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Found 25 results

  1. Morning, sorry if this isn't in the right section, just need some advice. I am applying for my first ever passport tomorrow as I have booked an holiday for January, 6, 2019 as I am going to send of my form tomorrow at the Post Office with check and send and my foam contains pictures for my passport and other supporting documents. Does anyone know how long it takes? will I get it before January? Also, is it 100% that I will get a passport? or could I be refused one? as I never had a passport and I am also a British citizen as I was born in the UK. I am just w
  2. Does anybody know if a new passport has to be declared for new addresses every time they move and is another fee still payable if move more than the occasion intending or would it just be the single fee for a new passport renewal.
  3. Hello, How far in advance can you renew your UK passport? If lost or stolen i guess it would be from the date of it reported lost or stolen? Thanks.
  4. Hi Asking for a friend Can someone please confirm that a straightforward passport renewal doesn't need a counter signature. There's no change of name or much change to appearance so from what I can see just need to fill forms out and supply new pictures? They've got an appointment at the passport office on Wednesday so just want to make sure everything is correct before travelling up there. Thanks
  5. Hi there. I'm having some issues trying to find the information I need. Here's my situation: I'm finally in a position where I would like to learn how to drive. Unfortunately, my provisional driver's licence is no longer valid since June of 2017. I'm applying for a new licence on the DVLA website but I am running into trouble. I am being asked to provide a passport (which I don't have and have never had). I need to provide 3 years of address history, but until about a year ago, I was homeless, and there's no option for this on the sign up page I was sofa sur
  6. Does a UK passport holder need at least six months left on there passport in order to travel ?.
  7. Hello Ive been through many posts already all of them said to ignore the RLP letters I dont have to say the obvious that I am very ashamed of what Ive done so Ill just come quick to the centre of the matter Got caught at Primark this November, with a value of stuff around probably £25 which of course they took away from me... They scanned my passport which is not English and they told me to log on on my student ( I am studdying in London) website from which the woman took my current polish address.. I was instructed to call RLP in a week time to say t
  8. Britons travelling to the United States have been warned to check they have an e-passport, or risk being turned away. New rules requiring US visitors to have passports with a biometric trip came into force on 1 April. Tour operators have urged customers to check their passports. Biometric passports are identifiable on British passports by the camera logo at the bottom of the front cover, and have an embedded electronic chip holding the carrier's facial details, in a bid to combat fraud and forgery. Passports issued in the UK after October 2006 should have one of these l
  9. Hi all, We have someone living with us who is estranged from his parents and is 17 years old. He was born in South Africa but his dad is a UK citizen and mum South African. He has dual nationality and HAD a UK Child passport. He now needs to apply for an Adult passport and has no current ID. How do we proceed from here? The birth certificate will be in South Africa, His parents wont speak to him although they both live here and he can't get in his house to get his child passport or the South African passport This cannot be the only time that this has hap
  10. Hello Caggers, wonder if you can help me out with a dilemma I am having with DX Services. On 26th November this year, I received a message from DX saying that they had attempted to deliver my passport to my home address. I was given the opportunity to arrange a redelivery. I chose to have my passport redelivered to work. I also completed the special delivery instructions to deliver to the main reception, where I would be in a position to sign for it. I gave the building names as 1-9* and this was on the confirmation email I received. Fast forward to 1st December, the agreed deli
  11. Apologies if I have posted under wrong section but could not find any relevant threads. My OH and my 15 year old daughter were travelling back from Italy yesterday and on arrival at Gatwick were directed to the e-passport gates as the queue was shorter but then my daughter was stopped because she was under 18. They both have valid UK E-Passports. Can someone kindly explain why this is and why was she issued with a E-Passport if she cannot use it at the moment ? Thank-you for your time and would appreciate an explanation.
  12. Hello everyone I would like to know if my boyfriend who is spanish can apply for the british passport. Last month he got a warning from the police because of domestic violence ( he fought with his neighbours...). All I want to know if that is gonna be a problem if he wants to apply for the british passport. Thank you so much.
  13. Thousands of people face having their summer holidays ruined because a growing backlog at the Passport Office means they may not receive their documents in time. Some new applications are now taking as much as two months to process and there are warnings things could get even worse as the holiday season gets into full swing. The backlog has already reached half a million according to some estimates and staff from other departments have now been drafted in to help deal with the growing crisis. www.telegraph.co.uk/news/politics/10885195/Passport-backlog
  14. My sister travels to Barcelona next weekend for her hen do and this evening her three year old daughter has used her mum's eyeliner to scribble on her passport. She has done it on the page to the left of her page with her photo and details on, NOT the biodata page as gov.uk advertises but rather if you were to flip the passport as they will at customs control the one directly above it. Obviously she's very worried and gov.uk's categorization of a damaged passport is not very clear. It says that one of the definitions of a damaged passport is "any chemical or ink spil
  15. Hello, I have a question relating to sending a copy of a passport via email to a recruitment agency. It's for a friend, who is insistent they are not going to send a copy, to the agent, but I just wanted to ask here as I know there are some excellent and knowledgable people on here who will know more of the legalities. My friend saw a job advertised, contacted the agent advertising the job etc and went for several interviews with the company. The agent has been the go-between, and my friend will not be working at any time for the agent, it is merely a job finding service (for
  16. My son had to apply for his first adult passport and decided to do it online. After using the Google search engine he logged onto what he thought was the official passport website. He filled it it in and paid the fee of £62.50. 3 weeks later he got the form back there were issues with the form and they wanted the fee. After contacting the passport office we were told that it does happen all the time and these websites are not official. So now my son has now to finish the form return it and now pay a further fee of £72.50. It was his mistake and unfortunately
  17. Hey all, Not sure if this is the right section, had a look though and there doesnt seem anywhere else to post it. Just trying to get my first adult passport. Decided a few months back I was going to have a few holidays overseas, so of course I would need to get a passport. Complete horrified at the requirements as it seems like this government are forcing us to stay in this country. Problem 1: I have to send my mothers birth certificate and mine to them. As quoted from the government website "You must send originals - photocopies or certified copies won’t be accepted". P
  18. Hi, I requested a CCA from welcome and sent a £1 postal order, they have sent the postal order back to me with a letter saying they need to see a copy of my passport before they can send me a cca. I am reluctant to do this as not only do I not want them having any more information on me than they already do, but they continue to write to me with spelling mistakes in my name. (they add an extra letter onto the end of my first name) I'm a bit stuck as to what to do now..... Thanks
  19. Hi I'm just wondering how long it takes for a passport fee to leave a bank account? I sent the passport application form on Friday second class recorded delivery with the mandate form for taking it from my debit card and wonder if it will leave my account today when it should be received? Looking for peace of mind that the application is being processed. Thanks in advance.
  20. Hello all, I am a 21 year old female who has never left the UK or held a UK passport. Last year in October I sent off my application, paid for it etc. and was excited at the prospect of finally leaving the country for the first time. I included both my mother's and my own original birth certificates for proof of identity. Here's where it gets a bit confusing, so I'll try and explain as best as I can.* *I've changed the names for privacy reasons. They declined my application because on my birth certificate, it says Nicola Adams, but her real name is Nicola Smith, so it says Nic
  21. My son carries dual US/UK citizenship however he is not allowed to enter theUS on his UK passport. My son's US passport has expired; he has spentevery summer of his life since birth in the US. He is now 10. His father &I are divorced but the custody issue was not dealt with in the divorce. In order to get my son's US passport renewed both parents have to attend theUS embassy in person with the child. I asked my son's father back in January 2013,to go with my son & I to apply for the passport, he did not & has not responded. US rules state as follows; Important No
  22. I went to a group interview with a Merlin Entertainments establishment in December, and was asked to provide my passport for verification of my right to work in the UK. I did so willingly and they collected everyones in and took them away to copy. Later, in the middle of our session, they went round handing them back to the 'correct' people and it wasn't until I got home that I realised I had been given the wrong one. I tried contacting them by every way possible asking if they could just contact everybody else who was at the interview and ask them to check whether they had mine, but they were
  23. Hello! I sent capitol one an SAR request, I put a cross through my signature - was that the right thing to do? They have replied saying that cannot process the request unless i send them a copy of a current driving lic or passport showing my signature- thought i better check before I went ahead and did this! Thank you
  24. Hi, hope this is right place! If I applied for my first adult passport would that flag me up with my esa and compromise my claim? As they will see me applying for that may not look good? Not sure how it works Thanks
  25. my son applied on line and selected the option to send his own photo as his passport exp in may and s from when he was 12/13 everything went through using the passport number online, even 'knew who he was' but now the form is here its still going on about wanting a valid passport and/or an unlaminated Birth cert sent back with it is there anyway around this? can we show docs locally to someone. not a driver so never jumped through these hoops dx
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