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  1. I bought a whole new kitchen with the built in dishwasher as aprt of the package
  2. I bought a brand new kitchen unit which included a dishwasher in May 2020. The dish washer has only been used three times since installation in June 2020. AEG (the manufacturer) have sent two repair engineers x2 times in two months October & yesterday 16/12/20 because on each occasion the washing machine has not washed the plates but has instead flooded my kitchen & thereby damaging my adjoining new kitchen cabinets. Yesterday's engineer actually pointed out to me that the previous engineer had not properly secured a pipe, which was causing a slow leak into my new kit
  3. Thank you both for your comments. For now my neighbour now appears to have agreed to having an agreed surveyor of my choosing
  4. I have received planning permission to do a loft & kitchen extension. I have a terraced house. Re the party wall agreed surveyor, my neighbour to the right is ok to a ‘agreed surveyor’ being appointed by me. However after I received planning permission late in 2018, my neighbour to the left instructed a surveyor. I spoke to this neighbour last weekend explaining that i am now in a position to hopefully commence the work but that a party wall award needs to be secured. I inquired from them if we can agree an impartial surveyor preferably of my choosing, since i wil
  5. No they do not have my card details. I paid by American Express There are no pre hire photos
  6. Thank you fir all the helpful comments. below is Europcar’s response to my challenge re both the sustained danage & excessive fee. The response makes no comment re the excessive fee ’Dear Sir Thank you for your email regarding the damage to your rental vehicle. Please accept my apology for the delay in our response. I have looked into your claims and now write with our conclusion. I have checked the full vehicle history prior to your hire and our records show this was not existing damage.
  7. Thanks everyone, very helpful comments. I have sent an email to Europcar. I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks again
  8. I hired a car from Europcar a few weeks ago for the first time. At the time of hiring the car no one from Europcar checked the car for any prior damage. Upon returning the car, I was told that there was a slight rip in one of the tyres. I have since been sent a bill of £165 for the tyre damage, £125 for the tyre & £40 for damage administration. My queries are 1. Can I contest the damage itself, as its size was such that I would not have seen the rip even if I'd checked over the car at the start of the rental 2. Did Europcar not have a
  9. So I sent an email to my employer yesterday stating that 1hr access is simply not reasonable to review alleged mismanagement of cases dating back to October 2017 but that I would attend the 1 hr meeting which they also instructed me to attend. Although today(Thursday) is not one of my contracted working days , I went to the office where I was instructed to attend. The investigation officer accompanied me to a room containing a laptop. I inquired from the officer, if they had received my email yesterday in which I had identified my concerns about the 1 hr access. They replied yes
  10. It’s not just emails I carry 40 cases and my employer is saying that I have mismanaged those cases. They have looked at each case hence should I not have an opportunity to look at the cases. I’m being accused of GROSS misconduct i.e. my employer should have their evidence and if it’s so gross, why are they allowing me anywhere near their offices. I do not work on Thursdays yet I'm being instructed to attend a meeting today a Thursday
  11. I attended the investigatory meeting on 4 June, was told I would get the notes from that meeting within a week. I received the notes for my amendment on 4 July, to be returned as agreed with or not by 11 July. On 6 July I received another letter from my employer now saying that (because I stated in the investigatory meeting that I required access to the system I use at work to be able to refresh my memory and answer questions they were asking about alleged issues regarding my working dating as far back as October 2017) they would allow me 1 hr supervised access to the system on 12 J
  12. Thanks, the flight was cancelled after a 4 hr delay . The airline rebooked me on a new flight some 48 hrs later. I will submit a claim to the airline for the cancellation & i’ll Check my travel insurance docs to confirm if that covers flight cancellations. Thanks again
  13. What i really want to know is if i can claim from the airline and my travel insurance simultaneously?
  14. Old Cogger This link does not work https://www.citizensadvice.org.uk/.....ed-or-cancelle...
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