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  1. Hi, Do you have an update on this? Curious to know what they said. I may be in a similar situation, 5 year old car has signs of crash damage, although yet to inspect it properly.
  2. Hi, We had a car at my sisters house on the driveway. It had no tax or MOT. We booked it into the MOT, and began driving to the pre-booked MOT. On the way, it was clear there was something wrong with the car above 40MPH, some knocking sounds and the engine went into limp mode. Half way through the journey, we diverted and drove to our garage instead, and then reported this to the MOT center. We fixed the problems a week later (at our garage), booked the MOT again, literally drove up the road to make sure the problem was fixed, turned around, went back to the garage before heading back out for the MOT center less than an hour later where it had passed and then drove back to the garage. We've since received a letter from the DVLA to say we have a £350 fine for having no tax on the vehicle. We don't know if this was from the initial attempt to go to the MOT, or if this was from a camera which happens to be near our garage on the second attempt. We've appealed, sending proof of the MOT's and have not heard anything for a week. I just want to know if we actually did anything wrong? We didn't stop anywhere else or use the car for any other purpose. Thanks!
  3. Pretty sure that was when travellers moved in to the nearby building site and filled the entire place with rubbish.
  4. Someone from the service charging team called back, and then later emailed me a copy of all the service charging and explained that that each year they over estimate the charge and this year it will likely be £0. Thing is, it's never clear in our service charging what happens to the money that is overestimated. We do get a letter to explain how much we've over paid, but the new amounts never include the deductions. They've listed them here as "Recon", but we never see this.
  5. All my creditors? What creditors? I don't get any other post there. Yes, I find out the same day if my post is there, my parents live there and I work nearby. I'm there at least 3 or 4 times a week, more if something arrives.
  6. Yes, but no reply from them. Didn't get proof of postage though. I have access to the old address and will know if anything turns up. Can't see any reason to keep a DCA letter going by post 87. These are not debt owners and are only there to write scary letters.
  7. Not a waste of time, the appeal to the PPC will be rejected regardless, which is what they've done. POPLA is where the real appeal goes.
  8. Just a courtesy update. Had letters from 3 separate debt collectors which promptly go to the shredder. The last was a few weeks ago.
  9. I didn't resend, but called today and they confirmed they have the letter and had scanned it on 08/04/19, and then done sod all else with it. They're apparently dealing with it now.
  10. Chased them up about the complaint, they said they didn't receive it and told me to resend to their head office which I will do next. The address I sent it to before I'm sure was on their website but cannot find at all now.
  11. Not possible, I'm 3rd floor, no one else can help, literally no where to plug in a camera or even place it without it being seen or stolen. I specialise in WiFi for open spaces / large events and have setup many CCTV camera's for clients mainly IP camera's. Not possible here.
  12. I tried to get other people interested but was met with silence. I'm pretty sure most people here are dumping stuff in the bin rooms. There's only 12 flats in my block and the bin room always has a fridge freezer / sofa / TV unit etc in there. There is a camera covering the area, I'm not able to setup anything as it can't be seen from my flat (or anyone elses) as the bin room can be accessed from the ground floor hall. I sent the letter a 16 days ago, not heard anything back at all yet.
  13. Redcorn Ltd. https://www.redcorn.co.uk/services/ Just seems very fishy that they took the car within 5 hours of it being parked. I doubt the DVLA / authorities would have noticed and instructed it to be picked up that quickly. No idea why they didn't clamp it first.
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