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Found 21 results

  1. I applied to a job Ad from a Recruitment Agency (XYZ) to work for a big IT Consultancy firm (ABC). I got interviewed by ABC and got selected. The job contract was signed between Myself and the XYZ. I started the new contract with ABC on 12th September and they asked me to work for a Government client. After 3 weeks of working, one day (3rd Oct) when I was at Gov client office, I overstayed and worked till 8.30pm and I was alone in the office after everybody left. On 4th Oct, when I went to office as usual, Gov client asked me to leave their office immediately as I had breached their security. I was on visitors badge and as per the rule I was not supposed to be alone and one of the regular badge holders should have been with me always. This was not briefed to me before I started at Gov office by the ABC or ABC staff instructed me leave the office on time. On 5th Oct, ABC called to their office and informed me that they are not happy with my work performance and they are terminating the contract with immediate effect. They did not mention anything about incident happened at the Gov office. ABC said they would pay for all the work till date and additional 1 week for the notice period. After the termination, I sent the invoice for the number of days worked to the XYZ. On 17th Oct, I received letter from XYZ saying that, The reason XYZ was unable to continue its contract with the Client (ABC) was due to the services not being performed by the Consultant Company (myself) to the required standard. As a result of this breach XYZ has incurred losses, such losses amount to £xxxx.xx + VAT. In accordance with clause 3(f) and 10 of the contract, XZY shall deduct this sum from outstanding invoices. I totally disagree with XYZ because, - There is no defined performance standards or metrics mentioned in the contract - When ABC is happy to pay for the work done and for the additional 1 week notice, XYZ should not have any hand in this. - I don’t think ABC would have sent a letter to XYZ with the reason for terminating the contract I won’t let XYZ to go ahead with their claims at any cost. They have provoked me with this unethical and unfair business practise and won’t let them carry on. In responding to XYZ’s claim, I am including the following points in my letter: - How am I responsible for the loss - In what way I failed to perform the contract work - How did they arrive at the cost I need your help please to fight against this rogue XYZ agency and for them to pay the full amount for the work I did. Please advice on how I can respond to XYZ claim. Thank you PS: I have extracted section 3(f) and 10 from the contract and shown below. 3 (f) Whenever under this Contract or otherwise arising from the relationship between XYZ and the Consultant Company any sum of money shall be recoverable from or payable by the Consultant Company, the same may be deducted from any sum then due, or which thereafter may become due, to the Consultant Company under this Contract, or any other contract between XYZ and the Consultant Company (or any of its affiliates). 10 Indemnity The Consultant Company shall indemnify and hold harmless XYZ against any and all claims costs expenses losses or damages whether direct or consequential arising from the Consultant Company's breach of any provision of this Contract including all administration costs and all claims costs expenses losses or damages arising from the negligence or acts or omissions of the Consultant Company or its employees agents or subcontractors.
  2. Now considering the implications of the new GDPR this response from a well known recruiting agency could hardly be called compliant could it ? surely the default position would be to delete the CV if unsuccessful. If your application is unsuccessful, we will keep your personal data for up to 6 months from the date we notify you of our decision. (Note, we may keep your personal data for longer than 6 months if you have asked us to consider you for future vacancies – see ‘Will we keep your application on file?’ below). There may, however, be circumstances in which it is appropriate for us to keep particular items of your personal data for longer. We will base these decisions on relevant circumstances, taking into account the following criteria: · the amount, nature, and sensitivity of the personal data
  3. Found this little nugget near me today https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?cmp=Capita-Business-Services-Ltd&t=Field+Visiting+Officer&jk=8e957093d00932ae&q=%C2%A320%2C000 Shows that their entire business and enforcement is built around sales, and not enforcing the legal side.
  4. Hy. It is a big story but i will try to be as acurate i can. i signed with this agentie Escape to London (EtL) in 10/01/2016 in madrid and i arrived here in London at 2/02/2016. i camed the next they at there offices and nobody knew who i am why i camed there and bla bla bla.... after 40 min a lady camed registred me. After that they sand me for the first interview after 7 days. The interview was so strange. I get there we sit on a tabel he ask me 3 4 questions and after 5 min they told me the big word,you don t have experience .i was send as a waiter and that is true but they knew that the agentie the second interview was after 3 days and was the same exactly the same then after 6 days another interview i could not get there i try to call them back but they didn t answer and always i need to call them. they never have initiative to call me first. After the last interview a lady from the agentie call me and ask how is was and send her a message if they don t hires me. so they didn t hire me i send her the message and after 4 days no call s i call her back and she s say exacly like that. " you send me the message,o sorry i didn t read it" so right now seriosly. i have the message in my phone and contract . soory for my english and i attached the evidence.
  5. The company I worked for was taken over and my team were moved / transferred (something called 'TUPE') to a new employer. The new employer then advertised an internal opportunity (area manager) out to the team and several employees applied for the position including myself. However, the interviewer that the company chose to conduct the interviews was not a senior person within the group, but another area manager currently working for them who had previously worked with my old company. I felt that I was the most suitable person for the role, however, one of the applicants (my colleague) has previously worked closely with the interviewer and they are very good friends outside of the business. During the interview I got the impression that a decision had already been made before I even started to answer their questions and following the interview (the following morning) I was informed that my colleague that knew the interviewer had been offered the position. I think that the interview process was bias and there was a 'conflict of interest' between the interviewer and my colleague - do I have any rights to make a complaint about this as I feel it is an unfair process / practice!? Thank you
  6. Hi , sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have a question regarding a recruitment agency that completely wasted my time & have cost me money. A second interview was arranged after getting through the first round. Monday 26th of October @ 11am. I had to get 2 buses & a train & finally a taxi to the interview but when i arrived i was informed that the interview had been cancelled due to an emergency meeting being held for some serious problem that had arisen , the lady conducting the interviews stated she had phoned the agency first thing to cancel & was very sorry for my wasted journey & that i should of been informed . OK, these things happen. On my journey back i was called by the agency , obviously the firm had called them to find out why i had not been informed. The girl from the agency was full of apologies & admitted she had " just forgot " because she was with another client, i was not best pleased but held my tongue ,so also lied about the time she was informed of the cancellation , they would be in touch to arrange the second interview. My dealing with agencies have opened my eyes to this industry & in my experience they are nothing short of cheap sales people who lie at the drop of a hat . I have had no further contact from the agency despite emailing & asking what the state of play was. So it looks like i did`t get the job, no problem, but i went to a lot of effort & expense to prepare myself for the second interview & my question is can i bill them for my time & expenses? , i am willing to take it to a small claims court but thought i would seek advise first , thanks in advance. Paddy
  7. I recently got a job as a temp for an admin position, although the agency did not charge me for finding work but when i looked at my payslip they are charging me 5% of my gross weekly pay for MANAGEMENT FEES! is this legal? when i enquired with them, they said this money was deducted as a Management fees for admin related duties such as processing my timesheet, payroll and paying the invoice finance company that advances them the money to pay my wages every week. As they have to wait for a month before they get paid, is this legal or could i take them to an industrial tribunal and sue them for breaking the law. But in all fairness in their agency terms and conditions it clearly specifies that a management fee of 5% will be deducted from my wages, but if this agency is breaking the law, i do want to take further action....PLEASE ADVISE!!!
  8. Hi, please tell me if in wrong forum etc but here goes. For a long time I have felt that internet recruitment agencies are a little like smiling politicians who you must simply ask 'why are you smiling?'... in that you must question them 'why are you on the internet?'. Quite simply, the answer would be: to troll data in order to bolster up numbers to generate revenue. Cut to the chase, there is one company in BIRMINGHAM who persistently advertise jobs and will not deliver. They will, if anything, just send you a 'cut and paste' email in a certain friendly 'tone' that reflects well on them. Once they sent a text to my voicemail (I was holding phone in hand so know it went there, as opposed to calling me which I assume is cheaper?) and when I called back, the person was 'not available'. Simply, how do I report them, and to who?
  9. I was going for an administration job and reached the second stage of the recruitment/interview process, when the company suddenly turned around and stated that I would have to undergo a credit check. I have been having a few debt problems on the count of my recent divorce from my ex-partner and had to take out a myriad of loans to keep my family home with 2 young children from going under. The company realised my bad credit score and in the end did not offer me the job because of it. I am struggling to pay my rent on the low income job that I am currently doing which I have been in for the last 5 years.... it's not enough and then when there is a glimmer of hope, it got taken away just like that due to a credit check! So I am desperate to know what other people's experiences with this kind of issue has been and the methods you have taken to move past this. How has this affected you? Because quite frankly, it's affected me and the up keep of my children badly....
  10. Good evening everyone, I'm having a small trouble with work at the moment, I applied for a managers position internally and was told that I have an outstanding absence trigger. An absence trigger is where I have had 3 occasions of sickness within 3 months and I can not have a further sick day within the following 6 months. What my issue is here is that the recruitment policy at the time I applied only advised "Aspects which may be taken into consideration are attendance, timekeeping and performance ". I appear to have kicked up a fuss and now the policy has been changed to "All lateness and absence triggers must have been passed before applying for an internal role". The footer at the bottom of both documents both say Version 2.0 and are dated March 2014. I belive this is the same to deliberately mislead anyone going into the document. Please can you let me know your thoughts. Thank you
  11. Hi i need advice i work as an IT contractor and I have an umbrella company called NASA consultancy ,Now i was offered work from Robert Half i accepted and started on the 30th of May 2014 and the contracts was signed on the Monday ,In the term's and conditions it states that i'll be getting paid weekly, i did a full 7.5 hours monday - Friday during that time i was promised an online timesheet via robert half website, now on the friday last week i never received a username and password i kept constant calling them regarding and never heard anything it was coming up to 5pm, i sent an email about 4:30 to one of the lead administrators who replied " oh you wont get a username and password from us it will come from head office" i've kept this email over the weekend i kept checking my email's nothing came through on the monday this week i had not received any username and password and i called them at 8:30am and they said they will chase up with payroll about 10:45am i got an email to say about my username and password i logged in and they sent me directions on how to put a time sheet in and on the timesheet tab there was no timesheet icon for me to submit back on the phone for about 1hr they explain there was something wrong with your account from 11am till 12pm it took them to tell me there was something wrong with my account and they get back to me i called them at 1:30 and they said they still need to chase i left it for another 1hr 2:30pm call them oh we cant get in contact with payroll "can you send me an email with your times and we send it off to your manager " who i say works in USA" you will be paid on friday i worked till 5 till tuesday this week and i woke up tuesday morning with a migrane attack (yes its horrible) i sent my manager in usa to tell him im ILL i get a call from my agent to tell me "in a rude manner why are you not in" i explained that im ill and ill be back on Thursday (yesterday) all night wednesday i was unwell i was still low and being sick etc i sent an email to my agency and my manager in usa that i wont be in on thursday as im still unwell at 12:30pm yesterday afternoon another phone call from agency " IF YOU DONT COME IN TOMMROW I SHALL REPLACE YOU" i said i'll be in as im going doctors at 2pm now my head still banging cant see anything etc. my doctor explained he worried about me and requests i get a scan on monday 16th june i sent an email to both of my agency and manager today friday 13th at 7:30 am handing in my notice and there for i wont be coming in. about 8:38am i get an email from agency " you decided to tell me at 8:38am which i sent the email 1hr earlier and saying its "pathetic" rude and unprofessional. i didnt reply and i went back to sleep being low, i woke up at 12:30 today to check on my bank account and there was no money in there. i sent an email regarding the issue and i got back saying "oh the timesheet hasnt been approved yet due to times even know its taken 4 days since i sent it to get approval and it states in contract "we a sign you to approval manager automatic via there website i sent an email fuming with anger saying i need to get paid 2hrs later no reply i sent another one asking if its been approved and asked when ill be getting paid at 3pm i got a reply stating " we still not got it approved and that you have missed the deadline to be paid" and i was promised in my contract that ill be getting paid weekly i sent another one straight after asking when ami getting paid and has it been approved "guess what no reply". i have kept all the rude emails from admin and the agency guy. are they breaking the law and gone against the contract which it states paid weekly .i can upload the contract.
  12. Hi, A couple of days ago I received a call from a Recruitment Agency asking if I am interested in a temporary office job assisting a company (their client) with their back log. This would be a contract job for 5 days. I completed the interview process and agreed to the job starting soon. Today I received an email from Recruitment Agency's umbrella company with the breakdown of my salary. Income tax, my NI contributions, company margin net and employer's NI contributions are all being deducted from my salary. What I don't understand is why do I have to be liable for my Employer's NI contributions? Surely that's for the employer to pay? Can anyone please advice me why employer's NI contributions would be deducted from my salary and is this a normal practice?
  13. Hello, I have a question relating to sending a copy of a passport via email to a recruitment agency. It's for a friend, who is insistent they are not going to send a copy, to the agent, but I just wanted to ask here as I know there are some excellent and knowledgable people on here who will know more of the legalities. My friend saw a job advertised, contacted the agent advertising the job etc and went for several interviews with the company. The agent has been the go-between, and my friend will not be working at any time for the agent, it is merely a job finding service (for which the agent will receive a very hefty commission). He has received written contract from the company, the contract states provision of P45/passport etc required to prove right to work in UK. We both totally understand the company which will be his employer is obliged to do such checks etc. He has signed contract, and will take all docs necessary on day 1, and new employer is happy with this. Meanwhile, after the agent arranged interviews, and job has been accepted and contract signed (with prospective employer) the agent is now insisting on my friend providing a copy of passport to them via email. This is over 4 months after initial contact with the agency. Due to fraud concerns, friend does not intend to send any copy of identity docs over email. He also thinks that as the agent is not the employer then he is not legally obligated to provide such proof. Surely if this is a legal requirement, the agency should have requested (and received) required documents before any CV was forwarded never mind 3 interviews and a job contract signed? Also my friend has not seen and T&C for the service which agency has provided, and has not signed anything with them. Is my friend legally obliged to send copy of passport to the agent?
  14. Hi Caggers, It has been a while I was on this forum from the Early Bank Charging Days was the last time I was here and am happy to say that this forum was good to me as I was able to get back almost £3.5k from my Bank in charges. It was very good indeed. Okay, now I have another Legal Issue. I worked for an agency as an IT Contractor. I got an IT position to work from a site in Swindon but also had the option to travel to other sites around the UK for the same company. My expenses was always paid when submitted via an online portal system with receipts. When I got this three months contract position, I negotiated the contract with the agency and also get them to pay all my expenses as part of the contract, ie, Hotels and Trains Travels to and from site. This was agreed over the phone and was normal practice as well. I subsequently submitted all my expenses every week to the agency and every week this was signed and approved for my expenses to be reimbursed back to me. Please note, every week I put in my expenses and it got signed off and approved by the agency. This went on for almost 8 weeks with no problem. Then on the sixth week, I got a rejection of my expenses claim and the reason was since I was based on a home site which means expenses cannot be paid for while on a home site. I live in London and the position is in Swindon which was where I was now based for the contract position. All my Hotels and other expenses have all been paid for all this while and even in the contract, it did not say that swindon was a home site for me. The point now is, not have the agency stopped paying for any more expenses claim going forward, they now even want to recoup all the expenses claim they have paid from when the contract started which almost £4k!! So what they are saying is that they will not pay me my contractual pay as well to cover the expenses they have paid on my behalf all this while!! Please note that every week, when I submitted my expenses and receipts on an online portal system, it was always accepted and signed off as approved. My contention is the person who approved and always signed my expense claims seems to have made a mistake from what the agency are saying and I am claiming that I am supposed to get my expenses paid for. Therefore, I am now paying my own expenses as it stands and also facing my money due to my company being stopped as well. The contract I am on, has a week left on it and it seems I will be out of pocket for this blunder and claim by the agency who claim that I was told over the phone that Swindon was my home site and therefore no expenses was to be paid for me. Which I think is all rubbish really. If that was the case does it mean they were incompetent when all my receipts was properly inspected and signed off as approved for a whole six weeks? This really started when funding for the project was not forthcoming for the next phase. I have to say this agency has a very bad reputation and are good at trying to ripp contractors off. I am disputing the fact that not only are they saying they will not pay my expenses moving forward but the fact that they are withholding my contractual pay too!! They are doing this as I have just a week more on the contract hence this attitude from them. I want to sue them and go all the way to court if I have to as I will not accept this sort of attitude from a Recruitment Agency. These are the sort of agencies they call " Cowboys" this one is one of them. If I am right, my next action is to write them a letter before action, is that right? Can fellow caggers advise me on my next move please. I am going all the way with this one!! Some of these cowboys agencies need to be stopped and I will keep you all updated on my progress. Thanks to all indeed.
  15. Hi All, I'm not sure if this is in the right section Anyway some time ago my wife was working a large company (cannot name them). After been relocated to an office in Leeds they then decided that after a year or so they needed her back in Bradford as they suggested there was no longer a position required in Leeds as they were managing from a central hub. When my wife moved to Leeds they also served notice on her company car so she would have to get public transport. At the time my wife saw this move to Leeds as a good career opportunity and we have a direct bus route at the end of our road although not ideal as we were back to one car. So after a year or so the company said they wanted her to move back to Bradford doing a role she did when she first started at the company some years ago. Her argument against taking the role was that it was a step back in career from what she was doing in her current role. Also due to the location of the office she would have to get three busses or pay for a car to get to work. With this in mind we would actually be financially worse off as we would need to buy and run another car however the company were not willing to offer any financial incentive to assist the change. Anyway my wife had no option to go off sick as by working the role was informally accepting it. After a lot of discussions between the parties a negotiation was underway for a settlement offer. During this time my wife approached a recruitment consultants to try and ascertain whether her skills would be required in the current market or whether she is likely to be unemployed for sometime. Obviously from our position this was important information with which to base the settlement offer on. Anyway after a visit to one recruitment company they made an error by sending my wife's CV to her current employer who she was negotiating the settlement with. Her current employers view was that although off on sick she was actively seeking work which was not the case. In this instance they drastically reduced the settlement offer by approx 25% suggesting she was fit for work etc. So my question is do we have any come back on the recruitment company for sending her CV to her current employer? Can we put a small claim in to recover the 25%?
  16. I've been working nearly solidly for the last 18 months and I have joined a new recruitment agency. I had 12 months continuous work and another 5 months continuous work. The recruitment consultant said because I have not been working for 2 years I have to provide proof I was claiming benefits before I started work 18 months ago. Well I threw all of my job center paperwork out when I began work. I just do not understand why they would want this...you would think they would want to zap you into a job asap...but instead I've been made to jump through hoops! I don't know how I'm going to provide this since I dumped all paperwork out....
  17. Hi All, Last month I had a call from a well known recruitment agency asking me if I was interested in a 6 month contract, they then said the hourly rate was x amount which was slightly less than I would normally want but they said they would try for a bit more if possible. I had an interview a couple of days later and the next day had a call from the agency with the good news of an offer and the extra amount per hour. Great!. They said they would like me to speak to an umbrella company about how I would be paid, I'd never had experience of being paid this way before so was a bit dubious. I asked what the difference would be and was told I would be paid slightly less per hour PAYE and can claim my travel and food expenses if I used the umbrella company. I agreed to sign up with the umbrella company and took the job. After getting my payslip I now realise that the hourly rate I was expecting was before paying the umbrella company fee, the employers NIC and includes holiday pay (28 days pro rata). When I deduct all of these from my hourly rate i'm actually getting about 20% less than I was expecting. I do manage to pull back enough to cover the employers NIC with expenses but the fact that my net pay is less than I would have expected plus I won't get paid for any of the bank holidays that are approaching or any holiday I make like is worrying. I've sneaked a look at the invoices being sent to the company i'm contracted at and the agency are charging just over 50% markup on my hourly rate, I could understand this if they had to allow for employers NIC, holiday pay etc but they don't. I'm thinking about giving the agency a call and asking for the extra per hour to at least cover the holiday allowance but just curious if they would deduct this from the margin or approach the client? Bit peeved off to be honest, both with myself for being to eager to accept and and the recruitment agent for not being entirely upfront before I accepted the job. Any advice would be much appreciated
  18. In July I completed the Core Foundation for Teaching - an 8 week online course run by Recruitment Development Solutions - an agency claiming they can help you find a placement in a school after you have completed the course. I already have a Teaching Assistant Certificate and a PTLLS qualification, therefore I didn't really feel I needed the course, but I was persuaded by RDS that it will help me get into a school as a TA or a Teacher etc. I paid over £295 for the course because of the statement saying they will secure a placement in your chosen field. ***************************We offer vocational training and continuing development courses and guidance. Our mission is to train you to a high standard and then secure you a placement in your chosen field. Although heavily subsidised, there will be a cost element of £295 for your enrolment onto the course which is payable by the student.**************************************** The course was OK but I had covered most of it before and to be honest the only thing I discovered was that I needed to produce a 2 page covering letter when applying for Teaching posts. T he instructor was very nice and the group discussions were helpful. However when the course finished I was told that in order for them to place me in a school I would have to renew my CRB at a cost of £80 - I did this, I needed the placement now I had gone this far. I received my CRB and have not heard from RDS again, I have sent emails to them asking about a placement and they haven't replied. 4 months later still nothing so I sent emails to the people who had contacted me from RDS complaining about the way they have just dropped me. They haven't even bothered to reply.... ..This is not a professional approach to providing a service. .Therefore beware if they contact you, they are only selling courses under false pretence.. .. do not fall for it.
  19. I have been doing a short term P/T temp job over the last 6 weeks via a recruitment agency. The approx rate : my contract is to do 21 hrs per week @ £8.00 = £ 5 - 7 in tax and NIC a week. My line manager signed one of my time sheet late, so it was processed 2 weeks later with the week I had just worked. The problem I have is the agency processed 2 time sheets which represented 2 weeks as 1 week. So 42hrs x£8, and charged around £60 in tax and NIC tax code 810l. when I received this payslip I immediately thought this was incorrect and stated that they had incorrectly processed a 2 week period as a 1 week period ( as if I worked 42 hrs FT in 1 week, not P/T hrs over 2 weeks]. I thought the total Tax and NIC for 21 hrs for 2 weeks should only total of £11 Am I correct - that the agency has processed the above wrong? or incorrect? So far the agency have ignored my queries via email regarding this matter. If I am correct am I entitled to getting paid the outstanding amount of just under £50 immediately back from the agency.
  20. Hi all, I stumbled upon this website from a Google search and I've been reading some historic posts and it certainly seems like you've been able to help a great deal of people. Story is: 8th June 2012 I was fired for Gross Misconduct because of "process, performance and brand". I joined this business on the 27th June 2011 (2 weeks short of being there 1 year). I realise I don't have any rights to sue my previous employer as I wasn't there for a full 12 months (even though they decided to may me in Lieu of Notice and had they served the normal 28 days notice that would have taken me past 1 year's service). I simply want to clear my name of this Gross Misconduct so they can provide me with a proper reference and I can say that I have left on my own terms. I do not want to work there again because I felt they were trying to get me out of the door and I have since found another job (I start tomorrow 10th July). Will it weaken my case if I say I don't want to work there again? - Note I work in the recruitment industry which is very incestuous so even though they can't give a 'bad' reference I have already put down on my reference contacts for my new position that my reason for leaving them is "currently under negotiation". I have sent a summary (I had to send email from my iPhone as laptop died on me) of why I want to appeal (I can attach/send as private message if requested). They have since emailed me back asking for all reasons for appeal and that's why I'm now in an internet cafe to send them more detail, once this is sent through we will arrange to meet or deal with the appeal by phone/email (which is likely to be only option for me as I've already started at the new job) I have looked through Acas and also spoke to their consultation line. I'm wondering if there are any sample appeal letters or templates I can use to strengthen my case? Also I have since joined the Union but they won't support with a current case and with the company being a sales company I doubt any of my previous colleagues will want to get involved because it's very easy to lose favour within sales environments. In short, the outline of my appeal is that the rule I broke isn't a written rule in the employee handbook or contract and that they didn't follow the process (didn't tell me I was going into a disciplinary meeting so I didn't have time to prepare). Many thanks for your help, Ed
  21. I lost my job about a year ago (the details are not relevant but see my other threads if you would like to know more) and have been looking for work ever since. I have applied for about a hundred jobs in the last twelve months - that might not sound a lot but I live in the middle of nowhere and there really isn't much on offer. About half the jobs I have applied for have been with the local council and through their website. There have been at least ten of those jobs which I felt suitable and two which I fulfilled every stated requirement in terms of quite specific experience yet I have not had a single interview. I initially felt that I had been discriminated against because of my age but wondered how on earth that could be proven. Then I started to wonder if the council ever recruited people who were not already employed by them. It was only when I mentioned this to people who may know, e.g. my adviser at the Job Centre and others who know the area well (I have only lived here for two years) that I started to hear the same story, that it is very difficult to get a job with the council unless you are already working there or have a relative who works there. Ironically, one of the questions asked on their site when applying for jobs is about whether or not you have relatives working for them. I am minded to submit an FOI request to find out what percentage of positions are awarded to non-employees. The more I think about it the more annoyed I get and it occurred to me that in fact they are all the employees of the council tax payers and there should not be any preference given to current employees. If it wasn't for the requirement for me to apply for a quota of jobs every week, I would not bother but it really feels like I am banging my head agains the wall and the more effort I put into my applications the more it hurts! I spent several days on a recent application trying to get everything perfectly worded and measured. Can anybody advise me either on the FOI aspect or the law in terms of the preference of current employees in recruitment, please?
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