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  1. i dont know what your actually trying to say, surely just the fact that he is giving some of his wages to his wife making it look like she is working is wrong and surely this is fraud no matter what he is doing it for (benefit or tax dodge)
  2. how long does it take and what do they actually do from when i report them
  3. thank you laughing girl thats what i needed to hear
  4. Surely if ive been very reliably informed i should say or are you saying i should say noting and let them get away with it surely thats wrong!!!
  5. i am 110% sure and i `am` going to report them i just wondered whats going to happen
  6. i recently found out from a `very` trustworthy source that the managing director at my place of employment gave the ok for the accounts department to take some money from the monthly wages of a junior director and give his wife a payslip making it look like she is working 20 hours a week so she can claim benefits but really its her husbands money. is this wrong because i think this would surely come under benefit fraud. if i were to report this does anyone have any idea what would happen to the three of them and also to my employers as i like a lot of the other senior staff who to my knowledge have no idea this is happening some one please help. I could do with some help tonight as i need to `do something` about it
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