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  1. Chased them up about the complaint, they said they didn't receive it and told me to resend to their head office which I will do next. The address I sent it to before I'm sure was on their website but cannot find at all now.
  2. Not possible, I'm 3rd floor, no one else can help, literally no where to plug in a camera or even place it without it being seen or stolen. I specialise in WiFi for open spaces / large events and have setup many CCTV camera's for clients mainly IP camera's. Not possible here.
  3. I tried to get other people interested but was met with silence. I'm pretty sure most people here are dumping stuff in the bin rooms. There's only 12 flats in my block and the bin room always has a fridge freezer / sofa / TV unit etc in there. There is a camera covering the area, I'm not able to setup anything as it can't be seen from my flat (or anyone elses) as the bin room can be accessed from the ground floor hall. I sent the letter a 16 days ago, not heard anything back at all yet.
  4. Redcorn Ltd. https://www.redcorn.co.uk/services/ Just seems very fishy that they took the car within 5 hours of it being parked. I doubt the DVLA / authorities would have noticed and instructed it to be picked up that quickly. No idea why they didn't clamp it first.
  5. Ok thanks. It was a private company working on behalf of DVLA though.
  6. Bought a car for £350, drove it home with insurance and MOT, but no tax. Parked it outside the house while someone else was taxing it, however the other person (who was to borrow the car for a few weeks) mixed up some log books and taxed the wrong car. 5 hours later, private company came around, picked up the car and took it 20 miles away into London (as opposed to the local inpound 2 or 3 miles away). Didn't realise it was gone until the morning, called 101 and confirmed it was taken for no tax. Called impound, they want £260 to release it, said I had half hour to pick it up or it goes up another £100. My fault 100%, shouldn't have parked it without tax on the road. Now, it wasn't parked dangerously, it wasn't abandoned. Should it have only been clamped first? I'd pay the £100 DVLA fee but the car isn't worth getting back for £360. Just seems sneaky that a private company took it, and transported it 20 miles away into London (it would take an hour and a half each way at least).
  7. I couldn't find any posts about writing to DCA with a change of address so I wasn't sure. In fact I did find posts on other sites saying that you should. Just wanted to be clear.
  8. Thanks Stu, I will put together a letter today. I do already have some of that information, they send a breakdown of the service charges and now also send through what each individual charge covers. I know there are people not from the area that fly tip, but the charges have shot right up in the last increase and I know they're not doing anything about it. In fact they even removed the CCTV camera's after people complained they weren't doing anything to stop anti-social behaviour.
  9. I haven't wrote to ECP with my new address yet. I still have access to my old address for the time being. I've not received anything at my old address. Would it do any harm to write to DRP and request erasure of my personal data? No permission was ever given for them to hold my personal data. Thanks.
  10. Right so today received a letter from Dept Recovery Plus Ltd with a demand for £130. I know I should ignore this etc, I won't ever pay unless a court told me I need to which isn't going to happen. They sent the letter to my new address and in the letter said they traced me to this new address since I didn't reply to the last letter they sent (I'm 100% sure that no letter had been delivered to my registered address). Anyway, I'm interested in going down the route that as the registered keeper, I did not give DR+ permission to hold my personal data, and it would seem a credit company has also given out my personal information. Is there any point putting in effort to make a complaint against them and exercise my right for them to erase my data under GDRP laws? Or just ignore outright?
  11. Don't know if there is anything I/we can do, but our housing association recently sent out the updated service charges list, and we now the amount listed for "Rubbish clearance from the estate" has gone from £6 to £88. The summary explains that this is due to fly tipping, and residents that dump furniture (sofa's, fridges, freezers, table's etc) in the bin room. I've never done this, always borrowed a van to take to the recycling centre so I'm a bit annoyed about having to pay. Is there anything we can do to force the housing association to actually do something to help prevent this? There are cameras covering the area's, but they're not interested, easier to just make us all pay for it.
  12. I've not heard anything from ECP or anyone else since the POPLA decision. How long do parking companies usually wait before sending threat-o-grams? Also I need to change my address on my vehicle and won't be able to collect mail from my last address, what happens if they send court papers to my old address and I don't get them?
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