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  1. My family at times have used Provident and son had a letter to say he was behind with payments. He's paid monthly so paid 4 weeks at a time. She used to take books away when updating loans and conveniently forgot to bring back. As never used them before andhow things ran thought it was just an oversight. Agent was suspended and then left. She'd become a friend. The week she was suspended for 2 weeks she phoned me to come round and chat cos she did. During the visit she asked me to take out a loan for her as she had no money and she had checked to see if was able to and it would be £37 a week. I rang the office to do it, but when she had gone cancelled the visit. Luck had it was that I had someone staying and witnessed it all Is what she did against the law with Data Protection? If its a breach can I report them BTW have put a complaint in to Provident and they are not taking it seriously so now have gone to paper. This was Beginning of August.
  2. For some knowing that if they have a problem Provident is there. Have you lived on a tight budget where something happens, your credit limit is shot and you need £100 as yesterday but you can afford £10 a week over so many weeks. Its a lifeline to some
  3. As of today Provident Loans will be harder to get. The agent now has to come to the house, unless applied for online, and then do a 20 minute application on smartphone to assess the affordabilty. They have to see proof of income too. It is then sent off for yes or no or with reduced amount. There is also a credit check to Experian. People with crap credit will get a no, even if they have been a Provident customer with no payment problems for years. The Agent I know is quite distressed to say the least.
  4. Précis of letter received They applied a £50 fee to account when transferring to J&j collections and they shouldn't have. They are refunding fee and paying interest and compensation. Hadn't heard anything about this. Any thoughts?
  5. Thank you ................... its well out of date Will they be trying every year to get money out of me?
  6. This morning have received a Notice of Sum in Arrears "this notice is given in compliance with the CCA1974 because you are behind with the following account. Blah blah account info etc This notice is for your information only. It does no affect any payment arrangement we have agreed with you and you do not need to respond. Then a Financial Conduct Authority sheet. Barbeque fodder.
  7. Thanks coughdrop He owns the car .......... its his only way of getting to work Its at the end stage and wil be sorting it But Equita said that the enforcement officer has visited our house ................... as I stated the family was home ALL day Shouldn't the eO leave some paperwork here when he visits?, because nothing has been received. That is the question I would like answering
  8. My son had a parking fine and like the majority put head in sand and its gone expensive. Had a letter from Equita saying that an Enforcement Officer has attended. Gave us a date !. We were home all day 2. No paperwork left to say he had been. I've emailed to get proof but how should i proceed.
  9. Have a family member who has just finished Brighthouse agreement. There are many late charges and can someone point me to the details about Insurance too so I can do a reclaim
  10. I know this will be in the wrong place but I've had a little disaster and wonder if this is the easiest way to get out of it. I have paper statements and they have been made almost unreadable by water and some look like papier mache, good for making effigy dolls. Do I ask the bank for copies as I don't know whether they will charge me or send an SAR? Comments will be gratefully received.
  11. Thanks to everyone who advised me ................. Superstar status should be awarded to everyone. x
  12. Good Morning, and isn't it a lovely day. Received this morning from Restons. Dear Madam Re Marlin Europe v NM2010 Lloyds TSB Please find enclosed by way of service upon you Notice of Discontinuance. We are now closing our file and thank you for your cooperation Yours faithfully Trainee Solicitor.
  13. That sounds odd, but my meter was faulty from the start.. It should say that on the letter, or somewhere in the paperwork. Scan the letter on here so we can have a check.
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