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  1. I was an Iresa customer before they went into liquidation and have just received a reminder from Octopus that I did not deal with their email about my final Iresa bill. I have now dealt with it but I am concerned that others might have just accepted the figures given without checking or being able to check them. The initial final bill showed us as being in debt to the tune of £89.01. I knew that this was wrong as we had always been in credit. I saw that Iresa had estimated our gas usage for the last month (July) at 55% of our annual usage. That massive over estimate seems very suspici
  2. Hi all. Please could anybody give advice. I am having financial problems and decided to cancel my BT phone, internet and tv and switch to Talk Talk to save £25 a month. My BT account contract is up start of October so I set up my new account to start in September. BT want paying for the part month which is fair but also want to charge me £65 for Broadband equipment and £24 for TV equipment which seems unfair. Is this right? I'm doing my best to reduce my spending and that feels like a kick in the teeth. Thanks in advance
  3. I received a letter from Northampton County Court over an alleged bus lane infringement in which the amount was £195 made payable to Harrow Council, the date of the alleged offence was 06/03/2015 at 11.28. I had never received any correspondence from Harrow Council about this ticket, I had to do a notice to owner to send it back to it's original PNC. Now the bus lane in question I know very well and have done for almost twenty years, the end of the bus lane you can enter two lanes , the right hand side to go up towards Harrow on the Hill, or Roxeth Hill, the left hand
  4. Nearly 180 employers named and shamed for underpaying thousands of minimum wage workers READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/nearly-180-employers-named-and-shamed-for-underpaying-thousands-of-minimum-wage-workers
  5. Anger at nearly £4k disabled parking bay charge READ MORE HERE: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-42772258
  6. Hi, It's been a while, haven’t been well for some time due to issues that occurred in a previous (recent) thread of mine, but after a year I’m starting to come to terms with what happened although I have been left in a financial rut. (I am not entitled to compensation so I thought about selling my story but don’t know how to go about it) Recently Wonga, and two MMF entries have now disappeared from my report I decided to check my Exp report and see how I really do stand financially since the "Great Advantage Finance Escapade" and forking out £3,500 for legal fees last year.
  7. very long story which I will add later today, if possible, but your question of {did you make offers to the creditor before ccj } made me think because I made the offer which they refused,and yet when we went to court they accepted the exact amount! http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?398804-Help-with-a-judgement-and-visit-from-HCEO-**Partial-Refund-Obtained** but I am not a business, just a pensioner who has now fees which like yours, didn't apply , I have now paid all but 200 which they say I still owe, did it cost you much and how did
  8. Early last year my husband received a county court summons for £11,500 for a credit card debt sold on to a DCA. He replied and defended the action on the basis of the limited information on the summons and that he was awaiting a reply to the CCA letter sent to them on the day the summons was received. He never received a copy of the CCA, just a letter from them saying the debt was no longer enforceable and they could not proceed any further through the courts, but would he please call them to discuss a repayment plan. They also promised to forward the copy of the CCA.
  9. Hi everyone, long time lurker first time poster (Cheesy phrase but meh) Bit of background: 6-7 years ago at the ripe age of 19 and 20, I fell into quite a bad gambling habit and like many around 2010, I got roped in a vicious PDL TRAP! I'm a big believer NOW that at that age, we should not be allowed the credit afforded to us. I knew nothing of the consequences at the time and it took a few years for me to realise how detrimental the effects of bad credit were. I borrowed from Peter to pay Paul as the saying goes, at astronomical rates of APR from all of the lightly reg
  10. How do you Prepare for Santas visit. Do you make sure your chimney has been swept so he does not get any soot on his clothes. Of course we know if a chimney is not available a couple of clicks of his fingers and hey presto he materialises wherever he likes. So do not worry if you have not got a chimney,I feel many of you perhaps do fret a touch. And of course Rudolph and the rest of the reindeer's do you leave them a treat as they must need feeding many times on their journey around the world on this special day. Do you leave them some water,some mince pies perhaps,a few carrot
  11. Hello I came across this great forum whilst searching for information on my student loan predicament. My student loans were from 1995-1999 and I was under the age of 40 when I left university. I think therefore under the 'old' T&C's the remainder of my loan should be cancelled when I'm 50. I have read however that if I am in arrears (which I am), this will not happen. The reason I am in arrears is because Erudio claim they never received my deferment a couple of years ago. Shortly after sending them my deferment form I moved address. I informed them of my new a
  12. Hi, I am hoping for some advice. I took apparently (I don't remember but I have used payday loan companies so its probably true) took out two loans with minicredit both for £100, one in Feb 2011 and one in April 2011. On my credit file there is entries for Kapama, one for £866 and one for £793. These were not on my credit file a year ago. I have contacted them by email to question what they are and they replied giving me the dates etc. I know I was not working at the time and they did not search my credit file (I have old copies that I checked). Where should
  13. Hello, Summary: Recently found out I have a CCJ against me, which was made on the 07 April 2010 after signing up for a popular credit report/expert website and have done some research before deciding what action to take. What I know: The CCJ on 07/04/2010 will be removed from all registries after 6 years, which is only a few months away at this point The amount is for £194 If I pay the CCJ it will be classed as "Satisfied" If I do not pay the CCJ, it may come back to bite me in the proverbial ass in the future What I need to know: If I pay t
  14. Hello Caggers, wonder if you can help me out with a dilemma I am having with DX Services. On 26th November this year, I received a message from DX saying that they had attempted to deliver my passport to my home address. I was given the opportunity to arrange a redelivery. I chose to have my passport redelivered to work. I also completed the special delivery instructions to deliver to the main reception, where I would be in a position to sign for it. I gave the building names as 1-9* and this was on the confirmation email I received. Fast forward to 1st December, the agreed deli
  15. Hi. I wrote to all of my creditors in Jan of 2009 to inform them of my inability to pay my debts, and making offers of reduced payments. All of them to be fair were (or seemed to be) understanding and I've worked hard at managing the money I have, repaying the debts as much as I can and generally being more financially responsible. A creditor phoned me recently for a review and the woman happened to mention the debt (with them) was due to be removed from the reference agencies this month. I decided to check my CRA file (Equifax) and was pleased to find the other debt
  16. Afternoon everyone! I have successfully had 3 defaults removed, 3 debts written off and I am in the process of having one more default removed and debt written off! I have been on my journey for about a year! Its flew over, and brings me excitement to challenge these DCA! especially with so many positive results! I will be going into more and more detail! Good Luck - any questions?
  17. Hi All, If your in the market to buy a nearly new car, please inspect these with just as much care as you would with a 3 - 5 plus year old car. We lease our Vehicles with an option to buy, otherwise after 3 years chuck them back and renew (Mrs. Stig still has her 2008 Toyota Prius that we purchased). We recently took possession of a brand new "14 plate" 7 seater, this vehicle had faults from day one, back to the dealer, repeated workshop & bodyshop visits, panels not fitting, leaking water if rained overnight not to mention the safety aspect where we took the Prius out inste
  18. We have a Hotpoint washer that had some bath mats in and when I just came to empty it smoke came pouring out of the drum and the mats were charred and smoking and there's ash all inside the drum. Scared the living daylights out of me. I rang Hotpoint who said the model had not been recalled and all they could do was allow me take out an extended warranty that I would have to pay for and then they would send an engineer. Rang trading standards who said that I needed to go back to Apollo Preston where I bought it as washing machines are covered for six years und
  19. Received this email this evening. From:Request ([email protected]) Your junk email filter is set to exclusive.Sent:01 November 2013 21:43:16To: @HOTMAIL.COM (@HOTMAIL.COM) This message is here because your junk email filter is set to exclusive. Wait, it's safe!|I'm not sure. Let me check Dear New-me This email is very important please take action now. You owe £xxx.65 to UK SEARCH LIMITED in respect of SOUTHERN WATER-UTILITY SUPPLY, we have been instructed to collect it, so it is in your interest to contact us as soon as possible. Ph
  20. Well, might be exaggerating a bit but will describe the scenario. Bought an oven over/hob 2 years ago. During the years it has suffered from issues like the bottom element blowing and the wires melting. Made a complaint and they were very good and sent me replacement parts and basically acknowledged the issue by sending me parts. 2 years has passed and I there are issue with the product. The main switch into the oven melted, it tripped the mains and smoke everywhere. On top of that a hob blew up and one of the plastic dials snapped. Contacted the company again and they say
  21. hi everyone, I am the first to admit I'm not the most organised with my finances and since my wife was diagnosed with Bipolar a few years ago my finances went worse. Over time, i've had a few Arrangements to pay on my Mortgage. It's difficult to keep up payments and sometimes I bury my head and get a little late with payments. I am in arrears with G&E, Council tax and Mortgage and when I was ill during June, my wife tried to use my card to make payment and was told no! When I was fit again, I transferred the money into my wife's account and she made a double payment - So from the last Arra
  22. Howdy peeps, Back in 08/09 I was attacked in another town in Kent. The police attended, found out who it was and eventually it all went to court and they earned themselves a lovely 'free board' at HMP. Today, I was walking to the shops (where i live, which is about 40 miles away from that city), whilst on the phone, one of the guys who attacked me in 08/09 came up to me, asked for a cigarette, which I said I didn't have (as I stopped) then the abuse started again. Lucky for me his friend was there which pulled him back and stopped him from attacking me. Despite that, he followed
  23. Hi Everyone, I recently reviewed my CRF from 2009 and noticed i had missed a MBNA loan that had PPI I think (thanks Nationwide) Ok details of loan Initial amount £5000 Period 72 months Monthly repayment £113.95 APR 7.9% So using CAGS Loan analysis spreadsheet if I didn't have PPI my APR would have been 19.5% I think not so I therefore had a higher initial amount and hence a one off PPI premium. Strangely I claimed back PPI on a CC in 2011 they never told me about the loan PPI or included anything about it in my SAR dated 2009. Naughty MBNA. Ok so using C
  24. Hi Guys I am new to these forums, but have had a bit of a look around. I wouldreally appreciate some help please, I have got myself into a bit of a pickle. I had some debts previously which all became Statute Barred before July thisyear. My problem is that I have received 2 letters from a company called DebtManagement Ltd. The 1st letter said that they were trying to contact me about a debt andthat if I ignored the letter that they would assume that they have located thecorrect person (I ignored the letter). The next letter I received today which had the header ‘Doorst
  25. Hi All I won't bore you with all the ins and outs of my situation at the moment, but I was suspended on full pay from my job with a Major International Parcel Carrier on the 9th July of this year. I am suspended for alleged falsifying records and lack of duty. I strongly deny these charges and have responses for all of it. I had my first investigatory meeting on the 11th July and was told I would hear from HR in due course. I then received an email requesting another meeting to be held tomorrow. I have spoken to my Union Rep and taken advice and asked for any questions to be sent to
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