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Found 6 results

  1. Hi All, Just want some advise on where I stand from a consumer side of things, I purchased a HooverDXCC5962B_BK Washer Dryer in Black from AO on the 01/04/2017 for when we moved into our first home and last week it came up with a heat sensor error code (E11.) It washes but no longer dries (luckily I kept our old dryer in the shed so have been able to dry larger items) I made AO aware about a week ago of the issue and they passed me onto Hoover, so I dealt with Hoover and they sent someone out yesterday to repair the machine. He turned up on time (always nice these days) and replaced the sensor in about 15 minutes, so assuming it was all sorted he left. My partner then put a wash and dry load on before she left the house, on arriving back the error code was still there So back on the phone to AO who this time didn't automatically put me through to Hoover as it was out of their opening hours and I was told I would have to wait for her to call Hoover in the morning to arrange another appointment to have it repaired, I said that's fine and we agreed an appointment. I then asked what happens if this second repair doesn't work where do I stand as I don't want to be waiting days at a time for an appointment as I can't take any time off of work and my partner works shifts so timed / all day appointments can be a bit tricky, I was told that I would have to have Hoover out a "few" times to try and repair it if the previous repairs don't work. In legal / consumer terms what would be considered a "few" times before I can ask them to just replace it as it obviously isn't fit for it's purpose ? It wasn't a cheap machine and I don't want to be passed around in the middle of the two companies trying to get it sorted. Thanks in advance.
  2. I bought a Nissan Qashqui from a local independent dealer in June this year for just over £5k. The turbo went faulty within 30 days, after an initial appearance of indifference from the dealer they did indeed repair it and all was good. However, we now have an issue with the windscreen washers (both front and back) in that they just don't work. I can hear no noise when trying to use them which leads me to think this it is the washer motor (i have checked the fuse and it is not that). The washers did work upon when we first got it, but over the past few weeks they have stopped working. I contacted the dealer via email yesterday confirming that the car is under 6 months since purchase and this fault has occurred for which i would like them to repair. Their reply has been: "Sorry to hear you are having a minor problem with your Nissan Qashqai unfortunately due to you only having a 3 months major mechanical warranty which would of expired on the 11/09/18 this wouldn’t be something we could cover the cost of. Even if this issue occurred during the first three months of you owning the vehicle the washer jets wouldn’t be covered due to the warranty only being a major mechanical warranty." I have just replied to them that my request for them to repair this free of charge is under the Consumer Rights Act 2015, section 9 "Goods to be of satisfactory quality". I have reiterated that i expect them to repair this free of charge or state their final position on the matter so i can then decide on my next course of action. Can anyone give me their thoughts on whether i am completely in the right to demand repair for this issue on a car bought privately from a dealership just under 5 month ago? If they refuse to play ball, what should my next steps be? I have kept all communication with them via email so i have a clear trail, but if we do have any chat via phone then it will be recorded (i have installed a call recording app - thanks to all the advice on here!).
  3. Bough a Samsung Washer Dryer from AO.com November 2015. It comes with a 2 year warranty. Bought using AO's finance to be paid over 2 years. So 6 months warranty and 6 payments left. A few months ago the dryer started becoming less and less effective. It has also started vibrating badly despite my efforts to relevel it. Then 2 weeks ago half way through a wash it stopped with an error leak sensor detetor. Water trickles out from under the machine and it won't work. Phoned Samsung on the Friday and they sent a 3rd party engineer out on the Wednesday. Engineer says the detergent drawer has been slowly leaking probably from new. There is extensive rust inside the machine and limescale all over everything. Externally the machine still looks like new. The dryer motor is only getting half voltage which has damaged it. Probably due to water going all over the motherboard which also needs replacing. The pressure switch needs replacing. The pump / sump is leaking and needs replacing. The struts have been rubbing against the concrete block and the rubber has completely worn away causing the vibrating. He wanted to order in all these parts from the Netherlands and come back to fix it. I said no I want a new machine, especially as the rusty chassis can't be replaced. Engineer was understanding and said they have to send a report off to Samsung for authorisation and that's the last we heard. He also left the machine in the middle of the room and when I went to move it back I realised its because all the vinyl tile floor underneath is ruined. Where do I go from here? We've had no working machine for 2 weeks now and it's driving us crazy. We are using laundrettes and family but it's starting to get costly and extremely inconvenient. We have 2 young kids and a puppy. We got the most expensive machine on the market at £1100 because we expected reliability and for the big drum size. To be fair the first year it was fantastic my wife says its the best thing we ever bought. This is half a rant and half a what should my next steps be to get this resolved asap? Many thanks
  4. A week ago I ordered a new Bosh washer from AO with next day delivery. From the first use it was obvious that something was wrong with it , it was making a very loud and not normal sound every time the drum was turning. I contacted them and they said I had to contact Bosh and use the guarantee to get an engineer to visit . At no point accepted themselves any responsibility as a retailer. The engineer confirmed straight away that there was a fault so I got a replacement. AGAIN from the first use there is the same and even louder noise. AO refuses to refund /replace without an engineer to visit again. They say that they have to make sure there is a fault and they treat me like an idiot as I wouldn't understand the noise or as I did something wrong with the installation. I said this is the SECOND time the same thing is happening and you confirmed the first time with an engineer that is a fault why do I have to go through this again? Citizens advice advised me that they are obliged to refund /replace as the washer arrived with a fault but AO replies that *citizens advice would advice me to my benefit but this is not how things work*. So TWO washers WITHIN A WEEK WITH SAME FAULT and AO still insist on engineer visiting first. All this is very annoying and inconvenient for me as I had to stay in waiting deliveries/ engineer , I still have to wait another engineer , spend hours on the phone with AO and Bosh and i still do not have a proper working washer.
  5. We have a Hotpoint washer that had some bath mats in and when I just came to empty it smoke came pouring out of the drum and the mats were charred and smoking and there's ash all inside the drum. Scared the living daylights out of me. I rang Hotpoint who said the model had not been recalled and all they could do was allow me take out an extended warranty that I would have to pay for and then they would send an engineer. Rang trading standards who said that I needed to go back to Apollo Preston where I bought it as washing machines are covered for six years under the sale of goods act. Rang Apollo and confirmed I bought it in Aug 2011 so its not even three years old yet but they said that they only give one year warranty. I said this was a very serious fault and that I would write to them etc to which he said you can go down the legal route if you have the time and money but would cost me more than a new machine! I said I did have the time and would take it further so he's getting the manager to ring me back. If it was just a leak or something like that wouldn't bother but it nearly caught on fire.. .what would of happened if I hadn't of been stood next to it or if it had been at night.. could of caused a house fire and well don't want to think f what else could of happened. Does anyone have any advice. I have arranged to take the extended warranty with Hotpoint for one year but will cost £185 but they will provide new machine if needed but not sure if I'm doing the right thing as Applollo are responsible really. I need a washing machine though and not sure what to do.
  6. Hi I got a washer from brighthouse on the 17/10/2011 and within a few months it started smoking, BH came and took it and fixed it. Not long after it kept coming up with errors BH sent someone out to replace the circuit board. All was well until a few weeks back and the drum when spinning sounded like it was trying to rip its way out of the washer then wouldnt spin again once again an engineer came out and there was a hole in the steam pipe and it had been steaming the motor which had fried and the bearings had also went.we received the same washer back again today and the very first spin the drum still wants to rip out the side of the washer and sounds like grinding metal. So BH put in an emergency repair but will still take 2 days for someone to come out but they also said it had been repaired and it must of been damaged during delivery. Its not easy trying to take washing elsewhere when you have 3 kids and a disabled wife. I went to BH and told them i wanted a new washer instead of it being fixed again but they said they could only do that if we started a new agreement, no way am i doing that so they said i dont have to pay for the washer this week instead. I have OSC and DLC but looking over the threads on here i should of just been using my home insurance. Any information on what to do would be great as i can see them taking the washer and saying it cant be repaired again and scrapping it and we'd be left with nothing.
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