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Found 25 results

  1. I'm trying to give up smoking, I'm using a vape pen which helps most of the time but at other times I get so stressed I will give in and buy a packet of cigarettes. I'm disabled and housebound and felt that cigarettes were my only enjoyment I had left. I'm really trying hard to give up not only for health reasons but it is so expensive, I'd appreciate any suggestions to help stop me giving into temptation when I get stressed out.
  2. I received leather sofa from Sofology, financed with an Int. free loan from Barclays (Partner Finance) Hours after delivery, it became obvious that the sofa had manufacturing faults (different cushion front panel heights, and inadequate partly filled cushions to the seating area. Raised a complaint (!) and provided photo/video evidence....asked for correction or collection! Initially fobbed off, told there was nothing wrong. Persisted, and 3 weeks later, I appear to be dealing with a senior colleague, instead of the 11 or so 'Tom, Dick and Harriets' that I had encountered in a sequence of email/call centre 'one-off' contacts. I have informed Sofology that I wish to return the sofa, due to it's failings, and also that it fails to match the quality of the original in-store sofa observed at time of ordering. Q- Might this form a 'breach of contract'? I'm not a legal person and don't want the 'Perry Mason' in me to get completely carried away! FWIW I have complained to Barclays, and they have started a Sect 75 complaint....but I've no idea where that might go. However....after essentially ignoring me for over a fortnight....Sofology have perked up a bit when Barclays presented the complaint. Position I'm now in is: Either.....allow Homserve rep. (supposedly independent....really?) to visit, assess and provide an 'honest' report. Sofolgy's subsequent action, in terms of the 'refund' (to Barclays) and to end the finance agreement will depend on this 'report' OR....as the defects/faults are considered 'un'confirmed, (in spite of Video evidence) they will take back the Sofa, and charge me a 30% (£300+) cancellation fee. Is it correct to consider this as a cancellation.....the item is defective??! Haven't encountered this idea of being charged in order to return a defective item......is that legal? Would appreciate any help from members
  3. My daughter has been offered a job as a PCSO, her training is to start on the 8th of January. For the past 2 weeks she has been trying to hand in her notice but kept getting 'we are busy at the moment, we will get back to you tomorrow' and as you know tomorrow never comes. I told her to just print off a short letter...I am giving notice from..... and hand it to her department manager which she did on Friday, but she is worried that they are going to make a fuss and try to stop her finishing for the 8th of Jan! She is worried that no one has got back to her, also she is unable to contact HR as they have all been split up to different sites, due to the asbestos problems they are having in the main building! As she handed in her letter of resignation in time can they try and make her work after the 8th?
  4. I wonder if anyone could answer a query about tips. My brother in law is working this weekend at a famous racecourse parking cars for the attendees of the racing. He is working as a temp for an agency. He was told he would get an hourly rate plus he could receive tips. Whilst working the supervisors (not from the employment agency) have told him any cash tips must be handed in and will be given to a charity. He wants to be honest and has sometimes been given tips of £20 in cash but has to hand in. Is this legal? It is virtually minimum wage and the tips (which really was part of the bargain when he accepted the job) would have made doing this worthwhile. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  5. Heres one for you. Am i able to give more than the required length of notice to inform a company I am leaving them? IE 2 weeks instead of 1?
  6. Hi all, I wont give you my life story but I work in sales and recently decided to move jobs. I gave my notice 10 days ago and it seemed to be on good terms. It's a small business so I've been close to the boss for 3 years and was till today. Anyway, today is pay day, at 720am I receive an email stating that I wont be paid commission now that I have given my notice. I reacted in the expected way and challenged that, his response was, no no, just that cash flow is bad, we'll pay you next month, after youve left. He has a history of not paying people as theyre leaving, so I'm expecting to not see this money. He has sent me a breakdown of what I'm owed, from which customers, and promising to pay that money next month (which he did to the last guy, and didnt pay). I wouldnt react this way if it wasnt 40% of my earnings. On top of that, I'm also owed 11.9 days holiday which I'm worried he'll try to get out of as the record is paper based and he signs it (however I have a copy of this up to date and signed). The impulsive side of me says - Hold all of his equipment ransom i.e. laptop, phone, van, power tools until he pays what he owes me and I'll exit the day he pays. It works out as around £16-1,700 for holiday and commission The sensible side says - Wait, and he wont pay me... By which time I'll have no leverage as I'll have given the equipment back on the 16/9 (last day) and next pay day is end of the month, can I take him to court then? I've been helped out here before and really hoping someone can give me an idea of which direction to take it. At the moment Mr Impulsive is winning as I have a mortgage to pay... What do you think? Please help me with this sheister, Thanks in advance too
  7. Hi does anyone have any email contact details for he aqua credit card - i want to contact them about a debt I have with them and try and sort things out but they only supply a postal address or phone number on their site
  8. Many posters on CAG give great advice, with so many posts to read and so many replies to make, then all those threads to read and catch up on, how do you actually feel when the OP comes to update their thread and to ask Admin to rename their thread **SUCCESS** How does that make each and every one of you feel? knowing you helped in some small way in making the day to day lives of posters liveable again? I remember many moons ago coming to CAG asking for help having no idea where to turn or what to do! Spending many hours weeks and months learning law and how it worked, then finally getting a fuller understanding of law, so much so, it is no longer just to get out of debt but a job now. Life is not so bad when you have friends like CAG to fall back on and support you through hard times you face financially. A pat on the backs of those that help and get no thanks for their time or advice, well done to them one and all.....
  9. Whilst searching for my usual weird things I was searching and found that Sussex Police are stating that an EA can still enter by using a window, shame they have this so wrong, maybe a quiet word in their shell like would be great, see the bailiff section on their site or read here ... The link was edited by the system so have used this link instead http://www.sussex.police.uk/admin-section/search.aspx?searchtext=bailiffs They have posted up some allegedly useful info for those facing an EA, this is the first time I have seen this on a Police website so I will see how many others do this and what they state. It also states correctly that they must not use the thresh-hold method either... There are several sections on their site re the EA... I had to edit the link due to the word S cam in the link it is now working
  10. Have just recieved letter from virgin about their unlimited sim deal. They are saying we are no longer offering the unlimited sim deal as it is uneconomical for us. They are saying keep the phone. they will down grade tto unlimited minutes and texts and 1bg of data and keep the tariff price the same. What are they doing ?
  11. I have been smoking for five years and haven't managed to kick the habit what would you say are the best ways to quit?
  12. Hi, All I have not received my P45 from my employee from over a year ago. I asked again yesterday and they said go through a solicitor and they do not want to talk to me. It states on the HMRC website that your employee must give you your P45 by law. I do not think it is fair to go through a solicitor and pay out money to get it. Is there another option for me to get my P45 because the amount I earned is different from what they submitted to HMRC. They said they paid me a wage that works out almost double my original wage and two payments in month. No money went into my bank account. This situation has made HMRC stop all our tax credits and they have instructed us to get our P45 from our employer, but they will not give it to me. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. Normally I wouldn't start a thread but this particular subject lies very close to my heart having lost my daughter this year a few days before she was born. The general gist of it all seems to be that NICE are of the opinion that for low risk pregancies, it may well be safer for mums to give birth at home. Up until the day we found out our daughter had died we were smack in the middle of the 'low risk' category and expecting a very normal, healthy little girl, The link to the BBC article is here:http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/health-30206540 My views, for what they're worth, are that if we're about to start categorising risk to the extent where people are encouraged to give birth at home then surveillance during pregancy needs to be improved significantly in line with the recommendations made in the Panorama episode on still births earlier this year. Secondly, there needs to be a very clear pathway for women in distress to access more advanced care as a matter of urgency, how that's done (perhaps through training of paramedics / upskilling community midwives to offer pain relief and peri-surgical interventions) I'm not sure but it's clear that for something to go wrong in someone's home could be catastrophic and without proper planning in place the consequences, however real for us this summer are life changing.
  14. HSBC letter advises me my small debt being passed to Marlin. (OK) Letter alswo says Marlin will set up direct debit from details passed to them by HSBC and I do not need to authorise it! Surely this is illegal and tantamount to fraud. I complained by phone and advised them they were not to divulge my Bank details. I have now also cancelled my direct debit to HSBC. Which bodies can I refer this practice to?
  15. Hi, lowell recently sent me a letter asking if I lived at a certain address in "wIles" I didn't, I lived at the same address in wAles (an important typing error on their part). So I ignored the letter. A couple of weeks latter I recieved another letter (This time from "RED") stating "lowell portfolio 1 ltd did not receive payment from you for your outstanding balance" I emailed red the following, along with my refrence number I have no record of oweing lowell portfolio 1 ltd any money, niether do I have any record of them asking me for money. Please can you provide the following infomation proof that I owe lowell portfolio 1 ltd money proof that they have passed this debt onto you what this debt is in respect of All corrispondence between myself, yourselves, lowell portfolio 1 ltd and (should this supposed debt stem from another company) All corrispondence between myself and that company in respect of this debt, proof that that company passed the debt onto lowell portfolio 1 ltd the date that I first owed this debt to lowell portfolio 1 ltd and (should this supposed debt stem from another company)the date that I first owed that company the money They replied asking for my name, address and date of birth. They know my name and address as they wrote to me, as for my date of birth, I refused to give this due to the risk of I.D. theft (I have no proof of who they are, just a letter and email). They have replied, stating who they are (but no proof) and finished with the following "Without this information I can no longer correspond with you by email. Therefore please call us on 0113 308 6035 or write to us at Lowell Financial, PO Box 164, Leeds, LS10 9EH" Am I right in thinking that A) I do not have to give them my date of birth B) untill they answer my questions, they can not take any futher action, e.g. ccj, baliffs, etc? Side note; I know for a fact that the debt they are chassing is past the 6 year limit, I just happen to hate these type of people aqnd enjoy costing them money
  16. Can someone point me in the direction of a letter/template i saw quite awhile ago on here, im looking for the one which says about NOT giving a debt collector sensitive information (im trying to set up a payment plan and they have asked for EVERY detail of my illness and income etc) i refuse to give it to them, as i dont know where it will end up, but im sure there is a much better worded letter on here somewhere just cant find it! thankyou
  17. Hi folks, any advice on the following would be appreciated, sent a claim in to CitiFinancial for PPI refund, they have agreed to refund approx. £800. However they are now saying that they notice from their records that my address has changed. Ive very recently moved back home to my parents so cannot provide them with current bills, council tax etc which they are requesting. However I am positive that I gave my parents current address when I took out the loan for which the PPi settlement has been agreed. MY parents are willing to provide the details they requested with their names on them and written confirmation that I reside at their address but CitiFinancial are not accepting this! Any ideas on how to proceed anyone. Thanks
  18. Morning all, Now while I am technically competent I find myself with an issue I am not sure about. I bought a Pomp W89 quad core mobile from a seller on Ebay. It is a Chinese knock off and looks good. This is the phone and the seller in question. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dual-Sim-Camera-Cell-POMP-W89-4-7-Quad-Core-WiFi-Smartphone-Android-4-2-Mobile-/380786054168?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item58a89e1418 My issue is, the GPS does not work! After I contacted the seller he (I assume) replied with this I had already done this so I replied saying it still wasn't working so today I got this. Now, it is my understanding that when outside, the GPS chip should work without having GPRS switched on. GPRS is an additional factor to ensure quicker location. If I left data roaming on, this would cost me once my PAYG payment expires. Are they trying to fob me off?
  19. Hi everyone it is my first time posting so I hope I am on the right forum. We have been paying a secured loan with Citi for years (2006). In 2009 it went to a suspended repossession order and since then we have never missed a payment even though it has been a struggle. A few weeks ago I received a handful of annual statements from them but did not really know why they had sent me them all in one go. On Saturday 4th January, we received the following letter: Account number is **************** Further to our recent correspondence regarding annual statements we would like to advise you that due to our failure to supply these statements in accordance with the Consumer Credit Act 1974 we have refunded all interest and fees accrued during the period of non-compliance 01/10/2009 until 30/09/2013. The breakdown of sums refunded to your account is as follows: Interest £7880.20 Fees £981.13 The current balance of your account after the refund is £211.27. Citi had a phone number that you could contact if you had any questions, my husband rang them but they have refused to deal with us, and have told us that we must deal with their solicitors (Wallers, very rude people) as that is where our account is, he rang them and we were told that the 211.27 is not our final amount and we have to request a redemption figure and it will take 7-10 days, they won't tell us how much it is, and I am very concerned that it is going to be an amount that we cannot pay in one go and we end up back in court after all this time. We rang Citi again but they will not say anything but wait for the redemption figure. Maybe I was naive to think that if we paid the 211.27 that was it, as that is all the letter says. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  20. hi i am hoping someone can just double check some wording in a contract .my wife is leaving her place of work and has been offered a new job her contract states what we believe is that she has to give a months notice which is fine..but she has been there alot longer and the contract sort of sounds like she has to give 3 months notice.. below is word for word what it says .your employment will be subject to the following periods of notice:after 4 weeks employment-1 weeks notice. after 2 years employment-1 months notice to terminate your employment. You are entitled to receive the following periods of notice after 4 weeks employment -1 weeks notice. after 2 years serive-1 months notice.after 5 years service -1 week for each year of service to a maximum of 12 weeks for 12 years service.payment in lieu of notice may be made in certain circumstances. now from what or how i ready it if she hands in notice it will be 1 months notice..but if they intend to let her go then it would be 12 weeks notice as she has worked there for 13 years. can someone just read over and let me know thanx
  21. Hello, my 1st post on here. Some time ago I was contacted by Link Financial regarding "debts" they had been given by MBNA in my name. This was regarding a couple of credit cards I'd had & after some rather unpleasant dealings, including constant phone calls & even one made to my place of work I relented & entered into a payment schedule. A couple of years or so later I was advised by a friend that I could go with the CCA route so I did. All I have received in reply to my requests have been photocopies of application forms & what I'm told are "reconstituted" agreements so I told them to go away & they have done 'til now. I have now received letters threatening doorstep collection & court action. I've seen this all before of course but I've been made aware that things have changed whereas Link not providing the original credit agreement is now not the defence it used to be. Will I now have to do business with these people? Thanks.
  22. Hi all! Need a little advice if possible please I hope this is in the right place and as always feel free to move if not. I have a house I let out, putting this as simply as I can, three people sharing and one becomes a nightmare for them to live with, so want her out, she gives me notice, but on moving out she causes damage to the house, she admits to this in front of me, a witness and another tenant and I make a guess at the cost to repair the damage. She asks if I can get an estimate in writing so I do, and it comes out higher. Hear nothing, she then emails me saying she is getting a solicitor involved as despite the quote she requested its too much. I reply to the email and saying she can if she wants but I believe it fair and have an inventory report sayings its clearly more than just wear and tear. She moved out at the end of last year, think the email was in February and ive heard nothing since! I just wanted to make sure I am doing the right thing, as she is not to be trusted and didnt want to get caught out by not giving the difference back or anything and then finding there is sometime frame where if I dont she has to have it all back or something silly! Can anyone please give any advice? Many thanks E
  23. Hi We have been in our current home 4 years. When we moved in no windows opened, we asked for them to be opened....2 years later the landlord opened the bathroom and bedroom window. The rest in the house are still painted shut. In the meantime the bathroom, with no air, has got disgustingly damp, mouldy, and peeling paint. We have just handed in notice and landlord states the windows were painted shut on purpose to avoid drafts through single glazing!! Also, in my notice letter i said i could not remember seeing an inventory when we moved in , as i had with past landlords, and in his response he states the estate agents have a copy along with photos. The house is not managed by the estate agents, they just found the tenant (us) and did credit checks etc. I called the estate agents today and there is no inventory and the lady seems confused as to why, yes they had photos, but it looks like after we moved in!! The landlord did not enter this house, while we were in to take photos...so was he allowed in while we were not here...and should the photos not have been taken before we moved in? The agents are sending us copies of these. Any advice would be great - i HATE private landlords!! thanks x
  24. Hi, I gave in my notice to quit my flat, as required, two months prior to leaving. My landlord has now advertised the property with various letting agents. However, the landlords have also given out keys to the property to these letting agents, and when asked how many people now have keys to the property, they replied that they don't know, as many of the letting agents are subcontracting advertising of the property over which they have no control. Now letting agents are calling up (mostly with an hour's notice) asking to show people round and saying that they don't mind if we can't be at home, as they have keys. I know that I have the right to refuse if not given 24 hours' notice, but it's more the principle that they have given out keys to unknown people without my permission. Is this against the law? It seems a bit much to change the locks with only 3 weeks on the contract left. Thanks. Franklin
  25. My current employer has told me that I must give him a date of notice or he will make it for me. I did not want to tell him that i was leaving until i knew more but my new employer requested a reference. Due to holidays etc I have not been given a start date but my employer is saying if i dont give him notice period by tommorrow he will give me notice as he has employees ready to start. Can he do this. I have only been there 8 weeks. I know the 2 year rule etc. anyone got anything else.
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