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  1. I deliver in that area twice a week and taking me off that route has already happened but I will be put back on if the contract had gone. This incident is not something I would normally do but I still feel I had no choice at that moment and found the best place to go, I also feel I have the support of my manager and any drastic action would be on the orders of the directors. Once again I thank all for your input and apologies to those that I bit at,
  2. Sorry it was just an older gent at work asked if I could put the question forward when I was conversating with him about my case.
  3. I don’t know how this contract situation works, we are a company that do exactly the same as Bidvest, and our customers order as and when however I don’t believe they are tied into any contract only that there orders are worth £750.000 a year, but can order from whoever they want as I often go to customers and see other delivery’s taking place and supplying products that I was delivering say a few weeks prior and then i will deliver a few weeks later.
  4. I do understand that they can be dismissed but can they go straight to final written warning? If they chose not to dismiss (which is what they did) do they not then have to go Verbal, Written, Final written?
  5. Sorry didn’t explain that it’s not related to the urinating it’s regarding a driver having 3 accidents 2 which were his fault and damaged other vehicles 1 that wasn’t his fault
  6. There is one more thing. Are employers able to go straight to a final written warning without any previous warnings whatsoever,
  7. I think I’ve done enough apologising and won’t be doing anymore. With regards to my “Excuses” to be fair I believe that I had no other option and if was in the same situation again would still find the most secluded place and do it again as would most people. I do accept all your points that it’s lawfully not the right thing to do which is exactly what I was wanting to know and that has now been answered. So thank you all for your input and il just hope nothing else comes of it
  8. It is food stock so in the vehicle is not happening, I totally understand that she’s (forgive the pun) passed at me going in the car park however at that precise moment it was the most sensible place to go, I’m actually quite annoyed that she had heard me saying I was desperate to go yet instead of offering to open the door to let me use the loos before making delivery she waited for me to go in her car park, and whilst yes she doesn’t have too open the door it still shows what a horrible cow she is, I’ve been delivering to her now for a year and always found her to be a nasty piece of w
  9. The owner of the land DIDNT see me do it, She heard me say I needed to go and waited for me to go before shouting out, where I was I was out of sight from anybody. You talk about these Pee bottles but where do you not have to still have to get your penis out to use this and where do you do this,
  10. Yep in all fairness it’s very absurd but if my boss believes this then who am I to convince him otherwise,
  11. I just worry that the directors getting wind would force his hand, as I’ve since heard it’s cost us a £750000 a year contract
  12. I dont know how true this is but i have been informed there is no law against urinating however there is for public indecency, being in a secluded place out of public view and on private property would not constitute public indecency, only advised of this so dont know how true it is, was also advised by my boss that you by law can urinate against your back left wheel, however i would then be closer to the building, in clear view of the public and in the middle of the car park,
  13. Hi dondada, I had trapped a nerve over the weekend just gone and my first day off sick was monday, My boss later text me asking if i would come back to work and just sit in the passenger seat to guide my replacement driver around the route as i do this route in 6 hours yet it had previously taken the replacement 12hours , i agreed to this as to be fair with work and also expressed that my pain is less whilst on my medication so will chip in in any other way i can throughout the day. so basically i was off sick for 1 day,
  14. first of all as quoted in my op i apologised twice whilst explaining the situation to the customer, and whilst taking a whole load of verbal personal abuse, To be fair your response Emmzzi is no help whatsoever and only judgemental and patronising. So therefore would request that you get off you're high horse and keep ones personal opinions to ones self. other than that please do have a nice day.
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