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Found 24 results

  1. Hi I recently had a successful PPI claim with MBNA. I have received a 50% payout but as it was a joint loan, 50% is owed to my late wife. Initially, MBNA refused to pay me her share until I provided a Grant of Probate or Letters of Administration. After explaining I have neither, they eventually said they will accept documents from a Court or a Solicitor confirming that no Will, Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate was ever made. My wife had next to nothing in assets when she died so, as I understand it from the gov.uk website, I didn’t need to apply for Probate as, in t
  2. Just after a bit of advice. I have successfully defended a claim brought against me and at the end of the hearing I asked the Judge if I could submit financials for consideration. I was told I could claim £45 for a half day hearing attendance but no more. The case has actually cost me £1200 to defend (time off work, mileage, parking etc) which is of course a tad annoying. Seems unfair that I can be dragged through the civil legal system, win the case and be out of pocket. Is this normal?
  3. I recently won against PRAC financial in a claim they made against me for a disputed PDL. (The dispute is still awaiting FO decision). Exact reasons the judge quoted were no evidence of assignment of the debt to PRAC and no evidence of a Default letter sent. Also their default was in the wrong company name. My other thread regarding the claim... https://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?484274-PRAC-BW-claimform-old-PaydayUK-PDL-Debt-***Claim-Dismissed*** Today I had an email about a change to my credit report. Turns out the change is PRAC report
  4. Hi Went for my interview today for the installation engineer role passed everything did my medical and passed all that and been told their recruitment recruitment will be in touch soon to do CRB checks and a credit file check. Only thing im worried about is the credit check few years ago after i lost my job i went through a stupid patch with silly loans and an over draft, i paid the loans off, still currently paying the overdraft which is not far off setteled since then things are getting better was recently accepted on a credit card to boost my credit history which ive been using a
  5. I raised a complaint with safeloans - directly with them - re irrisponsible lending - I only had one loan with them way back in 2012 - but defaulted - didnt respond to their letters and eventually got a ccj - but after writing an email complaint to them which was responded to very quickly and they agreed to get the ccj set aside - I have spoken to northampton bulk centre who have confirmed this - yipeee!!!
  6. Got a PCN from TFL, stopping in the box junction of City rd and Graham rd, not far from Euston. No CCTV , and only 3 pictures ( attached ) 1. My car afterwards on normal piece of road with number plate visible 2 and 3 My car in the box junction stopped behind a bin lorry , you can't actually see my number plates. I lodged the following representation : ********************************** 1) The pictures on the notice do not show my vehicle on the box junction in any CLEARLY IDENTIFIABLE way. The box junction picture merely shows a lorry, with what
  7. Hi, Before I start, a big thanks to CAG for past help with different matters. If you read any of my other posts you will see I had debt problems in 2007, with a failed company and business / personal debts to near £150k, its taken 9 years to clear everything, finally debt free I'm looking back over accounts to see where I can claim back some of the huge interest amounts and fees whilst paying off credit cards overdrafts etc.. my wife has a Barclays account, it's still her current account and its been active for over 30 years, due to our extreme financial hardsh
  8. Hi All, Sent a parcel via Parcel2Go on behalf of My Hermes Parcel Shop, my scales showed the item at 0.98Kg however they have come back saying that was incorrect and it is showing as 1.4Kg and they want me too pay an additional charge of £1(for underpayment) then £2.49 (admin costs,) I have sent 100s of parcel using them and I said to them must of been a mistake and I will cover the underpayment but with the admin cost being 250% of the underpayment I don't want to pay it all they have done is sent an automated email to make me aware of this anyway (they say the held the package but they
  9. I'm new here & sorry if I'm posting this in the wrong section. I lost an employment tribunal case and I was ordered to pay £35,000 for an organisation and a union, I'm an individual (employee) and I do not have legal representation. In addition, I do not have the ability to pay as I have been out of job for 1.5 years and I have no assets I wonder what should I do? I know that I can declare myself bankrupt but I want to avoid it if it is possible as it will have significant impact on my career. I have no previous experience or knowledge of what can I do and I would really
  10. Hi there I will try and keep a complicated story simple! I saw a car I was interested in the price was 21k. The car was 9 months old and had done less than 3,000 miles I took a reduced part exchange price for my car under pressure from the pushy salesman to get the deal done - (I would never have taken this price normally)this entailed rolling over 5k of negative equity into the new hire purchase agreement 3 months later a warning light comes on Take it to the garage and there is unrecorded accident damage - after much time and stress and reports my claim to have the car rejec
  11. I thought I'd pop some details on here of a successful appeal I've just won. I was given a PCN in a local carpark despite having an annual local authority permit on the basis that I didn't display a parking 'clock' (one of those cardboard 'wheels') to show how long I'd been there. Now, in reality, they were right. I didn't have a clock, much less display one, and I'd only put the car there temporarily to move stuff from my car to the office which was just around the corner. The difference between this car-park and my regular one is that due to the fact that it's a designated short-stay on
  12. Many posters on CAG give great advice, with so many posts to read and so many replies to make, then all those threads to read and catch up on, how do you actually feel when the OP comes to update their thread and to ask Admin to rename their thread **SUCCESS** How does that make each and every one of you feel? knowing you helped in some small way in making the day to day lives of posters liveable again? I remember many moons ago coming to CAG asking for help having no idea where to turn or what to do! Spending many hours weeks and months learning law and how it worked, then fin
  13. Hi Firstly a big thanks to this forum and the people here for their tips! Recently had a bus lane PCN cancelled by Lambeth Council. Hopefully anyone in a similar situation can benefit from the resources and information below. Judging by the c.£172k (!!!) in average annual income from this single location. This is very nearly almost resembles a racketeering operation by Lambeth Council. No doubt there are some legitimate contraventions, however the nature of this particular area would suggest some motorists are caught out due to failings on the behalf of Lambeth Council to foll
  14. Hi, I was just wondering, is there anyone out there who has successfully managed to claim back OSC or DLC, and was this after BH agreed to it or did you have to go through the FOS? Also, just wanted to understand something correctly, am I right in thinking that: 1) Before 2nd September 2013, OSC/DLC was "optional" (I understand many of you may have been mis-sold this) 2) Between 2nd September 2013 and 27th April 2015 OSC and DLC were made compulsory as part of HP contracts 3) After 27th April 2015 OSC and DLC are optional again, but they bundle in some form of repairs etc in
  15. I was in Court today and heard a case that involved a debtor with a Court fine, this was in the enforcement stage from a few years ago. Whilst watching this case I was intrigued that the defendant (D) was able to successfully swear the SD. The reason this was more interesting than normal was this was a fine for a traffic offence more than 18 months ago and was at the enforcement stage. The defendant was shocked that the first they knew of the debt was when the EA came calling. Good friends advised the debtor to make an SD. This was heard today. The bench in its wisdom made the
  16. Back in summer 2004 i took a loan out for £1500 a few months after that i borrowed a further £1000 with my x girlfriend as a joint loan. We split in 2005 an i was devastated to find that with interest i owed them £6,000+ back! Since then although i paid my half of the debt for a couple of yrs she never paid a penny my credit got destroyed and still is. I never spoke or paid a penny to them for a few yrs now (out of protest that they've always harassed me for the debt an never her). So i havent spoken to or dealt with them since 2009 even then that was a debt co
  17. Ignoring open petitions, of 21,000 only about 30 have crossed the 100k threshold, and even there the response is sometimes just a request for scheduling a commons debate. Some don't have champion MPs and the inference is they won't be debated. 23,000 were rejected. I have yet to sign one where the govt response differed from their position when the e-petition was opened, so I'm trending to the opinion that whilst this could be e-democracy, it's really just a venting board to keep us busy. Browsing the top hitters, it seems that arguably only Hillsborough caused a change in outcome. Anyone
  18. Hello, On the 25th November at 19.05 (after dark) we parked in a little car-park opposite Wickes in Hove which is on the Davigdor Retail Park. The small car-park had had a large re-cycling bin unit in it, plus other re-cycling bins. The car-park was marked off from the road by a series of yellow hoops. There were no signs to say we couldn't park there. There are other car-parks nearby which do have little yellow signs. see picture 01. Using Google I was also able to show that there are no signs at all on the entrance side of the car park we were in see 02 When we got back, we notice
  19. Greetings, I wonder of one or other of you knowledgeable persons could help by throwing some light on our situation. We were advised by Santander on Friday that they had accepted and had started processing our Section 75 Claim which we made in respect of a hot tub that we purchased some few months back. Since the claim started, we have had no contact from the retailer. The problem arises as there now appears to be a difference in opinion between Santander (credit card issuer) and our home insurance company's legal department. On the one hand Santander are advising
  20. The following documents comprise the full judgement and the case transcript of a case brought by East Kent Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust. They were represented by Michael Sobell of Roxborough. They Lost! CAG member Scouse Magic has given permission for this to be posted in full and without removal of any data. Enjoy! [ATTACH=CONFIG]45338[/ATTACH] [ATTACH=CONFIG]45339[/ATTACH]
  21. I was recently placed back into the Support Group following my ESA being reassesed, at this reassesment I was awarded zero points by ATOS but was placed back into the Support Group on reconsideration by the DWP decision maker. I now have a letter seeming to confirm that but I have a few questions: There isn't any indication of how long I will be in the SG for on this letter, normally I believe this is indicated on the report by the ATOS HCP however in my current case there won't be any indication mention of when this would be as I was found fit for work by them. In this case does anyone k
  22. My daughter has an annual season ticket , one day she left her ticket at home in error On arriving at destination she reported at the barrier that she had either lost her ticket or left at home She was asked to pay for a ticket and a penalty fare , she declined the penalty fare the next day she presented herself at the station with her season ticket and the station refunded the fare that she paid the previous day She was then sent a letter regarding penalty fare which she was invited to appeal , she sent all the required documentation first class. Her appeal was returned back to her
  23. I couldn't find my old thread so have started a new one but to be honest there wasn't much on it. Just received a lovely letter from MBNA denying everything that I have put into my letter (no surprise there) but they have upheld my complaint and are sending me a cheque. A quick blow by blow account I did the normal thing and sent a sar then i made a claim based on that SAR based on the fact i had been mis-sold due to being unemployed. They sent a letter back denying that i had been mis-sold due to it being an unadvised sale and that they given me all the required
  24. After a long drawn out procedure appealing two PCNs sent to a previous address and following two separate visits to my house by same bailiff, rejection of my out of times by the London borough, I had a court date in July and my two out of time applications were allowed by the presiding judge. The LB did not turn up. However I have found it impossible to get money back from the council. They are saying that because the order did not specifically say that charges must be refunded then they won't give me any money back. Has anyone experienced anything like this? I am minded to sue the
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