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  1. I had a letter offering a 75% discount from Lowell the week before last, it was a debt which I knew was Statute Barred, but I hadn't told Lowell about this. Anyway I had a call from them last week and stupidly I answered it and all of the security questions (I know STUPID). I told them over the phone that the debt was SB and that the only reason that they were offering a 75% discount was because they knew as well as I did that it was unenforceable, they reply was that some people felt that they had a moral duty to pay back these debts, I replied that I wasn't one of those people. Anyway I expected a phantom payment to turn up after my silly behaviour and fast forward to today a letter arrived, but to my surprise it says Account Closed with Lowell. It didn't even cost me a Recorded Delivery Letter. Well Done Lowell for Once! QB
  2. Thanks Brig! You are a superstar, I will send this off tomorrow, I'm guessing it's ok to head it with my current address? I don't have any reference numbers etc, as the only refenence number I had was on text and I had to Factory reset my phone which erased all messages. I do know from when I checked my CRA file last year (July 2012) that the last payment date was Feb 06 and the default date was December 06, there were no recorded CCJ's for this debt registered on my file at that time. Thanks again, I will keep you posted.
  3. I check my CRA file frequently and it doesn't show on there. My CRA shows my current address and previous addresses, I think I will ignore until they can be bothered to write to me at my current address with something concrete. Thanks for your time QB
  4. Hi All I haven't posted for a while, just after a little bit of advice on how to deal with ARC Europe. Recently I have received a couple of texts from this company and an answer machine message asking me to call them which I ignored. About a week ago I answered the phone to one of they're agents who was quite pushy with me, but I refused to go through the security questions with him including my address, whilst on the phone to me he told me that he wanted to discuss Nationwide with me. I told him to put everything in writing to me, he told me that that they already had and hadn't received a response from me that is why he was calling, I told him that he must have the incorrect address for me, I refused to give him my current address. Because I refused the security questions he ended the call using the words 'Thats Unfortunate'. I did have a Nationwide account which became Statute Barred about a year ago, I haven't heard anything about this account in about 6+ years although I have moved a couple of times in that period. Today I received a further message from one of the agents from ARC asking me to call them back, my question is, should I just ignore them or would it do any harm to give them my current address to enable them to write to me? I am concerned that they may try and obtain a judgement in my at a previous address, maybe by fabricating a phantom payment. What do you guys suggest? Thanks in advance QB
  5. Cheers Brig, I'll leave it in then QB
  6. Thanks Brig, I have amended the letter and added your wording. Another question, there is a paragraph in the letter that says: I would also point out that the OFT say under their DebtCollection Guidance on statute barred debt that “it is unfair to pursue thedebt if the debtor has heard nothing from the creditor during the relevantlimitation period”. I have received letters from various debt collectors regarding this debt, shall I remove this paragraph? Cheers QB
  7. Hi All Just a quickie!! Today I received a Doorstep Threatogram from UMS on behalf of BCW collecting a debt owed to Aktiv Kapital. I'm not worried, as I know that all debts I had are now Statute Barred, so I will fire off the SB letter from the library on Monday. I can't remember who the debt was owed to originally, but it's for about £400. I was just wondering if anyone else has dealt with UMS? Thanks QB
  8. Thanks Brig! I'll let sleeping dogs lay for now, but reply RD when I may hear from them QB
  9. Thanks, it's just that I don't have access to a printer, it would have been easier to e-mail. When the time comes, I'll just have to go to the library or something. Thanks QB
  10. Hi All Just a quickie! All of my debts have recently became Statute Barred I haven't received a letter from any DCA's for a while. I don't want to contact the DCA's unless they contact me, I haven't informed any of them that the debts are now SB. My question is, when they write to me, would an e-mail be sufficient in letting them know that the debts are Statute Barred? Thanks QB
  11. Hi All, Just a quick update and a couple of quick questions for you. I first posted this in October after recieving 2 phishing letters from Debt Managers Ltd in relation to a debt which I wasn't certain whether it was SB'd or not. I did not respond to these letters and since October I have heard nothing more ! I can now confidently be certain that this debt is SB'd, the default expires today and according to my credit file the last arrangement to pay was December 2006. My questions are: 1. Should I now write to Debt Managers to let them know that the debt is SB'd (or let sleeping dogs lie)? 2 If I do write to them, do I need to send it recorded delivery (or is proof of postage sufficient)? My Noddle score has gone from 1/5 to 3/5 this month, I am so happy! Thanks to everyone on here, you are all wonderful QB x
  12. Ok, I have similar for one of mine where it's listed twice once in open accounts and also in closed. Is this listed as the original creditor or the debt purchasing / collection company? Does this account also show in closed accounts under the original creditor?
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