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  1. Did you get anywhere claiming this? I found statements from Little woods and Choice starting in 96 and 97 both with account cover on...sent war off today but was wondering if anyone else had success thx
  2. Well after long discussions with hubby last night I sent of the acceptance letter today. I do feel disappointed though and I don't, mean to sound ungrateful but was expecting so much more and know their figures are wrong but without the statements I feel I have no other choice. At least I can pay off the two HSBC cards, which are the only ones we didn't, default as our whole life is tied into the bank mortgages,life cover,business etc. It will help my outgoing too on a monthly basis. Just have to figure a way of sorting out the other cards now that I,m
  3. so is it worth sending the letter or should i just accept thier offer
  4. yes but even if when they reconstruct the account and it may show a credit balance in hindsight in reality it was never in credit and so the interest was charged....surely they should pay that back?
  5. I can see what your saying but once again it is so wrong of HSBC! The account has never been in credit as we always left a small balance even when we paid most of it off as we thought that we would be building a good credit rating by leaving something on it. I was really hoping that this one would give me enough to pay of the two cards with hsbc and then offer full and finals to other creditors but this amount will only just about pay off the two hsbc ones. This is a letter I have drafted..what do you think Dear Ms Stante I am writing once again in a fina
  6. I know I don't have any more statements, the ones I found had been put in the attic and so were not shreaded when I had a clear out a few years ago. At the end of the day the compound interest is still wrong even when I put their figures in.
  7. What about the compound interest that has been calculated incorrectly?
  8. Here is my spreadsheet where I have entered the formula at the top that match's the interest rates charged from statements and SAR. I have estimated the interest rate in the missing periods at the lower rate from initial months. The part in yellow is all the estimates and I have entered HSBC's figures and still have a higher figure. With the spreadsheets on here you have to guess an average and so I made my own where I can enter the exact rates etc. I know that in Jun 2003 we remortgaged our house as I was pregnant with our son and we wanted to consolidate
  9. HI OR yes they have paper statement that cover from Dec 1998 to Nov 01 and then SAR info from Feb 2005. So in total they have a total of 154 months of ACTUAL data and need to estimate 38 months. Even when I enter the ridiculous payments that have estimated into my spreadsheet the compound interest is way too low. I will post it up in a min.............
  10. Well after waiting I rang HSBC last Thursday and emailed asking where the response to my last letter was and then sat morning got the attached response which to be honest has me frustrated and confused! Please can the experts take a look at this and help? They say they are using other peoples accounts to reconstruct mine which is the first time I have heard of this and also they miss months during the period that we don't have data for and I know for a fact that the card has NEVER been zero balance. Even when I enter these fictional incorrect fi
  11. Not sure what you mean DX.. this spreadsheet just calculates the ppi payments made and then the compounded interest charged every month to date. For example the very first payment made in Dec 98 of 72p would of been charged interest the following month and so would then of been 73p (interest of 1p plus the original payment).. this then carries on for every following month to date (every month the bal brought forward plus interest charged on that b/f bal) so the end figure of £9.88 is the total ppi payment plus the compound interest that has been charged and so by
  12. This is the spreadsheet where I have calculated the total ppi payments and compound interest. I have used the interest rates charged from the SAR info and actual statements and changed them every month. For the missing period I ahve used an average (the lower one ).
  13. wow our mate saying they have records back to 1997..like you say what a suprise. I really need to get hold of those records and then I can at least calculate an accurate ss. I will wait to see what she says in response to my last letter.
  14. Yes I understand that but say for example it was in credit for two months back in jan and Feb 2000...would I get 8% intrest to date on the amount for Jan ie £39.95 x 8% until 2014 and £45.00 x 8% until 2014. That is confusing me
  15. I had same problem..my associates loan was from 1995..cities just gave me the run around and FOS said can,t help. Wrote to chief exec of Cities but no response. Been busy but going to write again to chief exec I think.
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