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Found 21 results

  1. Now considering the implications of the new GDPR this response from a well known recruiting agency could hardly be called compliant could it ? surely the default position would be to delete the CV if unsuccessful. If your application is unsuccessful, we will keep your personal data for up to 6 months from the date we notify you of our decision. (Note, we may keep your personal data for longer than 6 months if you have asked us to consider you for future vacancies – see ‘Will we keep your application on file?’ below). There may, however, be circumstances in which it is appropriat
  2. Found this little nugget near me today https://www.indeed.co.uk/viewjob?cmp=Capita-Business-Services-Ltd&t=Field+Visiting+Officer&jk=8e957093d00932ae&q=%C2%A320%2C000 Shows that their entire business and enforcement is built around sales, and not enforcing the legal side.
  3. Hy. It is a big story but i will try to be as acurate i can. i signed with this agentie Escape to London (EtL) in 10/01/2016 in madrid and i arrived here in London at 2/02/2016. i camed the next they at there offices and nobody knew who i am why i camed there and bla bla bla.... after 40 min a lady camed registred me. After that they sand me for the first interview after 7 days. The interview was so strange. I get there we sit on a tabel he ask me 3 4 questions and after 5 min they told me the big word,you don t have experience .i was se
  4. The company I worked for was taken over and my team were moved / transferred (something called 'TUPE') to a new employer. The new employer then advertised an internal opportunity (area manager) out to the team and several employees applied for the position including myself. However, the interviewer that the company chose to conduct the interviews was not a senior person within the group, but another area manager currently working for them who had previously worked with my old company. I felt that I was the most suitable person for the role, however, one of the applicants (my coll
  5. Hi , sorry if this is in the wrong section. I have a question regarding a recruitment agency that completely wasted my time & have cost me money. A second interview was arranged after getting through the first round. Monday 26th of October @ 11am. I had to get 2 buses & a train & finally a taxi to the interview but when i arrived i was informed that the interview had been cancelled due to an emergency meeting being held for some serious problem that had arisen , the lady conducting the interviews stated she had phoned the agency first thing to cancel & was very sorr
  6. I recently got a job as a temp for an admin position, although the agency did not charge me for finding work but when i looked at my payslip they are charging me 5% of my gross weekly pay for MANAGEMENT FEES! is this legal? when i enquired with them, they said this money was deducted as a Management fees for admin related duties such as processing my timesheet, payroll and paying the invoice finance company that advances them the money to pay my wages every week. As they have to wait for a month before they get paid, is this legal or could i take them to an industrial tribunal and sue them for
  7. Hi, please tell me if in wrong forum etc but here goes. For a long time I have felt that internet recruitment agencies are a little like smiling politicians who you must simply ask 'why are you smiling?'... in that you must question them 'why are you on the internet?'. Quite simply, the answer would be: to troll data in order to bolster up numbers to generate revenue. Cut to the chase, there is one company in BIRMINGHAM who persistently advertise jobs and will not deliver. They will, if anything, just send you a 'cut and paste' email in a certain friendly 'tone' that reflects well on them
  8. I was going for an administration job and reached the second stage of the recruitment/interview process, when the company suddenly turned around and stated that I would have to undergo a credit check. I have been having a few debt problems on the count of my recent divorce from my ex-partner and had to take out a myriad of loans to keep my family home with 2 young children from going under. The company realised my bad credit score and in the end did not offer me the job because of it. I am struggling to pay my rent on the low income job that I am currently doing which I have been i
  9. Good evening everyone, I'm having a small trouble with work at the moment, I applied for a managers position internally and was told that I have an outstanding absence trigger. An absence trigger is where I have had 3 occasions of sickness within 3 months and I can not have a further sick day within the following 6 months. What my issue is here is that the recruitment policy at the time I applied only advised "Aspects which may be taken into consideration are attendance, timekeeping and performance ". I appear to have kicked up a fuss and now the policy has been changed to "All
  10. Hi i need advice i work as an IT contractor and I have an umbrella company called NASA consultancy ,Now i was offered work from Robert Half i accepted and started on the 30th of May 2014 and the contracts was signed on the Monday ,In the term's and conditions it states that i'll be getting paid weekly, i did a full 7.5 hours monday - Friday during that time i was promised an online timesheet via robert half website, now on the friday last week i never received a username and password i kept constant calling them regarding and never heard anything
  11. Hi, A couple of days ago I received a call from a Recruitment Agency asking if I am interested in a temporary office job assisting a company (their client) with their back log. This would be a contract job for 5 days. I completed the interview process and agreed to the job starting soon. Today I received an email from Recruitment Agency's umbrella company with the breakdown of my salary. Income tax, my NI contributions, company margin net and employer's NI contributions are all being deducted from my salary. What I don't understand is why do I have to be liable for my Employer's NI
  12. Hello, I have a question relating to sending a copy of a passport via email to a recruitment agency. It's for a friend, who is insistent they are not going to send a copy, to the agent, but I just wanted to ask here as I know there are some excellent and knowledgable people on here who will know more of the legalities. My friend saw a job advertised, contacted the agent advertising the job etc and went for several interviews with the company. The agent has been the go-between, and my friend will not be working at any time for the agent, it is merely a job finding service (for
  13. Hi Caggers, It has been a while I was on this forum from the Early Bank Charging Days was the last time I was here and am happy to say that this forum was good to me as I was able to get back almost £3.5k from my Bank in charges. It was very good indeed. Okay, now I have another Legal Issue. I worked for an agency as an IT Contractor. I got an IT position to work from a site in Swindon but also had the option to travel to other sites around the UK for the same company. My expenses was always paid when submitted via an online portal system with receipts. When I got this thr
  14. Hi All, I'm not sure if this is in the right section Anyway some time ago my wife was working a large company (cannot name them). After been relocated to an office in Leeds they then decided that after a year or so they needed her back in Bradford as they suggested there was no longer a position required in Leeds as they were managing from a central hub. When my wife moved to Leeds they also served notice on her company car so she would have to get public transport. At the time my wife saw this move to Leeds as a good career opportunity and we have a direct bus route
  15. It seems a hays recruitment consultant has a personal agenda/vendetta against me...he promised me a job when my last job ended a few months ago working for Hayes. I worked to the best of my ability did my job, never missed a day and the team leader told me she was happy with the work and a big thank you for my help when I left. Background info I was called to see the consultant and told "today is your last day the work has dried up there is not enough work for you anymore....but you can apply for other positions in the new year...." At no point did the consultant mention my work
  16. I've been working nearly solidly for the last 18 months and I have joined a new recruitment agency. I had 12 months continuous work and another 5 months continuous work. The recruitment consultant said because I have not been working for 2 years I have to provide proof I was claiming benefits before I started work 18 months ago. Well I threw all of my job center paperwork out when I began work. I just do not understand why they would want this...you would think they would want to zap you into a job asap...but instead I've been made to jump through hoops! I don't know how I'm goin
  17. Hi All, Last month I had a call from a well known recruitment agency asking me if I was interested in a 6 month contract, they then said the hourly rate was x amount which was slightly less than I would normally want but they said they would try for a bit more if possible. I had an interview a couple of days later and the next day had a call from the agency with the good news of an offer and the extra amount per hour. Great!. They said they would like me to speak to an umbrella company about how I would be paid, I'd never had experience of being paid this way before so was a bit dub
  18. In July I completed the Core Foundation for Teaching - an 8 week online course run by Recruitment Development Solutions - an agency claiming they can help you find a placement in a school after you have completed the course. I already have a Teaching Assistant Certificate and a PTLLS qualification, therefore I didn't really feel I needed the course, but I was persuaded by RDS that it will help me get into a school as a TA or a Teacher etc. I paid over £295 for the course because of the statement saying they will secure a placement in your chosen field. *****************
  19. I have been doing a short term P/T temp job over the last 6 weeks via a recruitment agency. The approx rate : my contract is to do 21 hrs per week @ £8.00 = £ 5 - 7 in tax and NIC a week. My line manager signed one of my time sheet late, so it was processed 2 weeks later with the week I had just worked. The problem I have is the agency processed 2 time sheets which represented 2 weeks as 1 week. So 42hrs x£8, and charged around £60 in tax and NIC tax code 810l. when I received this payslip I immediately thought this was incorrect and stated that they had incorrectly processed a 2 week
  20. Hi all, I stumbled upon this website from a Google search and I've been reading some historic posts and it certainly seems like you've been able to help a great deal of people. Story is: 8th June 2012 I was fired for Gross Misconduct because of "process, performance and brand". I joined this business on the 27th June 2011 (2 weeks short of being there 1 year). I realise I don't have any rights to sue my previous employer as I wasn't there for a full 12 months (even though they decided to may me in Lieu of Notice and had they served the normal 28 days notice that would
  21. I lost my job about a year ago (the details are not relevant but see my other threads if you would like to know more) and have been looking for work ever since. I have applied for about a hundred jobs in the last twelve months - that might not sound a lot but I live in the middle of nowhere and there really isn't much on offer. About half the jobs I have applied for have been with the local council and through their website. There have been at least ten of those jobs which I felt suitable and two which I fulfilled every stated requirement in terms of quite specific experience ye
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