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  1. Thanks for the rep[ly. I already did this before posting and always do a search before going to a website and asking. I use the top website in the search link that's been given. The company i'm with, who are probably the worst company that there's ever been allowed to sell energy to consumers always quote the cost higher then the calculation i'm given when using a calculator. I just wanted to compare and make sure. Thanks
  2. Hello Can anyone advise me in regards to the most accurate online energy bill calculator to work out electricity cost and estimate KWh usage of current meter readings? Thanks
  3. Hello, When moving into a property that already has Gas and Electric Prepayment Energy Meters / key "topped up installed. Can anyone advise how you would go about getting these removed so normal meters can be installed? Will the Energy company that you choose to go with on a price comparison fit new meters? And would this be free? Thanks
  4. Hi, Can someone please advise on the following? Am i right in saying that holiday entitlement starts from the 1st of April each year to 1st of April following year? If you work 1 day per week - holiday entitlement is 5.6 days per year. have i got this right? So if someone works 1 hour each day, 5 days a week, how many hours or days holiday are they entitled for 1 year. Thanks
  5. Hello Can anyone please tell me if an employee that has worked for a company 7 hours a week for 1 year, is entitled to holiday pay? If the amount of work hours above does not meet the amount that is required for entitlement. Can anyone please tell me how many working hours a week someone has to work to qualify for holiday pay? Thanks
  6. Hello With all the PPI exposure now days, i didn't realise that it was applied to Credit Cards also. I would like to ask if anyone can recommend any credible companies? Thanks
  7. Thanks again for all the replies. There was no contract etc, as already said i just needed help for a period of time. And i did say at the start, the job wouldn't be long term. I just wanted to make sure i done everything right. Thanks
  8. Hello Thanks for replies. The person has been with me for the last 6 months. I basically don't need the help anymore like i use to. Thanks
  9. Hello Can anyone one advise me on the termination procedure of an employee? Do i have to put it in writing? How many weeks notice do i have to give? Thanks
  10. Hello Can anyone please advise me on the following? I have a laptop and my warranty is up in June 2017. I have hardware issue and two of the keys have worked loose and come away and i cannot put them back into place. Do i send it back to the company i bought it from or do i send it back to the makers of the laptop? Thanks
  11. Thanks for reply. Sorry i think i got a little muddled with my question. Can anyone please tell me how much i can earn up to a week before being taxed? Thanks
  12. Hello Can anyone please tell me the amount of hours a person can work a week that is not taxable? Thanks
  13. Hello I'm writing this request for information on behalf of a dear close friend of mine who is disabled. I would be grateful if anyone could give me any information on the following. I would like to ask. Is it possible, and within your rights to change your Social Worker if you feel that they do not represent your best interests? Taking into account my friend is bedridden. My friend has only had contact with the Social Worker once in the last 8 months. My friend has been in touch with the local social services and explained the reasons, but they seem reluctant to help in anyway. Can someone please advise to what can been done, if the local social services won't help? Thank you
  14. Yes, Can you please give any helpful advice apart from reducing the debt amount or a 0% credit card transfer. Thanks
  15. dx100uk wrote: It's my niece. It's a NatWest Card. Thanks
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