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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone could give me some advice please. I was off on long term sick from work four years ago. I was asked to come into work for a sickness case conference and while I was at the meeting a traumatic event occurred which resulted in serious mental health issues and me recently being diagnosed with PTSD. I wanted to check if I would be able to put a claim in for Industrial Injury Benefit as I was off sick at the time. Also should my employers have logged this officially anywhere Thanks
  2. Can I just check a few things please. Firstly is allowing discriminatory remarks and behaviour by co-workers to go unchecked classed as a detriment. Also can the duty to make reasonable adjustments be stand alone or do you have to prove indirect discrimination first say for example to do my job I need written instructions as I can't remember verbal ones. If the reasonable adjustment works and I can now complete my job with the same efficiency as my peers can the employer then stop making the adjustment knowing it would disadvantage me again. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the clarity steampowered, it makes sense what you say. It all is very daunting though I'll see what I can come up with and post some examples over the next couple of days Thanks
  4. Excellent, thank you. I've done quite a long chronology already so I'll try and cut it down a little. I've been careful about what I put, just facts and said how it made me feel. I'll have a go at breaking down what the claims are. Can some acts be under two different headings? Say victimisation for complaining of sexual harassment and also disability related in a failure to make reasonable adjustments. For example I was told I had to complete a piece of work in four weeks. As a consequence of my disabilities I occasionally can take a little longer in producing written reports than
  5. Excellent thank you all for your advise. I think in my ET1 I've demonstrated where my disabilities lie. Our Occupational health doctor has stated in writing on five separate occasions over the past 6 years that he believed I was covered by the Equality Act so I've mentioned this too. Judging from what I've read in the above posts I fall under the Equality act legislation so I'll demonstrate that first and also this Act for the victimisation as a result of a protected act part. I think the Employment Rights Act might also be relevant in (b)that a person has failed, is fai
  6. In addition to the above, I've made a start on my ET1 and so far have put a brief career history and when I was first diagnosed with my disabilities in 2002. My Occupational Health department have a copy of this report on my file. I have put how my disabilities affect my day-to-day life and also the fact I take a lot of medication to control my symptoms most of which have side-effects. Is any of this relevant in the ET1? I have a little money saved to lodge my tribunal case and could probably afford a couple of sessions with a solicitor. Is it best to try and get as much in order as possi
  7. Thank you for your explanation, I think I understand what you are saying. I will post an example of what I'm going to put and see if it makes sense. Can you explain what the difference between victimisation for a protected act contrary to section 27(1) of the Equality Act 2010 and being subjected to a detriment for making a protected disclosure as I don't understand the difference. Thank you
  8. Hi just wondering if there is anyone who can explain this to me in layman's terms please, I'm trying to fill in an ET1 form and I'm confused how to word things. Brief background, I work for local government I made a complaint of sexual harassment and it was upheld. Since then the powers that be have been trying to manage me out of my job in various ways some subtle others not. I have documents relating to all the points I raise so would I reference these in my ET1? In the Equality Act it mentions victimisation and detriment after making a protected disclosure.
  9. I've put my SAR request in, I'll see what I get back. Thanks for your help with this.
  10. Hi yes, I have been recognised as disabled for about twenty years, by my Gp. Hr and Occupational health. Although I think I read somewhere that you can only get protection of the Equality Act if a tribunal says you are covered. They do make reasonable adjustments sometimes but it really all depends on who I'm dealing with, mostly they forget. I've printed the email.
  11. Ah I see what you mean, hadn't thought of that. I'm aware there are some emails as one was accidently forwarded to me as part of an email chain. It had my surname in the subject, I guess there will be others. I can narrow the date period down using the email I just mentioned. Thank you
  12. I was interested in the emails that A sent about me to other members of my team. There has been a definite campaign against me for over two years now, mostly centred around a long standing disability. Even though A has left the treatment is carrying on. I can't understand what has caused this level of prejudice, it's most random. Anyway I thought emails might be a good place to start.
  13. Hi I would like to put a SAR in finding out what information my employers hold about me (I work for my local council). In particular interest are some emails which a colleague who left under a compromise agreement sent about me. My employer has email archives dating back ten years so I know they are still available but wasn't sure how to word the request to make sure that these are included. Any ideas Thanks
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