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  1. We contacted the passport office first thing this morning and they have pretty much told us that it is unlikely it will be a problem, but have remained non-committal to a degree because obviously they can't speak for customs control either in the UK or Spain definitely. We did offer to email the photo but they said they couldn't offer us an answer based on that, clearly they want to retain impartiality which is understandable because if she was to be turned away they don't want to then be accused of providing misinformation and possibly being liable for the insurance. It would seem to me
  2. My sister travels to Barcelona next weekend for her hen do and this evening her three year old daughter has used her mum's eyeliner to scribble on her passport. She has done it on the page to the left of her page with her photo and details on, NOT the biodata page as gov.uk advertises but rather if you were to flip the passport as they will at customs control the one directly above it. Obviously she's very worried and gov.uk's categorization of a damaged passport is not very clear. It says that one of the definitions of a damaged passport is "any chemical or ink spil
  3. These are precisely the reasons I am doing it. I know there is a good to excellent chance that I will receive nothing back from them in writing, which plays perfectly into my hands.
  4. Well thanks for that information, it opens my eyes to a whole new world of deceitfulness on top of the one I already knew exist. This is why I keep telling them I will only discuss matters with them in writing so that I have a record of everything sent. I won't deviate from this path, no matter how hard they try.
  5. Was over the phone unsurprisingly. Contact by any of these companies via letter is, shall we say, limited.
  6. Well that's interesting then because Hellix told me today that MMF are, and I quote, their "sister company." Also confirmed OPOS as their "umbrella company and MMF's." I'm quite happy for this to be a lie also. Nothing would remotely surprise me.
  7. Why is it? Most PDL companies are owned by the same umbrella companies. You think DCAs who operate on their behalf wouldn't be the same? You'll note these pond-life DCAs rarely operate on behalf of national banks or reputable loan companies...
  8. What's the betting Mucky Hall, MMF, Hellix, Capquest and OPOS are all one of the same company? And the actual name of the company isn't any one of those five?
  9. Hellix contacted me by telephone again today, unlike with MMF and the previous companies I have been dealing with, upon hanging up they simply call again and leave a message. This message was utterly scandalous, it told me I had been booked in for a home visit and it even quoted the names of the other people who live in my house and for me to inform them. I wasn't having this and despite there already being a letter winging it's way to Hellix today I called them back and told them my situation and that I was explicitly unhappy with these threats, briefly explained my situation and told them I'
  10. I eventually received a reply from MMF saying they were putting my account on hold barring an 'investigation'. Unsurprisingly I heard no more but now I'm being contacted by furthermore jokers Hellix who desperately try to sound more official and fearsome in their threats by quoting my address at the end of their messages as if to say, "hey, buddy, guess what!? We've got your address." Yes, I know, because you got it off the back of MMF who got it off the back of the signed-for letter I sent, prior to which you had diddly-squat which should tell you something... If I don't phone by midday
  11. That's actually quite a good idea! I have some old monopoly money from a version of the board game which is missing most of it's pieces, perhaps I'll send them that!
  12. So, guess what I just received in the post? A letter from MMF. A generated letter claiming I have not replied to their earlier letters and they would be instructing a doorstep agent to come visit me if I don't contact them, they very kindly sent a standing order form and pre-paid envelope with it (that's in the bin!). This company are excellent. I've never been written to by them before, then I send a letter this week by recorded delivery and they've clearly lifted my address off the back of it because they didn't even set the address out correctly in the letter. I've been bugged by phone
  13. I'd also add from my friend, this attachment of earnings order they claim courts can serve is a pile of old dog's droppings. The only time courts ever enforce this is in relation to failure to pay child support or tax-related issues, they don't do it for private debts. I mean can you imagine if they actually tried that, given the state of the economy and people's living standards in the UK currently and the very negative attention on payday loan companies and short-term credit loans of late, it would make the national news if they ever did such a thing, or sent anyone to prison for failing to
  14. Well, well, well......... I especially like the bit about the company being 'ethical' in their recovery procedures, that's f-ing hilarious. In my case alone they've broken three laws already! So at least I know now, that if I go down the same road as I did with MH chances are it's going to go the same way as it did with them. After my persistent responses I stopped hearing from them. Last point of contact was over two years ago.....
  15. Yeah it's pretty typical behaviour of these companies too. One of the previous two I dealt with were Mackenzie Hall and they were signing letters with 'John Smith'. They also sent me a letter which came across as an official solicitor's notice of intent, it even had a mock county court logo in the top right corner. Fortunately I have a family friend who's wife is a solicitor and she looked it over for me and wrote it off in about ten minutes, she also said it was one of the most fraudulent documents she'd ever seen in her career.
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