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  1. First things first, here are the facts. I have worked at my current workplace for 3 years after initially declining the job due to the fact i didnt think they would be able to accomodate my disability, they imediately re offered me the post accomodating my working needs. I have been a blue badge holder since a child. The company i work for has 60+ staff and a £22 mil annual profit so its pretty huge. There are roughly 30/40 car parking spaces adjacent to the work building. I start work one hour later than all other employees so im the last on the carpark. Public transport is not an option due to location. Parking at work has never really been too much of an issue before now. I was hospitalised for two weeks and during this time management sent out an email asking employees to not park in any of the designated five spaces in front of the main doors to the building because it looked 'messy'. They advised staff to park in a public carpark 100m up the road once staff carpark was full. On my return to work I continued to park in a space directly in front of the building due to decreased lung function and always displayed my blue badge. I had never felt the need to use this or mention I hold a badge before now as this is where I had always parked without issue. I knew I was being naughty but thought I would wait until they said something. About a week later, they did. I was called into the office and was told that no employees no matter on the circumstances were to park in these spaces and I would have to park up the road on the public carpark. I explained to them that after my hospitalisation (for a genetic form of chronic lung disease) I struggled to walk 10 metres without difficulty and there is no physical way that my body could carry me 100m. I suggested a disabled bay, they declined and suggested that on my arrival I ask other members of staff to move their car, which due to the embaressment I feel very uncomfortable doing beacuse it seems pure cheek. My condition is a deteriorating condition so it will never get better, it can only get worse so this is not temporary. I will one day have to give up work completely if I contuine to deteriorate at the rate I have been, which my bosses know, and I feel like I am being pushed out of the company. My condition does not at all affect my ability to do the job required in any way. Do I have any rights, do they need to provide a disabled bay for disabled employees? How can I get around this other than quitting? Thanks!
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