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  1. Not sure if this is the correct section to post in,but could only find this to be the nearest to my question.Mods,please move it if needed. Basically,the workers rejected the company pay offer,and were balloted for industrial action.The management imposed the wage rise and included it in each persons wage this week,going against Union protocol. I have a copy of the companys financial report covering the last 5 years.Would it be illegal to put this report in the union cabinet/notice board?.Would a data protection breach happen?.
  2. Government announces Tech Fund to support disabled people and their employers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-tech-fund-to-support-disabled-people-and-their-employers
  3. Government announces Tech Fund to support disabled people and their employers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/government-announces-tech-fund-to-support-disabled-people-and-their-employers
  4. Employers need to provide details for all Benefits in Kind READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/employers-need-to-provide-details-for-all-benefits-in-kind
  5. Hi, Can a company in the UK gain legal access to an employees previous court files, police reports, recorded interviews on DVD to check an individuals background for their own safety? Usually they do disclosure checks and ask for certificates which shows very minimum information not the complete story, but can they ask DBS for further information people involved, what you said, what they said? Thanks.
  6. Nearly 180 employers named and shamed for underpaying thousands of minimum wage workers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nearly-180-employers-named-and-shamed-for-underpaying-thousands-of-minimum-wage-workers
  7. My brother was harassed and bullied at work and is been off work for work related stress. He put in a grievance against the manager for that. Then his manager made his boss carry out the changes to his working days even though he told them clearly about childcare issues. Unfortunately this work related stress and bullying and harassment at work caused him depression and severe stress lead to him developing paralysis symptoms in one side of body for which he got signed off. The employers then persistently kept calling him in the name of welfare calls which his family told was affecting my brother as work was his stressor in his case. His work then kept insisting on home visits which again his family kept refusing as they believed it would aggravate his stress more but due to constant contacts he gave in and another manager conducted home visit. This manager was polite but straight away after visit my brother's stress levels started rising and they got so worse couple of days later that he collapsed unconscious and had to be rushed to hospital. Doctors treating him suggested that was all down to high levels of stress due to his home visit. His treating consultant at this stage gave in a letter to employers and this letter highlighted employers frequent contact was proving to be counterproductive. Then a few months after work place people and managers from different departments started contacting him again inviting him to attend grievance hearings he put in. This derived further depression and schizophrenia. His SSP ran out and due to financial stress and unprofessional attitude by ongoing contact of management he started thinking that management wants to fire him to cover other manager's job and due to all this he is at a mental stage where he is having hallucinations, zoning out moments and having self harm thoughts. Despite all this his management has now written a letter informing his wife they want to carry out a long term sickness capability meeting, where they want to explore different avenues for his return to work such as redeployment etc and warned him that outcome of this meeting can be a dismissal. Given his condition his wife approached his GP to express her fears how this letter may impact my brother's health and GP strongly suggested not to mention anything about this letter to my brother and ask employers to contact GP directly if they need any information on his health including his possible return to work. His wife then offered his employers this option to contact GP or get Occupational Health opinion to determine his fitness to attend and or if this meeting can be delayed until he is in a state to deal with it. She also informed employers including HR about GP's advice. His employers rejected all options and GP's advice and wrote again to his wife informing that they still want to go ahead with capability meeting quoting it is standard policy for long term sickness. She doesn't know what to do specially given his mental health state. AHe Isn't carrying out meeting against Doctors and Consultant's advice knowing all this breach of duty of care? Please help
  8. Hi All I hope that you can give me some advice as I am not sure what has happened to me today is legal. I had to have the vet out to my horse last year and had to pay 500 in advance for his treament and then the rest on account. I had every intention of paying. The debt was in my married name (I have since reverted back to my maiden name) at an old address. My horse was treated however the vet made several mistakes (such as not adminstering him antibiotics which resulted in cellulitus) I disputed the amount at the time. The vet said they would reduce the bill if I could pay in full. At the time I couldn't so they recommended a loan company which would then help me out with a loan (and even sent me the link) to which I declined. A debt collector went to my old address (I know the new tenant) and was told I was no longer there. Today I went into work to find out the soliciors now instructed have written to me at work threatening me with a CCJ and saying I won't be able to find another job if they enforce it. Are they allowed to harrass people at work? How will they enforce the debt they surely cannot register it against the company that I work for? Obviously this will be really embarrassing for me at work as I am apart from the Director the most senior member of staff. Thanks
  9. I wonder if anyone could answer a query about tips. My brother in law is working this weekend at a famous racecourse parking cars for the attendees of the racing. He is working as a temp for an agency. He was told he would get an hourly rate plus he could receive tips. Whilst working the supervisors (not from the employment agency) have told him any cash tips must be handed in and will be given to a charity. He wants to be honest and has sometimes been given tips of £20 in cash but has to hand in. Is this legal? It is virtually minimum wage and the tips (which really was part of the bargain when he accepted the job) would have made doing this worthwhile. Any advice would be appreciated. Thank you
  10. I left work in March and I have contacted payroll who have failed to issue a P45. They also said I won't get a P60. Their explanation for this was because of the time I left . Can anyone explain this to me ?
  11. Hi I hope i have posted in the right place. Am new here, as needed advice. Sorry if this is long, bear with me. 2 months ago i applied for a job which was advertised as Receptionist for a glamping business, i still have a copy of the advert and job description. The role described was to deal with customer bookings, admin and check ins. I was offered the job at £10 per hour for 5/6 days a week 10-6pm but was told i had to be self employed. At the time i had no problem with this as the wage and hours were great. After the first week, it was clear to me that i was not a receptionist but a cleaner!! My role is to clean tents, change linen, clean fires, clean toilets and showers, fetch wood, do laundry and iron linen. That now is my sole job and the only admin work i have done is my employers VAT receipts. I am 52 year old lady and this work has been physically demanding as the site is built on a huge hill and i have to wheel barrow everything around. Despite this i decided the money is good so persevere. Week 1 i worked 40 hours, so all the aches and pains were worth it when i got paid. Every week since my hours have diminished gradually so that now my best week is 27 hours and still going down. After 4 weeks i tried to register as self employed but was told my status should be employed as i am working for one employer and using their equipment etc. I spoke to my employers and told them i had to be employed. They bury their heads in the sand and refuse to give me an answer as to what they are going to do. Finally last week, after pushing them they told me that they will employ me but on a zero hour contract and that my hourly rate would go down. Obviously i am not happy with this as i know i have less control over my hours and salary. To date that conversation has not been mentioned again, no contract and this week even less hours and yet back breaking work to try to fit in everything in my schedule. I have days off at short notice, hours cut daily, wages not paid on time and having to give constant reminders, they are never there so i have to deal with everything. There is so much manual work to do on site and I'm expected to do it. Don't get me wrong @ 40/48hrs a week @ £10 an hour, its worth all the aches and pains but with an average now of 25 hrs a week if I'm lucky and still no employment status, i feel I'm being taken advantage of and at the end of my tether. My question is this: Do i have a case for a employment tribunal? Any day now i can see me quitting as i cannot continue to work illegally for these people and certainly do not want to be on a zero hours contract. Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  12. Hi I work for a small business which has no HR department. It's a combination of the administration manager and the finance department who deal with any HR related matters. I'm leaving the company and have asked for a note of my remaining holiday entitlement. They are saying I have no remaining annual leave as I've taken it all. I haven't. I've only taken 5 days. They say I've taken 16 days (I wish). I can prove that I was in the office on the days they say I was on annual leave but it's a proving to be a battle. When I first handed in my notice I was told I had quite a bit of remaining leave. As soon as I say I want to use some of it, it disappears. Can they take away holiday entitlement? What are my rights as an employee if they refuse to correct their records? The holiday year starts on the 1st April, I'm leaving in October. This has happen before but with sick leave. I was reprimanded for taking too much sick leave after being off for 3 days with the flu. When I asked to see my sickness record they had me off for 8 days. Again I could prove I was in the office on the additional 5 days. They only corrected their records when I threaten to get the union involved. I don't want to do this again, I want to leave peacefully. It's a great company to work for, it's just a shame that the HR side is in a shambles. I'm the only person who carries out the type of work I do. It does create problems when I'm not in the office. Holiday requests are a chore and when I do finally get a holiday my line manager is constantly on the phone and e-mail asking me to do work. Booked holidays are cancelled at the very last minute. Same with sickness. Those 3 days I took off, they were constantly checking on me each day. Even when I was sat in the doctor's reception - every 10 minutes, "have you seen the doctor yet?"!! My theory is the additional sick leave was a ploy to ensure I didn't take anymore sick leave in the fear I would lose my job. Needless to say, this disappearing holiday entitlement does not come as a surprise. Thanks B
  13. Hi I would like to put a SAR in finding out what information my employers hold about me (I work for my local council). In particular interest are some emails which a colleague who left under a compromise agreement sent about me. My employer has email archives dating back ten years so I know they are still available but wasn't sure how to word the request to make sure that these are included. Any ideas Thanks
  14. Hello I would like to ask for some advice on behalf of my nephew. End of December 2013 my nephew was sacked by his company due to their strict "time off rules". Since being made unemployed my nephew has not received wages that's owed to him. Before i go on, i must say the account he had with the Leeds Building Society, there must be the minimum £100 in the account at all times. Because of this rule and being unemployed he withdrew the full amount and closed the account. He had contacted his x employers on several occasions, letter,phone then out of the blue, a couple of months later they decied to pay what was owed to him into his building society. But by the time they decide to do this there was no bank account to pay wages into. He knew nothing of this payment until he contacted his x employers once again, only to be told his money had now been payed to LBC. He contacted LBC + they sent him a letter, saying they had received a payment from his x employers but was unable to accept it due to account being closed and payment was returned. On the back of this, his x employers had his details so why did they not send a cheque or contact him. His x employers denided that the payment was returned by LBC and to sort it out with them. But LBC have been very cooperative with him, where x employers have not. Can someone advise on the best plan of action next in retrieving wages unpaid from his ex employers. Thank you for your time to all that respond. Daniel
  15. DCA has now accepted token payments. They have sent me a budget form to fill in. Am I obliged to give them details of my employment i.e employers name/address etc. I am concerned that they will attempt to contact me there. Many Thanks
  16. Do lenders do this, I'd hate to think everytime I make an application they are discussing it with my bosses!?
  17. Hi Hope someone can help. Are prospective employers legally entitled to ask if you have ever been declared bankrupt or had civil proceedings taken against you by a creditor? Are you legally obliged to answer? How do they carry out checks? Surely that is private business that you should not be forced to disclose. Thanks in advance for any answers.
  18. My husband suffered an injury at work in October. He has been unable to work since and has recieved SSP which will run out this week.His employers (a public school) have not accepted liability for the accident and to be honest have been quite nasty. He works 3 days a week as a general maintenance man. He read somewhere that he could have holiday pay rather than SSP so he asked for 2 days from last year and 4 days accrued for this year. He received the following reply. Holiday entitlement can be requested at anytime during the holiday year but it is the employers decision when it can be taken. It would be quite unusual to pay holiday entitlement unless the contract has come to an end when we would of course factor in any accrued holiday not taken' Is this true? I cant see any reason for refusing other than making life difficult for us.
  19. Hi there, I'm hoping somebody will be able to offer me a little bit of advice. I've recently changed jobs, and in my final pay my employers didn't include several hundred pounds of shift allowance I should have had for my last run of night shifts. I chased a number of times, and was eventually told (by e-mail, so I have this in writing) that the outstanding overtime would be paid in the next pay run. When this didn't happen, I again chased it up, and was subsequently advised that my shift allowance was discretionary, and that as I was allowed full pay for a couple of emergency operations I had the previous year (as opposed to the statutory sick pay I was contractually entitled to) that in light of this they wouldn't be honouring my shift allowance payment. I don't yet have this confirmed in writing from them, but I have requested it. I've checked my contract, and it doesn't make any mention of overtime payments. Does anybody know if I'd be likely to have any redress if I were to pursue this through small claims or similar, I'm guessing chiefly on the grounds of the previous statement from them advising I would be paid? Thanks in advance.
  20. I’ve been an employee with this company since the 7th of January this year, I was employed on to a brand new campaign which the hours were confirmed to work 11-8 Monday-Friday which suited my needs and requirements as I have other commitments around these hours. Recently I was moved from this campaign onto another campaign, which I was more than happy to oblige to as long as they catered to my needs around the hours that I could work. I had raised my concerns about these hours in the boardroom in front of 15 other employees (that will vouch for me and agree to what was agreed) and I was given a verbal agreement that they would accommodate the hours agreed. 3 weeks on I had received my hours for the future 2 weeks which most definitely did not accommodate the hours agreed to work. Where then I again raised my concerns to my trainer who then spoke to HR to get these sorted for me. A day after this I was pulled out of training to be told that the company could only offer me 3 solutions which was to either work 2-11 Monday- Friday every week and have weekends off, or to work day shifts with evenings off & to work weekends every week. The other solution they had given me was to drop down to a part time position which I still had to work weekends. All 3 of these ‘solutions’ did not cater to my agreed hours due to my commitments outside of work. The same day I had been in a meeting with my recruitment manager and trainer to discuss the issues I was concerned over, where then they had said to me that I had to agree to either of these ‘solutions’ or id basically be letting myself go from the company. Due to the company not proceeding with their agreement on my hours it has led me to be completely stressed, causing me to have breakdowns in work, not sleeping at night and has affected my food intake and causing stress on my family also, as my other commitments outside of work affect them equally. I have visited my doctor who had told me to seek legal advice on my employers due to the stress they have caused me. Do I have a case under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974? And does anyone know my rights as i have only been in the company for 6 weeks? Thanks, IW
  21. First things first, here are the facts. I have worked at my current workplace for 3 years after initially declining the job due to the fact i didnt think they would be able to accomodate my disability, they imediately re offered me the post accomodating my working needs. I have been a blue badge holder since a child. The company i work for has 60+ staff and a £22 mil annual profit so its pretty huge. There are roughly 30/40 car parking spaces adjacent to the work building. I start work one hour later than all other employees so im the last on the carpark. Public transport is not an option due to location. Parking at work has never really been too much of an issue before now. I was hospitalised for two weeks and during this time management sent out an email asking employees to not park in any of the designated five spaces in front of the main doors to the building because it looked 'messy'. They advised staff to park in a public carpark 100m up the road once staff carpark was full. On my return to work I continued to park in a space directly in front of the building due to decreased lung function and always displayed my blue badge. I had never felt the need to use this or mention I hold a badge before now as this is where I had always parked without issue. I knew I was being naughty but thought I would wait until they said something. About a week later, they did. I was called into the office and was told that no employees no matter on the circumstances were to park in these spaces and I would have to park up the road on the public carpark. I explained to them that after my hospitalisation (for a genetic form of chronic lung disease) I struggled to walk 10 metres without difficulty and there is no physical way that my body could carry me 100m. I suggested a disabled bay, they declined and suggested that on my arrival I ask other members of staff to move their car, which due to the embaressment I feel very uncomfortable doing beacuse it seems pure cheek. My condition is a deteriorating condition so it will never get better, it can only get worse so this is not temporary. I will one day have to give up work completely if I contuine to deteriorate at the rate I have been, which my bosses know, and I feel like I am being pushed out of the company. My condition does not at all affect my ability to do the job required in any way. Do I have any rights, do they need to provide a disabled bay for disabled employees? How can I get around this other than quitting? Thanks!
  22. i recently found out from a `very` trustworthy source that the managing director at my place of employment gave the ok for the accounts department to take some money from the monthly wages of a junior director and give his wife a payslip making it look like she is working 20 hours a week so she can claim benefits but really its her husbands money. is this wrong because i think this would surely come under benefit fraud. if i were to report this does anyone have any idea what would happen to the three of them and also to my employers as i like a lot of the other senior staff who to my knowledge have no idea this is happening some one please help. I could do with some help tonight as i need to `do something` about it
  23. Hello. I'm in a bind. I'm off sick due to back problems, been off since FEB, and now on WRAG, but in my last meeting with HR with Union rep, in JULY, it was agreed I would give work my GP's report, and then they would set up an exam with their Occupational Health dept, with a view to seeing whether I could come back to work in a feasible amount of time. All very amicable and smiley-smiley, as is HR's fake wont, but my Union did mention the possibility of an action against them. Well, I did my bit with the GP report, and HR said they'd got it and would look at it and be in touch. That was 4 weeks ago, and since then they are ignoring all my emails and phone calls. Understand, they have never been silent on me before; this is deliberate. It's not about being too busy. I have left messages with the Head HR guy, his assistant and his deputy. I sent them emails suggesting that we do the Occ Health thing this week, last week, the week before, and - nothing. I asked them for some records to give ATOS, and nothing. I replied to their Out of Office notifications by emailing that I hope they would, as stated in their notification, get back to me as soon as possible, as I want to work towards getting back to work and need this moved forward as soon as possible - nothing. What should I do? I am also filing with a solicitor against them (they don't know this) but not having much confidence as both the date of 'first injury' and 'last disability discrimination' have passed. I have to pull out records of every job I've had since leaving school and I'm pretty sure it's all for nowt. I'm still on work's books, still getting 'zero' paycheques from them in my email. I'm wondering if their refusal to help me further constitutes a 'disability discrimination'? I bet they've been advised not to talk to me, but this was a strategy we agreed to, in the presence of my Union Rep, but not in writing. Any thoughts? Thank you for reading.
  24. Hi all, This is my first post on the forum. I am a single father of 2 children (3 & 2). The children live with me fulltime. I am currently employed and work 37.5 hours a week. I have a childminder look after my children while i work. My employer has just announced that they plan to relocate 47 miles away. With the added costs of childcare alone, i simply won't be in a position to survive financially. I have spoken with my employers and they are willing to consider compensating me with an increase in salary, however they have indicated it unlikely. I have been with the company for 4 years. Have i any right to request a redundancy?
  25. Hi All im in the process of claiming unfair dismissal and i have a tribunal date for the 12th dec. i now have to....set out in writing a remedy the tribunal is being asked to award. Now i don't want my job back but being a single mum of 3 children i feel i would find it impossible to get another job to suite within the foreseeable future. im just really seeking advise on WHAT i should claim for financially ? do i put that i have still 30 years of employment left and ask for 30 years wages? i really don't know. also debts that ive taken on whilst employed that i cannot now pay? Please advise me as i only have 2 weeks to respond. i have been to the CaB today who couldn't advise me and also to my local advise centre who said the same. i just don't want to look cheeky by claiming for loads. thanks in advance
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