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  1. Hello all and thank you for taking the time to read this. I am going to try break this down so that I do not end up writing too much... I currently work as part of a team within a charity which has been "acquired" in February, about 3 months ago now by another similar charity. Our team is on a contract that the original charity won and now we have TUPE'd over to the new charity on acquisition. Now this is where things start to get a little weird. We knew that the charity taking over also had a team in their area with the same or similar contract, with the same job titles and targets as us but are on different terms of contract from us. The two main ones being they have a better pay scale (by roughly £1,500 more) and have 28 days holiday excluding bank holidays whereas we only get 20 days holiday excluding bank holidays. I understand that under TUPE our contracts are protected, but of course, for us, this means we are on worse contracts than our counterparts in the new acquisition. We were told during our TUPE meetings that in the first 3 months, they would be looking to harmonise both charities, but so far there has been no word about this just over 3 months along. Recently one of our colleagues has handed in his notice and since left the charity. They have just put out an advert to fill the position and seen that although they will be given the same pay (on the lower end), they will be giving them the extra holiday entitlement, 28 days excluding bank holidays. To me this seems morally wrong and extremely worrying, I enjoy my job greatly and I hope I do not come across as a greedy employee, but I am feeling very demotivated, can anyone give advice or tell me if there is anything that can be done in this situation or do I just need to sit back and watch new staff come in on better terms and just deal with it? Many thanks in advance.
  2. Hello, Summary: Recently found out I have a CCJ against me, which was made on the 07 April 2010 after signing up for a popular credit report/expert website and have done some research before deciding what action to take. What I know: The CCJ on 07/04/2010 will be removed from all registries after 6 years, which is only a few months away at this point The amount is for £194 If I pay the CCJ it will be classed as "Satisfied" If I do not pay the CCJ, it may come back to bite me in the proverbial ass in the future What I need to know: If I pay the CCJ, will it still be removed in a few months, or will it start a new countdown of 6 years since the date the CCJ became "Satisfied" What do I need to do (helpful if listed in steps) to resolve this matter without it blowing up in my face? Thank you very much in advance for any assistance provided!
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