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  1. Yeah that's what i'm afraid about, i know my rights are very poor at the moment The system should do something to protect new starters in cases like these, as i am very willing to work Thanks IW
  2. they said to me that if i don't agree with the shifts they have given me i will basically be letting myself go, is this classed as constructive dismissal? - the 3 different shifts they provided, neither are convenient with what was verbally agreed so they have basically gave me a bad option, a terrible option and an even worse option? Thanks, IW
  3. Thanks for your advice, there were around 15 other employees moving form the same campaign onto a different one with me, who were all in the boardroom where this verbal agreement was agreed I have spoken to most these people, who have all agreed to sign a statement saying that this was agreed would this be ok to put forward to my employer? Thanks, IW
  4. When i joined the company i did sign a statement (not a contact) agreeing to be able to work flexible hours... I only signed this statement as my hours were confirmed as 11-8 Monday to Friday to i didn't think it would affect me anyway But as soon as i was notified to be moving to the other campaign i made them aware that i couldn't work late evenings or weekends which is where they verbally agreed to accommodate my needs & now they are basically going back on there wood so i just don't know where i stand? what is ACAS and where can i find contact details?
  5. I’ve been an employee with this company since the 7th of January this year, I was employed on to a brand new campaign which the hours were confirmed to work 11-8 Monday-Friday which suited my needs and requirements as I have other commitments around these hours. Recently I was moved from this campaign onto another campaign, which I was more than happy to oblige to as long as they catered to my needs around the hours that I could work. I had raised my concerns about these hours in the boardroom in front of 15 other employees (that will vouch for me and agree to what was agreed) and I was given a verbal agreement that they would accommodate the hours agreed. 3 weeks on I had received my hours for the future 2 weeks which most definitely did not accommodate the hours agreed to work. Where then I again raised my concerns to my trainer who then spoke to HR to get these sorted for me. A day after this I was pulled out of training to be told that the company could only offer me 3 solutions which was to either work 2-11 Monday- Friday every week and have weekends off, or to work day shifts with evenings off & to work weekends every week. The other solution they had given me was to drop down to a part time position which I still had to work weekends. All 3 of these ‘solutions’ did not cater to my agreed hours due to my commitments outside of work. The same day I had been in a meeting with my recruitment manager and trainer to discuss the issues I was concerned over, where then they had said to me that I had to agree to either of these ‘solutions’ or id basically be letting myself go from the company. Due to the company not proceeding with their agreement on my hours it has led me to be completely stressed, causing me to have breakdowns in work, not sleeping at night and has affected my food intake and causing stress on my family also, as my other commitments outside of work affect them equally. I have visited my doctor who had told me to seek legal advice on my employers due to the stress they have caused me. Do I have a case under The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974? And does anyone know my rights as i have only been in the company for 6 weeks? Thanks, IW
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