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Found 9 results

  1. i resigned from a job with immediate effect last monday and the company are witholding my wages for not working 2 weeks notice. they provided me with a wage slip stating that i would revieve £351.46 net pay but they havent paid the money into my bank account. the amount has also been added to my total taxable earnings and no deductions are shown on my wage slip! this is the clause in my contract. If the Employee leaves his employment without giving full notice, or during his notice period without the written permission of the Company, the Company reserves the right to deduct a day’s pay for each day not worked during the Employee’s notice period. This may include a deduction of accrued wages, or other monies due to the Employee. surely if my wage slip says i am being paid the amount and its gone on my taxable earnings they have to pay me?
  2. Hi all, I wont give you my life story but I work in sales and recently decided to move jobs. I gave my notice 10 days ago and it seemed to be on good terms. It's a small business so I've been close to the boss for 3 years and was till today. Anyway, today is pay day, at 720am I receive an email stating that I wont be paid commission now that I have given my notice. I reacted in the expected way and challenged that, his response was, no no, just that cash flow is bad, we'll pay you next month, after youve left. He has a history of not paying people as theyre leaving, so I'm expecting to not see this money. He has sent me a breakdown of what I'm owed, from which customers, and promising to pay that money next month (which he did to the last guy, and didnt pay). I wouldnt react this way if it wasnt 40% of my earnings. On top of that, I'm also owed 11.9 days holiday which I'm worried he'll try to get out of as the record is paper based and he signs it (however I have a copy of this up to date and signed). The impulsive side of me says - Hold all of his equipment ransom i.e. laptop, phone, van, power tools until he pays what he owes me and I'll exit the day he pays. It works out as around £16-1,700 for holiday and commission The sensible side says - Wait, and he wont pay me... By which time I'll have no leverage as I'll have given the equipment back on the 16/9 (last day) and next pay day is end of the month, can I take him to court then? I've been helped out here before and really hoping someone can give me an idea of which direction to take it. At the moment Mr Impulsive is winning as I have a mortgage to pay... What do you think? Please help me with this sheister, Thanks in advance too
  3. Hi all, Looking for a little help. My daughter recently found a suitable property to rent so signed up with the estate agents and decided t rent the flat, which was sold to her as £450 including water and electric (I was present when she was told this) they took a deposit of £200 plus the signing on fee and she was told that there would be an initial £100 charge towards electric and water which she would get back when she informed them of who the gas supplier would be and confirmed she had informed the council regarding her council tax. Her moving date got moved forwards by 2 weeks and then 2 hours before collecting the keys she was told that her flat was still not ready but she could move into another flat for 2 weeks whilst she waited. my daughter then went to sign the direct debit agreement but could not sign for the actual flat as the one she wanted was not ready. At this time she signed for the £550 on the understanding that the £100 would be refunded by the estate agents as above. on moving into the flat she has now found out that the rent is £550 per month including water and gas (not electric as previously stated) as the £100 extra was per month to go "Towards the gas and water bill" I found this excessive as it is only a 1 bedroom flat and this was not what we were initially told. I have spoken to the landlord and informed him of the mistake by the letting agency and he has agreed to refund any monies being held by the estate agents. (he has actually told the estate agents this with me present when I wen to complain) The estate agents are now withholding the money which the landlord has stated could be returned and are being awkward by saying this must be authorised by the managing director who works at the branch but has not answered his personal mobile phone for 3 days. the advert with the estate agents is showing £450 per month but another agency is showing the same property for £550 per month. Where do I stand regarding getting my money back, including my signing on fee and deposits (£1360 in total) and the 2 months rent, as my daughter only signed up with the agency because of this certain apartment. Had she known the proper price of the flat she would not have been able to look at it due to the costs. We have incurred removal costs and taken days off work due to the lies we have been told and I am out of pocket due to the misinformation given to us. the Landlord of the property has been great and understands our situation and is blaming the estate agents totally for this error. Many thanks mbloomers
  4. Hello! Wondering if anyone can help. We have just moved out of a flat. The flat is in a converted house with two other flats. There is a communal hallway which serves each of these. The landlord has not made any deductions relating to our flat. However, there is what looks like an oil stain on the stairs of the communal hallway. She claims that we are responsible because my partner owns a bike. The carpet is extremely old - probably 20-25 years old and in very bad condition. It is extensively stained and damaged. The landlord is requesting that we pay for the recarpteing of the communal hall due to the stain. Can anyone advise what our position is here? The deposit is held by TDS so we can proceed to arbitration, but it would be helpful to know what our rights are. Thanks in advance.
  5. Hi Guys, I have been trading forex market for year now but have had big losses. Then During april i started getting call from a rep from Onetwotrade.com and he said how they can get back my losses with Binary Options trading. Initially i hesitated bu kept getting from call from Onetwotrade rep. Rep suggested putting £2000 deposit to start doing this effectively. I put in £1000 in May. Rep wanted me came put £1000 more, i didnt. Because I became suspicious when i came across their terms of serice. After reading their terms of service for withdrawls made me really worry. They never mentioned any of that when i put in my money, In fact i was told by sales guy that you put £2000 and we gve you insurance if you loose that much in 1st month they will credit that money back. but that credit has its own issues for ex you can't just withdrawl that credit. Below is transcript of their terms of service withdrawl without bonus. "Withdrawal Conditions and Fees - Accounts with no Bonus In order to qualify for a withdrawal with an account at OneTwoTrade that has not been awarded any bonus, the funds deposited must be turned over once. By way of example, if Client deposits £1000, client must achieve a turnover of £1000.00 or more in order to be eligible to withdraw any funds. Turnover is defined as the sum of the value of all bets made excluding the value of any bets that have been cancelled either by the Client or by OneTwoTrade. Furthermore, subsequent deposits must be turned-over before any funds from the account can be released, regardless of previously achieved turnover. By way of example, if a Client initially deposited £1000 and achieved a turnover of £10,000, and then deposited a further £1000, Client must achieve a total turnover of at least £11,000 before any funds can be withdrawn. If turnover requirements are met, client may withdraw funds from the OneTwoTrade platform. The Client will be charged a 1% processing fee of the withdrawal amount, or £/€/$50, whichever is bigger. Furthermore, any withdrawal that must be completed by international wire transfer will be charged a £22 transfer fee. OneTwoTrade’s withdrawals are processed in the United Kingdom and Malta. If the client wishes to withdraw funds from the account where the turnover requirement has not been met, for either initial or subsequent deposits, client may do so, however they will be charged a 20% Anti-Money Laundering fee of the withdrawal amount, in addition to any transfer fees. If, at any point, client elects to take a bonus on a deposit, the withdrawals terms and conditions in section 14 will apply. " So what i have to pay them £50 plus 20% for withdrawing my money, that is criminal. none of this was mentioned by sales gut when he started calling me to deposit money. Their bonus scheme is even more dubious bcz i think if u agree to their agreement you become trapped. I hope to recieve reply and how i should now approach Onetwotrade to withdrawl all my £1000. Any suggestion appreciated So upon my request for withdrawal they have emailed me back the only way they can process my withddrawal is if i put the money i deposit to work by waging it for full amount or 20% will be taken off my money. This is unbeliveble and cannot be legal. Any suggestion what should i do now. If i wage that £1000 i risk loosing it, i dont want to do that anyway bcz i lost trust on them. Also rep was calling me regulalrly and now whenever i call his mobile number there is no reply. And i have tried Onetwotrade office number many times almost daily and there's no reply. I did visit their office based in aldgate, london afer depositing £1000 and spoke to my rep. He kept insisting me to deposit another £1000 and how he will look after me.
  6. After many years of paying into an endowment scheme the day came where I was supposed to get the money. I have done everything required by them, proof of identity, address, inside leg measurement etc. in advance of the payment date, despite them NOT sending to the right address. They say they will post the money to my bank, consequently 10 days has passed and no money. In this electronic day and age they could send the money by electronic transfer, after all that's how I paid them. So they have witheld a substantial amount of money from me, which is sort of like theft. I have phoned them, emailed them but the "cheque is in the post" is all I get. Can I claim the interest from them on this substantial amount of money?
  7. Hi, I moved out of my rented house two weeks ago and my landlord is witholding my deposit of £1800 as he says that there is damage to the property that needs rectifying. The damage he refers to is a small chip in a glass door that occured when we fitted a new, secure lock to the back door and some scuff marks on the wooden floor. Whilst we do not dispute that this damage is there we are concerned that our landlord is making what is quite minor damage sounds much worse than it actually is and is trying to get more money from us than is necessary. Our landlord asked us to move out for 5 weeks over the Olympic period as we lived near to the stadium. He and his wife moved in for this time and undertook some work to the house. He saw the damage to the floor and back door when he was living there and mentioned it to us when we moved back in but didn't seem overly concerned by it. When we moved out in July and then back in again at the end of August no new inventory was carried out. Would he be able to prove that the damage was caused by us when he lived there for 5 weeks? We think he is being greedy; on moving back in he increased the rent by £300 pcm so it wouldn't be out of character. I hope someone can offer some advice! Thanks, Nicola
  8. I am in disppute with my landlady and the state agent that is holding my deposit. The quibble is over what amount of heating oil should have been left by me. My landlady says that the tank holds 1350 litres and that she personally filled this up before we moved in [Nov 2008]. On the not very detailed inventory all it states i 'Oil reading = Full'. Neither her nor I have a photograph or any proof at what level the tank was full to when we moved in. She did however give me a receipt that clearly shows that 1100 litres was delivered to the property in July 2008. My argument is that I should only have to fill it to 1100 litres as this is the only evidence available to confirm an amount of oil that was in the tank when we moved in. My other argument is that me contract clearly states that i should have been notified within 10 working days of any deductions that were going to be made from my deposit - i did not receive anything in writing or in fact even verbally from her until after the 10 days. Not sure where i stand with this. Some advice would be appreciated on where i stand. Thank you
  9. can an employer withold your payslip?i work for a private healthcare group and a notice was put up in the staffroom saying if i didn't provide my passport details then I would not receive my payslip.I do not have a passport so where can I go from here?
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