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  1. I have been suspended from work and have a disciplinary meeting for Gross Misconduct on Monday to discuss it. The charges are trumped up, some are absolute lies. I can prove some are true but not others. Either way I'm fairly sure they want me out and they have enough evidence to do it. I don't care about losing the job but I really don't want a sacking on my record. I have adequate savings so I'm not worried about not getting job seekers. I know I'm innocent of it all and so do the people that matter so I'm not worried about proving anything really. Is it better to resign? I've been tol
  2. Hi I received a PCN from a Free! carpark some time ago.. 4 hours free then pay. I received no letters from UKCPM about a fine nor do i know what it was for . . I then get a letter from Gladstones saying Pay £160 else court action. I 'forgot about it'. Next i get a court letter which turned up at my address late , saying £273 to pay with response within 14 days else action will be taken. Ok this one i genuinely did forget about, i emailed them stating the letter was late and i forgot to take action due to work commitments and stress. Next thing i know i have a CCJ on my
  3. I am writing this on behalf of someone else. Where i use the words me i or us means the person involved. Not me. I was employed as a mobile with a well known security company. My main job was to respond to alarms and deal with them. When i started my job off i was told that i was on a gauranteed 24 hour contract (weekly). I was not given any paperwork apart from some paperwork to show how and what i should be doing. I was told be my manager that i would recieve my contract in the post during the next 4-6 weeks. I also emailed my manager and he confirmed that i h
  4. This post is long over due I need some help and advise as I just don't know if I can take this stress on my shoulders any more despite having a loving caring family and the shame that this will bring on our family. April last year I received a letter from HMRC compliance asking me to contact them re Self assessment return for 14-15 as they wanted confirmation expenses claimed, at the time I had been employed as a sales manager and had to take clients out a lot and they often refused to sign off expenses so I just put them through on my tax return as I thought that I coul
  5. Hello, could someone please offer some advice. I received a ccj claim from the ncbc for a claim from Restons solicitors on behalf of their client capquest. I do not recall the debt what so ever. allegedly a catalogue. so i acknowledged the claim in order to give me time to file a defense. I sent restons a request for documents that they mentioned in the particualrs of the claim under cpr 31.14. first one got lost so sent another, they received this on 18/07/17 I asked that the request was carried out within 7 days. this has now passed also sent a cca request to capquest,
  6. Hi there, I have just received a letter from Howard Cowen being requested by Robinson Way LTD. The letter is Notice of pending legal action. The debt i owe is £11,834a nd they are saying they want me to make a full payment within 14 days or if unable please contact our client's agent Robinson way to discuss an affordable payment plan. If i am unable to pay this account you must still contact our clients agent RW to discuss your options which may prevent legal action being taken. Failure to respond to this letter will result in legal proceedings being issued withou
  7. Hi and thank you for reading this Following a relationship breakdown last year I had the indignity of having my car repossesed by Moneybarn. My boss tried to intervene and talk to them saying that if they did not go ahead with the repo she would ensure that money was deducted at source and sent straight to them. They were quite rude and aggressive (the reason why I gave up trying to talk to them) and rejected this and I allowed them to collect the car from an agreed location. As I had not paid one third of the finance off I acknowledged I couldnt fight them. The ca
  8. Hi everyone, Thank you for taking the time to view my post. I really hope someone can offer advice.. I'm going to be blunt, and please forgive me, but I've never spoken about this to anyone before. nearly 5 years ago my marriage broke down, I had to leave my family home, and close down my business. I moved away from the county I lived in as I didn't have any work any more, and my sister let me live in a flat above a pub she owned. I slipped into a deep depression that was lifted when I started to see a new lady. She left me, My sister helped me until she
  9. Hi there Just needed some advice re: the above. This was originally an unauthorised overdraft from Abbey that I was paying off bit by bit Abbey forwarded it to 1st Credit. I sent the CCA letter to 1st credit and in response they sent me a statement but not a signed agreement. Sent them the account in dispute letter and was sent the attached response. Just want to know what do I do with this? What does it mean? Let me know ladylovessalsa! 1st Credit response.pdf 1st credit letter 1.pdf
  10. Hi I'm self employed, I have filed my return on line and after checking they had received it on my account it is saying pending bank repayment of................................. does this mean they will pay my refund directly into my bank account, its been like this since last Friday. I didn't request a repayment it has automatically done this Thank you sunnydee x
  11. Hello all, Hopefully there's someone out there that can help me make sense of my situation. I suffer from severe anxiety and depression which prevents me, almost completely, from going out or having any social interaction (the last time I left the house was 3 months ago to attend my WCA). I had to move back in with my parents last August because I couldn't manage on my own. I applied for ESA in August 2015 and subsequently scored 6 points at the WCA in October. I applied for mandatory reconsideration which resulted in an additional 6 points (total 12) being awarded. I applied for appeal i
  12. Hello, I may need some guidance please. Last Wednesday I was travelling home from work, came off an A road onto a slip road which leads to a roundabout. There was a queue of traffic waiting to enter the roundabout. I joined the queue and was stationary when a vehicle behind me failed to stop and ran into the back of my car with quite some speed. I was propelled forward and almost hit the car in front of me., luckily there was no impact as my car came to a stop before hitting them. The guy who hit me got out of his car and stated he was sorry and accepts full responsibility
  13. help! i made a payment to Haven holidays which was my last payment to them of £389, today I logged in to check the account and noticed that they payment is no longer pending!! but been put back in the account. I'm Wondering whats going on?? this was to pay the holiday off, I'm now scared that because this has't left my bank that they will cancel my holiday. Ive logged into Haven and my account says that it is all paid.
  14. Hello Looking for some help and advice after being suspended from work on Thursday. I work for a rail operator who I best not name just in case but this is the situation, We have had regular checks and audits done at a number of stations that I work at (I'm relief staff and cover an area working in ticket offices) and they have found that some of my non issues (cancelled ticket) are not where they should be from a 2-3 months ago along with some issues involving reprinted season tickets. Work are basically saying due to the potential high value loss of a season ticket and that th
  15. Does anyone know from a legal or banking perspective the date I have made payment if I use a debit card over the phone? Is it the date I give the card details or Is it the date the payment shows on my statement? The organisation I am dealing with is not authorised to go in my credit file due to the terms of the loan agreement unless I go into arrears. They are doing their best to make that happen. Am I in arrears if the payment is still 'pending' on the day it is due even if I phoned the day before? Thanks
  16. Hello im aftyer some help and advise I have recently been in court in regards to Halifax taking possession of my property (court date was 24th April) the suspended the repossession on the grounds that payment of my monthly mortgage £412.90 plus an additional £60 towards the arrears which is due to be paid on 28th of everymonth, this is perfectly affordable with us and we have no problems making these payments. For some unknown reason our payment did not clear from our bank account on 28th April even though funds were available, we received no correspondence from our bank advising the
  17. Hi I have a CCJ registered against my ltd company, and I want to appeal the 'set aside' decision which went against us, and still can if I act quickly. If I did pay the the amount disputed would the CCJ be removed as it still open to appeal or would the CCJ remain. I hope that it makes sense and I am grateful for all info and advice. JP
  18. Hi, On Saturday night we had an armed robbery at the store I work at. After the robbers had left I called the police. I went back into the office and there was change all over the floor, the loss prevention officer at my company has seen me picking up £3-4 in change and putting it in my pocket. I admitted to this. I have been suspended with full pay until my disciplinary hearing. He said he had called the police and arranged for a meeting on Thursday with them. What is likely to happen now? Should I resign? Am I going to get a criminal record? I've never done anything like thi
  19. Hi All My story, One and a half years ago I was interviewed under caution for benefit fraud. Failing to disclosure a change of circumstance that resulted in me obtaining an over payment of benefit. The charge is under the Fraud Act: not disclosing information in order to dishonestly gain. ( solicitor says its hard to prove dishonesty) claim was honest from the outset, under 3 years, I have a son whom I am the sole carer, I am a teacher, I haven't paid anything back) I was between 3 addresses when this happen. Housing officers and social workers filled forms and application
  20. Hi All I was hoping for some advice. Having purchased a new phone for £599 last September, as well as a new 24 month contract, I noticed that after 11 months a problem with the phone's battery had emerged, whereby the phone would lose all power at around the '10 percent remaining' battery mark. I contacted my mobile phone provider who I also have phone insurance with and the customer services representative performed a diagnostic test on my phone and advised that it was indeed faulty and said she would arrange for a replacement phone to be sent. I was then trans
  21. Hello All, I am a Toastmaster, and tomorrow I am going to give a speech about these bogus parking charges etc. Is there anybody out there that can provide me with a copy of one of those lovely bright red letters "Pending Court Action" that they usually send 3 of before giving up. redacted of course. I really need a copy of a letter to help my presentation. Many thanks.
  22. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated........ a week before Christmas I was suspended pending a disciplinary hearing. I work for a financial brokerage business, and one day I was on my own at work as my colleague was off. I had to take care of some business, and up to did my job to the best of my ability however on a couple of specific parts of the business did not follow a procedure set out. It was not uncommon for this to occur as it can be rectified. The problem started when I suffered a serious computer system problem, this occurred at the point at which I was looking to rec
  23. Hello, I'll keep this as brief as possible... I am currently on 2 weeks suspension from work following an incident that happened on the 19th. I walked out on after a customer was being verbally abusive and falsely accused me of "giving the finger" to her sister. The reason I walked out is that my duty manager seemed to find the incident funny and did not back me up, telling me to grow up. The letter I have received from works says I am suspended for: Allegations of abusive and objectionable behaviour towards customers Leaving the workplace during the duty period without permis
  24. Hi everyone, Looking for a bit of advice of opinion about what I am going to put to you. Preferably if there is a fraud investigation or tribunal panel worker as this is more in their league. Obviously a limited amount of speculation can occur but any insight would be most appreciated. I will try and keep it as short as possible. May 7th 2010 I was taken ill into hosp, my hubby had lost his phone whilst working in Amsterdam. He borrowed a phone from a 'steward' on his rig, subsequently I found out he was having an affair. On my birthday 17th May 2010, he left me, saying he
  25. I was recently visited by a bailiff for outstanding Council Tax, I checked the register and the bailiff wasn't on it so I requested the info from Jacobs and also the courts. Jacobs replied stating the bailiff was granted a certificate on 30th May 2013 but had a reply from the courts today and they said the bailiffs application is pending. Please can anyone tell me if the bailiff is allowed to visit whilst the application is still pending.
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