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Found 5 results

  1. My partner bought a vehicle for £2650 from car dealer with no warranty on 7th March 2017. On 25th March 2017 the bottom end crank shaft went and we had to be towed. The garage said the work is minimum £1500 and we've shopped around and nowhere can do it cheaper. The car dealer said that is an extortionate amount for what needs to be done and has agreed to pay half. Leaving us to find £750 to pay for the rest. My partner is about to agree to it as he feels he's had enough stress with it but we're having our first baby this year and really can't afford it. Is there anything we can do? Do we have the right to fight?
  2. I am on universal credit and this started in late October 2016. I missed an interview with the job centre in December because I was unwell. I was unwell for weeks on and off but during that time was still looking for work. I eventually spoke with the control centre and got a new interview date for mid Jan. I went in with details of the job hunting in the week prior to my interview. It seems that was a mistake and I should have taken in 4-5 weeks worth of info. I have some email evidence etc to support my search for work. I've also found that most of the jobs are the same and few new ones are coming to the market so I keep reapplying for roles. I'm losing the will to live. Anyway, this awful woman at the job centre said I had not given her enough evidence of seeking work and she was going to raise a 'doubt' with the centre and a decision maker would write to me. Well, today I received five letters - one for each separate week, including xmas/new year - and each saying I would be sanctioned at £10.40 a day for 28 days. I am speechless, totally speechless, and just want to either curl up and die or pick up the phone and tell them what I think of them. What can I do about this? My universal credit just about covers my half the rent and heat/light - nothing else really. Oh, and just to make matters worse, they put me on fortnightly interviews and I have missed my first one. I'm tempted to try and go self-employed so I don't have to suck up to these disgusting jobsworths.
  3. Hi all Our windows need replacing with double glazing and our builder who has done a lot fo work for us quoted £4500 and asked for £1500 up front to buy the windows. The works quoted for were for a new carpet and a set of windows. The builder promised faithfully that the windows would be made ready for the 9th of May. When that date came, he said that they weren't ready. This was his reason/excuse for not starting everyday up to Friday 20th May when he said they would definitely be ready for Monday/Tuesday and he would update us. We left numerous messages for him yesterday and nothing. We are considering a LBO with a draft N1 as we know he has just started a loft conversion and will be taking on another one withing days so he probably won't be able to do our job anyway and he is now dodging us. What shall I put on the N1 - is it a claim for breach of contract as he hasn't started when promised? For the £1500 paid out. We have a receipt for the bank transfer and the original quotation but no contract in writing - though surely the quotation and our proof of payment with the payment reference should be enough evidence? Thanks in advance.
  4. Hi, I am hoping for some advice. I took apparently (I don't remember but I have used payday loan companies so its probably true) took out two loans with minicredit both for £100, one in Feb 2011 and one in April 2011. On my credit file there is entries for Kapama, one for £866 and one for £793. These were not on my credit file a year ago. I have contacted them by email to question what they are and they replied giving me the dates etc. I know I was not working at the time and they did not search my credit file (I have old copies that I checked). Where should I take this next? Is it worth me arguing the interest and then offering £200 to clear the outstanding debt? Thanks in advance
  5. Pete Swift has won a £1,500 payout from Sky after spending two years and £1,395 trying to cancel his TV and broadband package. The 30-year-old research consultant, who lives in Edinburgh, billed Sky £25 an hour for calls made to the telecoms giant, the ombudsman, various credit reference agencies and debt collection companies. In total, Mr Swift spent more than 55 hours on the phone to the individual firms, including 31 hours talking to Sky. Mr Swift then decided to take Sky to court and last month reached an agreement with the company just two days before his court date. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/household-bills/11621654/Sky-customer-gets-1500-payout-after-two-years-trying-to-cancel-his-contract.html
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