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  1. Just didn't think POPLA would leave it to me to prove the vehicle wasn't parked there. I'll go all the way to court with them if they want to do that.
  2. POPLA refused the appeal. Complete rubbish response from someone they've dragged in. They're saying that it is up to me to prove that my vehicle WASN'T parked in the car park. They completely ignored that my appeal was based on no evidence of my vehicle being parked at all. They ignored the point I raised about the ANPR not even covering the car park at all, just the service road which is a PUBLIC right of way. At one point, they even claim I (as the appellant) remained on site for too long!
  3. Got an email from POPLA to say they've made a decision and to check the portal, but the portal shows up as "We have received your comments and we will begin your assessment in due course". I emailed them but I don't expect a reply as they've not responded to any other email from me. Does it just take a while to show up?
  4. No parking event took place, they've requested details from the DVLA under false pretences.
  5. Surely it's out of time too? Happened on 27/12/18, NTK dated 18/01/19? That's more than 14 days even if it was working days. Edit: Didn't see your post Eric. So he's inadvertently created liability by responding to the out of time NTK?
  6. Couldn't find any planning application for the signage: http://planningonline.wolverhampton.gov.uk/online-applications/
  7. Fast response from Manchester's council. They're investigating and will send someone to the site for an inspection. Those large signs advertising the car park are certainly large enough to require a planning applicaton - Not really to do with the parking charge but at least this should cost them some time and money.
  8. They also seem to only have planning permission for the advertisement billboards and nothing else. I've had a run in with ECP before so have sent Manchester's planning enforcement an email complaining about their lack of a planning application. Hopefully will cost ECP some money and time.
  9. So the conditions of parking are: The NTK needs to make it clear which condition you've broken. "the P&D/permit purchased did not cover the date and time of parking". Firstly, the condition on the sign only says you have to display a valid ticket, which I assume you did when you parked? The NTK says it did not cover the date and time, but again, at the time of parking, you displayed a valid ticket. No condition says you must display a valid ticket for the duration of the stay. (Not an adviser, just stating my observations.)
  10. Where is the NTK? I can only see a letter from DRP? Looks like the wrong upload?
  11. The NTK wording is important, it has to be clear which term you have breached, if they simply say you overstayed, that isn't a term on the signage (providing the signage images on the other thread are still the same ones). Can you amend your NTK so it doesn't show any personal identifiers or reference numbers. We can't see it yet.
  12. Just found someone else with the same issue from back in 2017 (https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?481600-Euro-Car-Parks-ANPR-PCN-Aytoun-St-Manchester-next-step-advice-please). Assuming the signage is still the same, the only conditions it says would result in a £100 parking charge notice if failure to comply are: So which of these terms has been breached? If the signage has changed, please can you get clear images of all signage on site including the ticket machine.
  13. No proof of being parked if it's just images of entering and leaving. Multiple places between bollards where someone could drive straight onto a road / from the road without passing ANPR too.
  14. Do you have any clear images of the signage? From the google street view, it looks like they're using this same sign in all locations: Mentions nothing about permits. The apparently violation in the NTK isn't on the signage. You were pre-authorised so it doesn't matter. Small point, in the IAS COP, it states: They never mentioned "Parking Charge Notice" before the first "PCN". Also, they bodged up the appeals section on the NTK, as it says you can't appeal as they've already sent a notice to the hirer (?!)
  15. Wonder if they even applied separately to the DVLA for keeper details... Ah yes, also the wrong location, they've put the land next door.
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