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  1. I was an Iresa customer before they went into liquidation and have just received a reminder from Octopus that I did not deal with their email about my final Iresa bill. I have now dealt with it but I am concerned that others might have just accepted the figures given without checking or being able to check them. The initial final bill showed us as being in debt to the tune of £89.01. I knew that this was wrong as we had always been in credit. I saw that Iresa had estimated our gas usage for the last month (July) at 55% of our annual usage. That massive over estimate seems very suspici
  2. Sorry for the long post: I have been busy looking for ways to keep as much money as I can in MY pocket. By this I mean I always pay my bills on time and often in credit. I wanted to save money on my water rates and looked in to getting my supply from the water companies directly. Currently my bill is £10.35pw. Not a lot you may think! But this is paying the Council directly as they get a discount for being a huge customer. They appear not to pass this saving on to their tenants.... The interesting point on this matter is that you will be paying a share of other peop
  3. https://www.thesun.co.uk/living/2836966/bbc-secret-shopper-finds-two-thirds-of-tesco-customers-overcharged-by-expired-deals/
  4. Good morning, My 18 yr old daughter took out a policy with 'MyPolicy' car insurance 8 months ago when she passed her test. They seemed the best price at the time but have cost dearly over the 8months, mainly in charges for extra miles. a few weeks ago she was involved in an accident which wasn't her fault, the other driver admitted blame immediately. The claim has been settled and they have sent the cheque. Now, the problem is the charges they want to slap on her. Her car was a write off so she is going to buy her brother's car. They want to charge her £150 for
  5. Argos owner Home Retail Group is setting aside at least £30m in compensation after admitting thousands of store card customers were overcharged. The company has launched a detailed review into the issue, which relates to "buy now, pay later" plans for some of the retailer's 1.5 million store card holders who were charged excess fees for late payments. Chief executive John Walden said it affected up to 10% of Argos card customers. They are expected to receive compensation of up to £100 each and Home Retail (Other OTC: HMRLF - news) will write to affected customers in
  6. https://www.energylivenews.com/2016/06/08/millions-overcharged-270m-due-to-billing-errors/ Around 3.8 million energy customers were overcharged a total of £270 million due to billing errors last year. That’s according to a report by uSwitch, which estimates it cost each household on average £72. Around 9% of them are yet to receive any money back from their supplier and 12% waited more than two months before the issue was resolved. More than a third – 36% – of consumers whose supplier made a mistake said the wrong tariff or product details were applied. Around 31% said thei
  7. Hi guys, I received my last water bill a while ago and it's double what the previous bill was. I'm having problems understanding what's going because there have been no major changes to the house. They had been sending people round to access the meter in our front garden which they have never done before. It was a rather bizarre incident. These guys showed up and asked who they should write to at this address and I explained that we were already with Thameswater and I didn't understand what's going on. I don't know if we're getting
  8. HI! I'm hoping someone can give me some advice. I joined Rush Fitness in Feb 2015. I signed a contract to pay £17.99 a month for a minimum of 1 month and could cancel at any time with 1 months notice. Rush Fitness DD is managed by the Harlands Group. In Sept 2015 a payment of £29.99 was taken as direct debit from my account, I tried contacting Harlands but every time I tried they were either closed or wouldn't answer the phone. I made contact with my bank who clawed the money back under the direct debit guarantee. I then received a letter from Harlands on 29th Sept which said
  9. I've had ongoing issues with PAYG (pay as you go) dongles. I have discovered how much more PAYG customers pay - eg a contract customer I know with the same company pays the same monthly amount and gets 5x more data! But then is charged £25 for exceeding it, without warning. I passionately believe that the prices should be the same - why are those who can't or won't go onto intrusive contracts less valuable? What kind of a value system is this?! It means that those who can't afford contracts are, like prepay electric meters, paying the most, and often not getting a very good sig
  10. The Student Loans Company (SLC) is overcharging almost 80,000 graduates by ten per cent every year – leaving them £580 out-of-pocket each time. Automatic income contingent repayments (ICR) begin when a graduate begins to earn over a certain amount of money once they complete their studies. The repayments are collected through the UK tax system where borrowers remain in the UK. However, as the SLC only receives information from HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) about what customers have repaid once a year – after employers have finalised their annual tax returns – there is a ‘time
  11. Does anyone have the email address od Carolyn McCall, CEO of Easyjet? Daughter has a complaint about a £40 surcharge applied to her online check-in for a return flight because the last 2 seats (already paid and checked in) available on the plane were considered to have extra leg room. What were they supposed to do as an alternative? The rep threatened to cancel their booking if they didnt pay but they didnt choose the seats so the supposed "option" was superfluous..
  12. Just wondering if anyone else has had Post Office staff try to overcharge them or if it is just my local branch. Several times I have taken packages to my local Post Office and they have tried to overcharge me. The most recent was I took a "large letter" size packet and was told it would cost £3.90, the cost of a small parcel. I queried this and was rudely told to hand it over to be put in the guide. It fell straight through. The cost ended up at £2.29. A lot of elderly people use this Post Office and probably don't think twice about questioning the cost. Believing that the staff will offer
  13. I like the decision to give the fine to the CAB. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-32157906 HB
  14. I am at loggerheads with Vodafone. They have been overcharging me for many months of my contract, done the whole complaints roundabout thing many times, the problem is never fixed. For the last few months I just gave up paid the overcharge and then this month I have been fighting for that money to be paid back. I have refused to pay for my bill (I have actually already paid them enough in overcharges), all I have wanted was them to sort out my bill. Having had several promises to sort it out, couple of weeks later nothing. The thing has really
  15. I discovered two years ago that for 6 years I had been paying day time rates for my E7. They admitted and promised to refund within 7 days. A tear later they were denying it and saying there had been no error. By this time the records had been destroyed forever after a system upgrade. I had calculated around 2000 in overcharges in the 6 years and stopped paying them until they sorted it out and refund me whatever I had not gotten back that way. After a few months I sent details to the ombudsman who acknowledged my complaint, but then lost it and never acted. I then became suspicious
  16. This is a strong warning to others regarding Kwik Fit's dubious business practices/incompetence and very poor customer service. I went to my local branch (which I am considering naming) for an MOT. I was told that there was a parking brake imbalance and it would have to go back in for a brake check. While it was in, Kwik Fit phoned me and after 5 minutes of explaining how brakes work, I was told that in needed new discs and pads at a cost of £405. Fortunately for me, I declined the work and took it to a local independent garage who specialise in my make of car for a second
  17. I sent my van to be repaired at a local garage and he has sent a bill that is almost double the dealer quote. They have done no extra work and are quite clearly trying to rip me off. When I've disputed the bill they've said they are placing a lien and charging storage until I pay. the storage charges are hidden in the garages t&c on the website which I didn't no existed until he sent the storage bill. I understand I should pay under protest then reclaim but I've found out the owner is bankrupt and the garage is I liquidation therefore I'm reluctant to pay the full amount as there
  18. So last year after having sky talk and broadband for a year my contract came to an end. I wasnt happy with another price rise so rang them saying unless they brought my bill down I would leave. the projected bill was to be £25.90 a month after a third price increase in a year. After some hard bargaining and temper tantrums I got an agreed reduction down to £15.90 a month and started my new contract. The first payment of £15.90 went out as expected on 11/12/13. Since then theyve hiked my bill back up to £25.40 a month and are refusing to accept that I had a reduction put in
  19. So my 72 year old mother orders a Sky package. She signs a contract stipulating 25.50 for the first 6 months and 35.50 thereafter. The installation occurred in May 2012 - the installer doesn't connect the TV to the phone line, telling my mother to do this herself. He doesn't check the broadband works, leaving her with the box and telling her to plug it in herself. In fact it was a further 8 months before we had a working broadband connection.... and despite failing to test or connect this service, my mum was charged for it and told that it would be £75 if she wanted one that actually work
  20. Hi Everyone I have been a BT customer for many years but recently got so fed up with them that I decided to change providers. I was under no contract. One of the reason I was unhappy with them was I suspected I was being overcharged. Once I cancelled the service I checked online to work out how much I had paid them over a set time. I have bills going back to 11/09/12. At this time, the amount I owed them was '0' as I had just paid my bill. From this date up until 12/12/13 they issued me a bill total of £622.22. I checked on my bank statements and during the same period I had paid the
  21. Has anyone experienced blatant overcharging or been subjected to a [problem] at a UK petrol station? I used the Shell garage at Westerhailes in Edinburgh as the needle on my fuel indicator was touching zero. On fuelling, there was no noise coming from the pump and there was no sensation of fuel running through the hose and into my car as there usually is. I stopped refuelling the car, concerned that the cost was increasing but I was receiving no fuel. This was also evidenced by the fact that the indicator needle had not moved at all when I turned the ignition on. The staff advised I still had
  22. Hi, My original contract started in 2011 as an 18 month long contract for £10, at the time orange was offering it as a discount from £15 for a monthly contract. I was not able to take on the contract at this point as I was not 18 so my mum was the holder of the contract and had the direct debit coming from her account. This deal came to an end last year and went up to £15, the problems started when I wanted to renew my contract to get the £10 deal again for another year. As by this point I was over 18 we signed up to the new contract transferring the account into my name and com
  23. Hello all I bought a contract with T-Mobile in January for £26 per month. For the past seven months they have been overcharging me by £11 pounds per month. Yesterday I complained in store and they said that they had fixed it and now it was back to its original price. However, the online system still does not show this change. Furthermore, the customer services told me to fax my demand for a refund to a non-existent fax number. What can I/should I do?
  24. OK In October 2007 I signed up for a dial up conection to aol. The next year April 2008 I upgraded this conection to AOLTalkTalk/ Broadband. I can vagualy remember they cancelled the dial up when they changed me over to Broadband, but can not prove it. The problem is since October 2007 they have been charging me £31.99 for the dialup although I have not used it AT ALL since I upgraded to AOL talktalk Broadband, They take this paymeny from my Debit Card. Also charging me between £28 to £30 for Broadband which is not a problem as I am using this one, This comes out as a Direct De
  25. I signed up to AOL all the way back in the 1990s and initially connected to their service using a modem. Several email addresses were established with them and I continue to use these email addresses currently. A long time ago we signed up to a broadband account with NTL who went on to become Virgin Media. I accessed AOL through their proprietary software but using the NTL/Virgin Media account for the actual internet access. The narrowband modem dial-up connection to AOL was not used at all after we had signed up to NTL/Virgin Media. I have long since even used their software
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