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  1. My previous payslips do in fact reference several previous stints working nights as shift allowance. Thank you very much SNALF, that's encouraging to hear.
  2. The night shifts were part of a standard, expected shift pattern, they weren't overtime.
  3. It just mentions basic annual salary, there's nothing relating to shift allowance or overtime :-/
  4. It's not specifically stated, but I'd say it would be considered shift allowance rather than overtime. All that's mentioned in regards to working hours is the following, it's pretty vague: Your normal hours of work are on a rota basis. You are entitled to a one hour unpaid meal break on your day shift and one hour thirty minutes on your night shift to be taken at a time convenient to the business. You will be required to work 9am – 6pm Monday to Friday until you are ready to go on the shift pattern.
  5. Hi there, I'm hoping somebody will be able to offer me a little bit of advice. I've recently changed jobs, and in my final pay my employers didn't include several hundred pounds of shift allowance I should have had for my last run of night shifts. I chased a number of times, and was eventually told (by e-mail, so I have this in writing) that the outstanding overtime would be paid in the next pay run. When this didn't happen, I again chased it up, and was subsequently advised that my shift allowance was discretionary, and that as I was allowed full pay for a couple of emergency operations I had the previous year (as opposed to the statutory sick pay I was contractually entitled to) that in light of this they wouldn't be honouring my shift allowance payment. I don't yet have this confirmed in writing from them, but I have requested it. I've checked my contract, and it doesn't make any mention of overtime payments. Does anybody know if I'd be likely to have any redress if I were to pursue this through small claims or similar, I'm guessing chiefly on the grounds of the previous statement from them advising I would be paid? Thanks in advance.
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