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  1. I received leather sofa from Sofology, financed with an Int. free loan from Barclays (Partner Finance) Hours after delivery, it became obvious that the sofa had manufacturing faults (different cushion front panel heights, and inadequate partly filled cushions to the seating area. Raised a complaint (!) and provided photo/video evidence....asked for correction or collection! Initially fobbed off, told there was nothing wrong. Persisted, and 3 weeks later, I appear to be dealing with a senior colleague, instead of the 11 or so 'Tom, Dick and Harriets' that I had encountered in a se
  2. just had a letter from my current Gas/Electricity suppliers EBICO, saying that because Government will introduce a price cap on variable/default tariffs from end of 2018, that my current ZERO tariff (no standing charge) will come to an end. This will mean for my supply, that I will see an increase of about £100 a year. EBICO say that because of the Goverment price cap, the current tariff they provide to me, will become commercially unsustainable. I have done a few calculations and if I switch suppliers, I can limit the increase to about £50 a year, moving to a supplier that does no
  3. Hello all. Been a while. Had the letter from Apex to say they have "purchased (my) account with all rights ...". Included in the envelope was a bw letter supposed to be from Egg saying it was "notice of the assignment of the debt due to us ..." First thing should I start this thread here as I live in Scotland - or start one on another of the more general debt or DCA forums? Other thing is just to start by saying I'd an Egg Loan and an Egg credit card. CCAs sent for both well over a year ago. Got nothing for ages then two copies of a muliple page computer printout relating to the loan
  4. Tests show billions of people globally are drinking water contaminated by plastic particles, with 83% of samples found to be polluted https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2017/sep/06/plastic-fibres-found-tap-water-around-world-study-reveals "The US had the highest contamination rate, at 94%, with plastic fibres found in tap water sampled at sites including Congress buildings, the US Environmental Protection Agency’s headquarters, and Trump Tower in New York. Lebanon and India had the next highest rates." "European nations including the UK, Germany and France had the lo
  5. READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/armistice-day-marked-by-services-around-the-world
  6. Please if you could help me in getting my money from funkyclock [problem]: 28 Oct VIS FR FUNKYCLOC.CO LONDON 75.97 28 Sep VIS FR FUNKYCLOC.CO LONDON 76.06 after 3 day trial period which they took which is not mentioned clearly. I want my mon
  7. Hi folks, hopefully someone can help. Bought and moved into a house a couple of months ago, it is an end terrace house. The front door of the house is on the side and opens into a shared driveway. The legal set up of this driveway is I believe like this: I own a 1/3 share of and have right of way across it both on foot and by car to access a gate to my private driveway at the back left of this shared driveway, and then to the road. The other 1/3 of the shared driveway is owned by the landlord of a block of around 10 flats accessed via a pedestrian gate towards t
  8. Been dealing with a few folk who have had door step visits from MoorCrap recently. all the debts are pretty hefty amounts, ie over £3000.
  9. I bought a couple of football shirts from Amazon, they were pretty cheap at £14.99 but I thought it must be right its Amazon right! I ordered and received a order confirmation stating the item was not in stock but would be dispatched as soon as they had more stock. I got an email a few days later stating that an error had been made with the pricing and that the items ordered would be cancelled, they went on to say as a gesture they would honour the price of one item and cancel the other. So I thought well at least I get one, since I bought these shirts for my boys I thought I'
  10. Hi Guys and Gals Last year, I hit my creditors with CCA letters and all failed to comply, so I stopped payments to all of them as advised here. today I received a call from another DCA about one of the debts, didn't catch the company name, asking me if I had received their letter about a 10 year old Egg debt. I haven't had one, so just said that I didn't know what he was talking about. My question is, once the letter turns up, do I go through the same CCA process again with these guys? Also, will this go on forever too, changing DCA's and me hav
  11. Morning all, Now while I am technically competent I find myself with an issue I am not sure about. I bought a Pomp W89 quad core mobile from a seller on Ebay. It is a Chinese knock off and looks good. This is the phone and the seller in question. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Dual-Sim-Camera-Cell-POMP-W89-4-7-Quad-Core-WiFi-Smartphone-Android-4-2-Mobile-/380786054168?pt=UK_Mobile_Phones&hash=item58a89e1418 My issue is, the GPS does not work! After I contacted the seller he (I assume) replied with this I had already done this so I replied saying it still wa
  12. I ordered 3 items on Sunday 27th November, leaving plenty of time for the Saturday or Sunday 3rd November that I need the items (Items were Hard drive, PC case and RAM). The next day I received an email saying one item isn't in stock and I remembered that I forgot to add one item to the order (WD HDD). I phoned up and the item was added on. I emailed again on Wednesday 30th when I checked that it had not been processed yet and was told the RAM (missing item) will arrive with with them on the 31st (today). I checked again today and apparently the item is now due to be in stock on the 9th Nov (e
  13. Further to this . I am now been given the run around by Zurich. They state the other party is disputing this & 3 weeks ago requested a diagram. As I pointed out if they haven't sent back the request may well indicate their true position. However they claim not to be able to do anything until they receive this. So I posed the question what if they do not receive this. No answer. Another point is that whilst I am fully comp; my excess is £450 I am not in a position to pay/ don't want to; I have a feeling my insurance premium will go up and continue for next 5 years. Has anyone tried to put i
  14. In 2002 I took out a loan with Lombard direct. This was over a period of 5 years and included PPI, which I am now trying to claim back as mis-sold. However I defaulted on repayments when I lost my job and eventually this was passed to a collection agency. I have been paying Intrum Justitia every month for several years and in February this year I had a letter offering a settlement figure, which was far too high and I couldn't afford it. I then decided to ask for a copy of my credit agreement and sent the letter as advised on this forum. this was on 1st March. They replied on 11th March
  15. Document Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consultation-on-the-pip-assessment-moving-around-activity Consultation on the PIP assessment Moving around activity This Consultation closes on: 5th August 2013 From April 2013 Disability Living Allowance (DLA) began to be replaced for new claimants with a new benefit, Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Like DLA, PIP is intended to provide a contribution to the extra costs faced by people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. Whether individuals receive the benefit, and how much they receive, will be d
  16. Document Source: https://www.gov.uk/government/consultations/consultation-on-the-pip-assessment-moving-around-activity Consultation on the PIP assessment Moving around activity This Consultation closes on: 5th August 2013 From April 2013 Disability Living Allowance (DLA) began to be replaced for new claimants with a new benefit, Personal Independence Payment (PIP). Like DLA, PIP is intended to provide a contribution to the extra costs faced by people with disabilities and long-term health conditions. Whether individuals receive the benefit, and how much they receive, will be d
  17. Hi, I hope someone can help me. I have just finished my uni course (last Friday - end date on all paperwork = 8th June 2013) and went to ask about jobseekers at the local Jobcentre. (I would have gone earlier but my nan (who brought me up for the first 12 months of my life) died a couple of weeks ago and I was away from uni to see her in the Hospice and for the funeral (just got there the day before she died) The Jobcentre gave me a leaflet and said I needed to claim online. I started the claim but it kept kicking me off so after numerous tries I had no option but to leave it till the
  18. OK - this is my first post on a forum, so please be gentle Even if it is a tad long winded :/ I have received 3 PCNs for being 'parked' in the same spot on 3 occasions near my daughters school - on single yellow lines with time restrictions. They arrived in the post up to 2 weeks after the alleged contraventions. All were received well after the final contravention. There are time restrictions I am now aware of, but didn't notice before due to cars always being parked there at school drop off and pick up times. I have appealed and have today received the rejection notices from the
  19. In brief, late paying a magistrates fine. Contacted fines office got the brush off, " nothing we can do mate notice of distress issued you must deal with the bailiffs ( Philips ). Go to local court , same story you cannot go in front of a Magistrate to explain situation as Distress notice issued. Give the fines office a ring see what they can do ! So I am at the mercy of Philips, if I do not agree to their terms I am snookered. They could pluck any figure out of the air for me to pay back monthly. If I am not happy do I accept their terms
  20. Pretty shocking,when it was the Insurance companies themselves who were bleating about referral fees adding to the costs of increased premiums. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/money/news/article-2268765/Admiral-risks-fury-law-firm-tie-save-accident-fee-deals.html
  21. Hi there, i'm not sure if this is a little off topic or not, I was wondering if anyone knew of any UK based courses on the laws around money, a degree, A level, what ever is needed. To perhaps shed a little light on my situation, I've been studying psychology for about six years now (23YO) I only learnt so that I could gain the skills to interact with and influence others around me, which seems to be working. I am about to start a PHD in hypnotherapy to help refine the skills I've gained, to go along with it. However i'm absolutely terrible with money, although my debts aren't
  22. Hi all, I was told today at work my job is one of a few at risk in my office. The plan is for me to go back in a couple of days and say why I think they should keep me on, as company is cutting workforce and they feel my position cannot be justified. Reading on a couple of different website about notice periods, I have worked there only 7 months so would have guessed it is one months notice and pay they have to give me? However I am sure a couple of websites said its only a week? Can someone please help me on this? Also, they gave a company meeting, then I was called in on
  23. Hi All I reaaally hope someone can help me. I have been living at a flat through a housing association for over 3 years now. From November 2011 until March 2012 I wasn't able to pay my full rent every single month due to some financial issues I was going through at the time. Since April 2012 things have been better for me financially so the housing association agreed on a repayment plan to clear my debt. I have not defaulted at all since then, however 2 weeks ago I received a letter shoved through my door from a company called Churchill Recovery Solutions Limited and that letter was type
  24. My sister bought a Samsung Galaxy Ace (S5830i) from the O2 shop in my home town back in May. Just after she got it, texts and calls appeared to be failing and the network would just "drop" - we thought this was down to the sim card being faulty and got a new one sent out. After some kerfuffle with that (an unprovisioned sim being sent, approx 21 days later got a working one) the phone was doing the same. Returned to the store and phone booked in for repair - however phone did exactly the same when it was returned. On second return to store they booked it in for a replacement (refurb)
  25. A friend of mine last year had an accident on a well known pier, through no fault of his own he slipped on a puddle on the floor and severly injured himself, anyway cutting a long story short, he was off work for 4 months and during a meeting set up by this pier he was assulted by a security officer. They then proceeded to fabricate a lie that he was rasist toward the security officer who assulted him, all whilst he was still in recovery for the accident. He was taken to court and won with all 12 Jury delivering a not guilty verdict in just 15 minutes. He has now been advised to proc
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