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  1. UPDATE LMO replied quite quickly...and initially 'tried it on' by claiming it was my responsibility to return items that had been sent to me!! After a couple of short e-mails, account now closed, apology received, and it was indicated that I could keep the (evidently worthless) coin that had been sent to me. Can't help but wonder how many (perhaps older) people have fallen for this nonsense in the past...and how many will continue to be duped in the future
  2. Found this in their Terms and Conditions': 4. The Company will aim to deliver all goods within 28 days of accepting your order. If we are unable to deliver within 28 days, you will be offered a revised delivery date or substituted goods or, alternatively, you have the right to cancel your order. If you exercise your right to cancel, a full refund for any prepaid goods will be provided. Order was made 30/10.....then heard nothing from them until yesterday. So...I've cancelled order....now hoping that'll be the end of it! What do you think???
  3. Thanks for reply dx100uk. I haven't made any payment....nor received the paper that I believed I was ordering.
  4. Apologies if I'm posting in wrong area here....perhaps someone in the know could advise/move me to right area!!? Back in October, I (OK, Foolishly) responded on-line, and 'ordered' a Free VE Day paper re-print, agreeing to pay £2.50 postage cost. I made no payment, nor supplied payment details. Item did not arrive....and has not arrived to this date Today received payment 'reminder' e-mail request for payment, and CO-INCIDENTALLY received totally unsolicited package from London Mint Office...this being an introduction to a naff coin collection...1st coin included. Do I have any obligations here....can I ignore these communications, and demands for payment, which will most likely follow on?? Thanks for your patience!!
  5. They've paid the court fee (#43) What they didn't do, was pay the total amount as instructed on the 'court' papers. Instead, Sofology have dealt directly with BPF in cancelling loan....leaves me exactly where I want to be, and not at all out of pocket! In the end....I opted for 'settled'....seemed to best describe the outcome. I've informed Sofology of the 'settled' status of the claim....hoping that's the end of it??
  6. Almost there....Barclays just informed me that the credit agreement is cancelled, and the refund of deposit paid now back in my account:-D Think I'm happy to adjust claim status now...."settled" appears to be the correct option at the mo' (the other being "paid in full"...which doesn't ring true, as Sofology/Barclays have ended agreement without passing any monies to myself) Again....just want to be sure, not wanting to be at home to Mr Cockup again..
  7. Well....questionable choice of (my) words aside....looks like it's all over!! Sofa was collected this afternoon....and re-payment of my deposit initiated. They've even stopped asking me to mark claim as 'settled'...and accept that I'll be waiting for everything to 'clear' before I do so. As Borat would say...."Great Success"..... BTW....when the time comes, is it just a matter of ticking the 'paid' button in Claim Status Options?? Once again....huge thanks for all your help with this....it's a great forum!!! Merry Xmas....and I've made a donation through Paypal
  8. Thanks king12345 and Andyorch....... went for...."I refer to our earlier conversation, and email below and I expect collection of your sofa on 23rd, with subsequent cancellation of finance agreement and refund of deposit. I will be happy to inform the Court that the matter is settled after I hear back from you on the 24th. To do otherwise would effectively mean be a lie to the Court, which is something I'm not prepared to do. Should an alternative earlier collection time become available, I'd be happy to fit in with that, and enable a swifter arrival at a final settlement time." ......I'm sure that Sofology wouldn't want me to lie:roll:
  9. RESULT..........!! Sofology got the court papers today.....and called me up at today! No mention of receiving Court papers too early....which surprised me. "Following receiving your court claim form, we have decided to go ahead with a full cancellation and refund to save you the stress and inconvenience of a court case. " (Bless 'em ) They've paid my £70 court fee......arranged pickup for Sunday....and say that refund of deposit paid (and cancellation with BPF) will go ahead on Monday. However...they want me to inform the Courts that the case is settled...and to do it now!! Happy to settle on the MCOL page.....am I putting myself in a daft position by ticking the 'settled' box at this stage? (....think I know the answer to this!!)
  10. The bit that leaps out to me...is: "Early Right to Rejection • If a fault is discovered within 30 days of receipt of the goods, the consumer may reject the goods and seek a full refund." (Which is where BankFodder came in post #2!) So Barclays are fibbing.....or just don't know the rules??
  11. Thanks Andyorch....the lad I spoke to was very quick to say there was nothing to be done once I had pressed the button. Bit of an update: Barclays got back to me this a.m. as part of the sect75 claim I started with them on 22nd November. They are saying: "Please be aware in order for the retailer to accept rejection they are within their rights to complete an inspection, is this something you would re-consider? " Are they correct...does this override my right to short term rejection? Should I feel wobbly??!
  12. Much appreciated king12345!! TBH....I'm quite happy at (the prospect of) losing my fee to the court in order to cut Sofology loose Will get back if/when there 's a development.
  13. ....spoke to MCOL....too late....only choice is to cancel...or leave as is! If I leave ..as is.......what's the worst that could happen? Is the chance for Sofology to refund/collect off the table now??
  14. Yo!!...sounds worth a try... Will have a go ....suppose it's goung to be 1st thin Monday morning:-D:-D:-D Thanks for't heads up! (think Yorkshire accent...)
  15. So...I cancel this 'case'....lose the £70....then start another when the 14 days have passed. If that's the way it's got to be..... Is there a procedure for cancelling....somewhere you can point me? Thanks BTW....I got myself in a bit of a spin this week with all of this!! PS.....what might their defence be?...I'm struggling with that if the 30 day rule applies!!
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