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  1. Yes it's on my credit record & the back billing estimate states from April to July 2016. I will write to E-on as I have not had any luck by phoning them. Thank you for your help
  2. The last few months I have been receiving numerous letters from a company called LCS demanding £24.65 + £5 admin charge on behalf of their client E-on for an alleged bill in June 2016 when I switched to a different supplier. I have contacted them by email many times for them to prove who they are & how the debt was incurred. LCS have now sent me E-on bill printouts & are now demanding £99.65 for an 'estimated bill'. As far as I'm concerned I do not owe any money. E-on have been very unhelpful. Any assistance please?
  3. lowell email re £250.. I note from your correspondence that you have referred to an email from Lowell dated 18/5/15 in which we acknowledged that the account had been paid, that we apologised for failing to close the account and that we stated was now closed. I have read the email sent to you. I can see that it acknowledges that you had previously paid the above account with BWlegal and that an apology was given with assurance that the matter would be closed. The account was unfortunately not closed as stated and as such further correspondence was sent to you in error, as
  4. Just an update re Lowells. Nothing appeared on my credit score. I emailed Lowells advising them them to look into their records as I received correspondence in 2015 stating that the original debt of £5.00 to 3Mobile had been settled. I received an email from them apologising & informing me a cheque for £250.00 would be sent in the post. No further action to be taken.
  5. Thank you for your responses. I had a credit card debt that was bought by the same company along with the £15.00 mobile debt. Without being too harsh towards dx's comments - I spent years (with thanks to this website) sending letters to the debt collection company, I attended the High Courts of Justice London 5 times. I was recovering from cancer & had had enough so through a solicitor a negotiated payment was made & I have documented proof that all was settled. Obviously if the debt company decides to take this further I will contest this as I have prev
  6. I owed £15.00 on a 3mobile which Lowells bought along with a Capital Credit Card debt. This was all paid off - can't remember the exact date as I do not have the paperwork to hand- around 2013. .On 21/6/15 I received a letter stated that I still owed them money. I wrote to them & received a letter on 18/8/15 stating they confirmed the debt had been paid & assured me no further action would be taken & my file would be cleared. On 27/2/17 Lowell's & 3G appeared again requesting a payment for £741.20! I have emailed a complaint to them & they have
  7. DCA has now accepted token payments. They have sent me a budget form to fill in. Am I obliged to give them details of my employment i.e employers name/address etc. I am concerned that they will attempt to contact me there. Many Thanks
  8. Sorry back again! Just looked at the SAR reply from Capone.11/1/13.They aknowledged my receipt of £10 but stated 'they are unable to review my request as the signature provided dos not match with their records. (I only signed my name in capitals). They also request that I supply them with documentation showing my current signature- i.e driving licence or passport. My driving licence plus passort. Both documents are older than the debt! I am happy to oblige but on looking at my signatures they do tend to vary. Is their request valid please?
  9. Capone start date 2000 by post CCA received did not contain prescribed terms. Letter written in 2007 to request I made token payments due to serious illness and not being able to work. Last payment made 3/2009. I think I am becoming familiar with th set aside process - thamks to all th good infomation/advice. I am concerned regarding bwlegals correspondence.dated 26/2/13 when I only received it through letter box by hand on 19/3/13.. Owing to the Easter holidays I do not think I will be able to make the 18days to set aside. Thanks to all for your rsponses.
  10. Debt for 3,500. No PPI. When I receive SAR I know there will be late payment fees. I sent the SAR in January and Capone stated that it would take aFURTHER 40days from receivership of my original signature would this be correct pleae? I would like to add this to the set aside evidence. Many Thanks
  11. Thank you - i will chase Capone re SAR. As for bwlegal issuing an SD by hand throughh my letter box yesterday (19/3/13) and their correspondence was dated 26/2/13 what should I do please?
  12. Letter received by post last Friday dated 12/3 informing me of an SD to be issued by BWlegal. Stated that they had already attended my address on 11/3 without meeting me. There was no reference to who the credior was, but informed me someone was calling at 1.45pm on 19/3. Got home to find an SD that had been hand delivered whih was dated 26/2. The creditor is CapOne- I received a statement of default on 16/12/08. CCA request sent 15/4/09. Received T&C's and a document purporting to be a CCA (no prescribed T&C's as stated overleaf of doc}. Non complianc
  13. Thank you -I have limited access to the internet as use the library facilities - so sorry for the delayed appreciation of everyone's help. Have done as you suggested but OC states that 40day period STARTS from when they received my signature- not from when they received my SAR. Would appreciate some assistance as to replying to them
  14. Sorry - back again! I am unable to copy the anti tamper strip. Also forgot to mention that the O.C stated that th signature (written in caps) did not match their records and request that I send a copy of my passport or driving licence as they 'have a duty of confidentiality'. They also state that the 40day time limit to provide the SAR does not start to run until thy receive the correct documentation- is this correct please?
  15. Many thanks for all your replies - interesting reading! I will send a response to include the ant-tampering signature box..
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