant. We pay rent. I live in a block of 11 other flats, the estate has multiple blocks, something like 300 - 600 properties in total. Shouldn't fire protection have been put in place in the beginning, or only where we can prove it wasn't up to regulations before we moved in? They had to fireproof around all fire doors, pump in fire proofing into the brickworks and cladding, and also added fireproofing around electrical cupboards. Surely this should have been done in the first place? The water charge turned out to be t
  5. We live in a flat and with Clarion Housing who are a housing association. Today we all got a summary of what the service charges estimates were, and what they actually were. The estimates were £412 less than the actual costs. The three main increases were: Communal Electricity - Estimated £45.00, Actual £241.73 Communal Water - Estimated £3.66, Actual £234.91 Fire Protection - Estimated £2.08, Actual £147.65 We have no idea what the electricity cost is for. Someone could have been stealing power for all we know. The water, I reca
  6. They did make it sound like Toyota was to blame but said "however upon checking the documentation again they have been provided for an incorrect date.", so Horizon requested the wrong date from Toyota, are Toyota to blame at all? They just did what they were asked by Horizon.
  7. Just an update. I did complain via email to Horizon. They replied to say they had given Toyota the wrong dates. In fact, here is their reply: Thank you for your correspondence and please accept our apologies for the delay.
  8. Toyota dealership replied in an email and said "Ignore the parking fine, its sent to the right person". So possibly resolved.
  9. I'll refrain from contacting them, I really don't want to go through the hassle of dealing with them, even better if I waste their time and money. I have emailed a copy of the PCN to Toyota. When I told them the date of the PCN on the phone, they even told me the name of the person who had it at the time. Two GDPR violations!
  10. Got given a courtesy car for two days from Toyota on 25th November 2019. Today I got a PCN from Horizon dated 19th November 2019. I didn't have the car then. The letter does mention that I should let them know if I wasn't driving, just want to check if this is the correct thing to do, I don't really want to enter into any correspondence with a parking company. No doubt that will go missing in the post anyway. Doc1.pdf
  11. Hi, Do you have an update on this? Curious to know what they said. I may be in a similar situation, 5 year old car has signs of crash damage, although yet to inspect it properly.
  12. Hi, We had a car at my sisters house on the driveway. It had no tax or MOT. We booked it into the MOT, and began driving to the pre-booked MOT. On the way, it was clear there was something wrong with the car above 40MPH, some knocking sounds and the engine went into limp mode. Half way through the journey, we diverted and drove to our garage instead, and then reported this to the MOT center. We fixed the problems a week later (at our garage), booked the MOT again, literally drove up the road to make sure the problem was fixed, turne
  13. Pretty sure that was when travellers moved in to the nearby building site and filled the entire place with rubbish.
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