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Found 8 results

  1. Having some issues with O2 as of March this year as they have decided to link 2 accounts for another person with the same name and DOB as myself, however this other person has a middle name and i do not. I do not have any accounts with O2. 18/3/18 Received letter stating i was in breach of contract for not paying my O2 bill. 22/3/18 Received letter telling me they had stopped me making calls and texts. 23/3/18 Checked call credit report and O2 had already linked my address with the debtors in Janurary 18 and had both accounts listed. 23/3/18 Emailed call credit stating the incorrect information. 2/4/18 Received letter from O2 telling me they had disconnected my phone. 7/4/18 Requested credit report from Experian. 20/4/18 received letter from call credit stating that O2 had not bothered to respond to them, and are unable to amend the entries to my credit file without the permission of O2. 20/4/18 same letter as above also stating that the disputed entries will be supressed from my credit file, however, O2 can remove the suppression at any time. 21/4/18 complaint letter sent to Experian stating the incorrect accounts and linked addresses. 17/5/18 Received email from Experian telling me O2 had supplied the following details "The link is correct as the account was registered to the disputed address." 1/5/18 Received letter from Experian stating O2 had removed the accounts but not the linked addresses. 1/5/18 Complaint send to ICO about Experian knowingly registering wrong information on there systems even though it had been proved it was not me O2 were looking for. 5/6/18 sent SAR to Experian 5/6/18 SAR sent to O2 8/6/18 Received letter requesting what specific information i wanted from Experian. 11/6/18 Sent Experian an email stating i wanted the information between themselves and O2 to see what had been said about the matter. 11/6/18 Received email back from Experian stating that they had supplied the information the comparison data sets in the additional information i could request. No information regards conversations about themselves and O2. What O2 have done here is add accounts and linked addresses to a serial debtor on my credit report , opening the floodgates for all of these other companies to jump on the bandwagon adding CCJs , Defaults, Late payment accounts to my credit files. They are refusing to remove the wrong data from my Experian report and as stated above have not even replied to call credit about the issue. No reply as yet from the ICO as they are running 8 weeks behind about the Experian complaint. Next steps to take against O2 if anyone has any suggestions, AGAIN O2 are the ones that have opened the floodgates for all of the other comapnies to throw wrongful information onto my credit files without even bothering to do the correct checks. ***Please also note that my Experian credit report in April stated O2 were the source of the linked address, however my credit file in June states Experian are the source of the linked address*** Something funny going on i think. Thanks
  2. My brother was harassed and bullied at work and is been off work for work related stress. He put in a grievance against the manager for that. Then his manager made his boss carry out the changes to his working days even though he told them clearly about childcare issues. Unfortunately this work related stress and bullying and harassment at work caused him depression and severe stress lead to him developing paralysis symptoms in one side of body for which he got signed off. The employers then persistently kept calling him in the name of welfare calls which his family told was affecting my brother as work was his stressor in his case. His work then kept insisting on home visits which again his family kept refusing as they believed it would aggravate his stress more but due to constant contacts he gave in and another manager conducted home visit. This manager was polite but straight away after visit my brother's stress levels started rising and they got so worse couple of days later that he collapsed unconscious and had to be rushed to hospital. Doctors treating him suggested that was all down to high levels of stress due to his home visit. His treating consultant at this stage gave in a letter to employers and this letter highlighted employers frequent contact was proving to be counterproductive. Then a few months after work place people and managers from different departments started contacting him again inviting him to attend grievance hearings he put in. This derived further depression and schizophrenia. His SSP ran out and due to financial stress and unprofessional attitude by ongoing contact of management he started thinking that management wants to fire him to cover other manager's job and due to all this he is at a mental stage where he is having hallucinations, zoning out moments and having self harm thoughts. Despite all this his management has now written a letter informing his wife they want to carry out a long term sickness capability meeting, where they want to explore different avenues for his return to work such as redeployment etc and warned him that outcome of this meeting can be a dismissal. Given his condition his wife approached his GP to express her fears how this letter may impact my brother's health and GP strongly suggested not to mention anything about this letter to my brother and ask employers to contact GP directly if they need any information on his health including his possible return to work. His wife then offered his employers this option to contact GP or get Occupational Health opinion to determine his fitness to attend and or if this meeting can be delayed until he is in a state to deal with it. She also informed employers including HR about GP's advice. His employers rejected all options and GP's advice and wrote again to his wife informing that they still want to go ahead with capability meeting quoting it is standard policy for long term sickness. She doesn't know what to do specially given his mental health state. AHe Isn't carrying out meeting against Doctors and Consultant's advice knowing all this breach of duty of care? Please help
  3. I am suing both a Parking company and a Supermarket company. Suing them for my time prepping and Appealing. Im also suing them for Breaches of the DPA. One of the reasons for their breach, I have been told, is that the Parking Company passed on my details to a Debt Recovery Company AFTER a POPLA appeal was started but BEFORE the POPLA decision was made. (I won the POPLA Appeal). I have been told this was a breach of the DPA but for the life of me I cannot find any reference to passing on of details anywhere. Can anyone help? By the way. The parking company obtained my details and sent me a PCN as Keeper 6 months after the alleged parking contravention knowing there was no keeper liablility.
  4. I have purchased a used Vauxhall Corsa from Arnold Clark but all I have had is problems and lies ever since I walked onto their forecourt. First off, my incompetent car salesman has entered 3 car finance agreements onto my credit report. These got accepted then cancelled, one after the other. (Not searches these got accepted!) The only reason he had to cancel them was down to his lack of reading skills. First one he put wrong information on the application, the second agreement had to be cancelled as i did not have a guarantor and the third I was not the main policy holder of the insurance (however this was not listed in my copy of the terms and conditions, so obviously they just made this up). he applied for a personal loan in my name without going through any pre-contract information with me. I had also driven the car away when I signed the second finance agreement with them there was an issue of whos car it was as there was no finance attached to it! I have another issue with this car salesman when I saw this car it looked too good to be true, i asked him who owned the car before me. He gave me the line "just a managers car that they have traded in for a newer one", however, on receiving my V5 it states that a hire car company owned it. Now i'm sure he has breached the Consumer Protection from Unfair Trading Regulations as stating something which is untrue? and hiding the fact it is an ex-rental. What should I do about this? The manager dealt with us after that and tried to sell us another car! Even though the finance of the car we just bought was not resolved. He offered us money to take this new car but we declined. He also tried to entrap me by recording a phone call we had without my knowledge or permission. I have complained to head office with a very long list of complaints for them to say that we have sorted out your third finance agreement so have set your complaint to resolved. The manager from the garage we bought the car from rang me and said I can have a full tank of petrol for my inconvenience and he then added £100 on top of that after I started telling him everything they have done wrong. This didn't come from head office so i'm not sure what to do. I have put in a complaint with the Financial Ombudsman and I'm going to write to my local Trading Standards. Do you think that I'm being fussy or should I not have to put up with this having an effect on my ability to obtain credit, the fact that they have breached the regulations according to Trading Standards, breached their code of conduct set out by the FCA and have lied to me throughout this process making me feel stressed and upset. (sorry for such a long post!)
  5. Hi guys, Bit of background: I'm just shy of two years with my employer, I always prioritise my work and in the beginning, when the workload was really high, I would often stay back for hours and come in at the weekend to help out without being asked and without being paid. I have a strong work ethic. The issue: My manager, whom I've raised a grievance against for various reasons, reported me to HR for carrying out non-work related activity whilst at work which is true. Why did I do it if I have a strong work ethic? Various people on the team including myself have brought to our manager's attention that there are many hours every day with no work to do. He hasn't escalated this to anyone and he has allowed everyone on the team to browse the internet, complete coursework and sit on Facebook etc. for many months. I refuse to sit and do nothing for hours every day so I choose to educate myself by completing coursework. What's happened? I had an investigation which I know is going to progress to a disciplinary based on the questions and the fact that I once (or twice) printed something off using work's printers. This probably cost the company 10p and considering the additional hours of work I've put in I would say that they could let that slide but they won't of course. Every time I gave a reasonable explanation for my actions, the investigator explained it away and asked me leading questions to force me to look bad such as 'do you think it is reasonable of an employer who is paying you to expect you to talk with your team as part of a team bonding exercise rather than use company equipment (PC) to complete coursework'. This question is ridiculous and I tried to point this out in the most diplomatic way possible; if my employer is happy to pay me to sit and gossip for hours, or sit and stare into space for hours then why would it matter if I sit and do coursework? I feel as though I am being punished for choosing to educate myself rather than sit and chat...which we're actually not allowed to do because our manager tells us off for it regularly (i.e. after a couple of minutes, never mind hours!) The advice I need is this: If an employee tells their line manager and one of the owners of the company that they do not have any work to do for lengthy periods of time every day (proving they want to work!), can the employer punish me for browsing the web etc. especially when everyone else on the team does it and the manager has known for months? This company has standard policies about web usage but our manager has set the precedent by allowing it for so long. The example they gave of 'sit and chat' is ridiculous because that would be worse and here's why: The investigator had been given (false) information that on a particular shift I had not dealt with a user effectively as a result of doing my coursework. This was inaccurate, I had actually put more effort into trying to get it resolved than any of my colleagues would have, it just happens that I missed what the issue was. There was only one other colleague working that day and we'd had a falling out. Clearly he has lied about me. Yet, this same colleague kept leaving his desk to go and chat with people and actually packed up all of his things 40 minutes before the end of his shift and went to have a gossip with some staff. I completed more than twice the amount of work that he did on that shift. By being away from his desk, he wasn't available to take calls and wasn't available to deal with any issues yet I was because I was staring at my screen writing up an essay. So, who was the more productive employee that day? What employer would really prefer an employee to sit and chat, over educating themselves? I'm shortly speaking to Citizens Advice as I cannot believe that there is any legal justification for refusing to give someone work to do for so many hours but then complain when they read...or type an essay. Especially when the alternative that they suggest is actually worse. I'd also like to point out that when my manager was told about others doing similar things, he did nothing about it. Doesn't my employer have a responsibility to treat me equally and fairly? If anyone has any comments or suggestions, I'd appreciate them.
  6. I received a letter from Moorcroft in October last year asking me to contact them over an alleged debt to EE (formerly T-Mobile). I replied by email with the prove it letter. I received this response yesterday and just wonder if they are breaching the data protection act. I have removed anything that would identify me but from reading the email they have got my date of birth wrong. Dear Miss xxxxxxxxx Our Client: EE (Formerly T-Mobile) I write further to my recent email regarding the above account and return with our client’s response. Our client has advised us that their records show that this account relates to mobile telephone numbers 07xxxxxxxxx and 07xxxxxxxxx. The original billing address was XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX and the account holders date of birth is xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx. Our client’s records show that this account was cancelled on the 20th December 2013 due to non payment. Our client has asked that you consider this information and should you dispute opening the above account you are able to contact their Fraud Helpline on 0845 412 5000, selecting option 1,3 then 1 again, so that our client can ensure matters can be fully investigated for you. As previously confirmed your account is currently on hold and this will remain the position for a further 14 days to allow you the opportunity to respond to this email and confirm how you are proceeding with matters. We will also revert back to our client to confirm any contact they may now receive as requested above. Yours sincerely xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Compliance Manager Compliance Department
  7. I've had an agreement with StepChange (aka CCCS) with all my creditors for nearly two years. However, I've got two creditors who've been receiving payments through my plan, but they've suddenly withdrawn from the agreement without warning and are now pursuing me for the full amount. Is this legal or have they breached the contract I had with them through StepChange? One of the creditors that is involved have done this twice and I'm unsure what to do. Would I be in a position to refuse paying them for obstruction of payment? Any advice received I would be very grateful
  8. Hi, two of my flatmates were living in two separate rooms. Now they are a couple and they are "hosting" a friend in one of the two rooms. They didn't tell me that they are subletting one room to this girl (they want to keep the money for themselves) but I firmly believe they are subletting and therefore breaching our tenancy contract. I don't want to have legal problems with the landlord and I have always respected the tenancy agreement and also also I don't want to be charged with complacency. What shall I do? Tell everything to the landlord. Kick the girl out? Please is there anyone that can give me any advice.
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