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  1. Hi all, I started a previous thread to share my general issues, but am posting in this section for specific advise relating to First Direct. Previous forum address here if anyone is interested: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?458839-Low-income-6-year-old-debts-and-worrying-about-the-possibility-of-future-court-action I had an account with an overdraft, credit card and loan with First Direct (all pre Apr 2007). I defaulted on payments for the credit card and loan back in 2009, at which point, they closed my account, merging the credit card and overdraft together as one debt, and the remaining loan as another. Since the default in 2009, I have been making token £1 monthly payments to Metropolitan Collection Services; I have since moved house a few times and hence had no contact with them. Aiming to sort things out once and for all, I joined this site, and under some much appreciated advice, sent out a CCA request to Metropolitan last week. First Direct have responded, sending back my CCA letter (but keeping the postal order???), saying: The letter is not signed (didn't think I needed to) - they want me to provide a specimen signature My current address does not match their records (it wouldn't as I have moved, but my credit file address is up-to-date) - they want me to provide the old address to match their records. From this, I gather that FD still own the debt as Metropolitan did not write to me. As mentioned, my credit file is up to date with all addresses. Does anyone have any advice on how I should proceed? Are they trying to delay and does the time limit of 12+2 days still apply? Or, are they valid in their requests? Any help much appreciated Thanks AM
  2. Just started my PPI claim against Natwest credit card, just sent of my SAR and £10 PO card was taken out april 99 How do I work how much I could be owed is it the PPI plus the culmintive interest of the card on that PPI over the years Plus the 8% interest
  3. To keep it short: Hermes driver claims they delivered to me, even have a fake signature. Yes the company I ordered from will refund, but the item is no longer available so I cannot re-order it. This is possibly the second time that the Hermes courier has done this with my parcels- I did not chase up the first time, I just accepted the refund. Now, my question is.. What can I do about it? I don't want to just accept a refund, I don't think it is fair or right that she has taken my items and forged my signature.. and no, I don't earn a lot more than her etc. I have e-mailed a complaint to Hermes, but I don't think that will get very far. Is there anything that I can do legally to hold this individual responsible? I can prove that my family and myself were out at the supposed delivery time and I don't think this parcel just got lost, as she has written and signed a fake signature. (I say she as we tend to have the same Hermes delivery person and it is usually a woman.)
  4. Hello I was on a training course provided by a training provider on behalf of dwp while on course i did not sign their data consent form as, I did not agree to what was on it I only put the date on it. I received contact from the company by phone and email also text message so i emailed them telling them to stop contacting me No reply. i decided to contact them via an ico letter asking why they contacted and they provided me a copy of the form and said as ,I signed it they could contact me. on looking at the form my signature has been forged and also my name has been written on form not by me. I am hundred percent sure its not mine as i only dated the form. I have spoke to ico and they seem bothered how my data is used. What would you people say to do I think its best to write a letter saying that i have received a forged signature and ask them to investigate just not sure what to do now thanks for any advice
  5. Hi Asking for a friend Can someone please confirm that a straightforward passport renewal doesn't need a counter signature. There's no change of name or much change to appearance so from what I can see just need to fill forms out and supply new pictures? They've got an appointment at the passport office on Wednesday so just want to make sure everything is correct before travelling up there. Thanks
  6. Hi, I am looking for some advice/opinions... In January 2011 I purchased a car with finance provided by creation. The price of the car was £2995, I paid a cash deposit of £800. I was made aware of charges/fees totalling £450 (ish), which would be added to the finance agreement. All was going fine until around 6 months ago, when a change of bank account led me to registering for online account management (so that I could arrange continuing payments). The amount outstanding didn't appear to be correct so I contacted the company and requested all of the relevant figures. It turned out that the set-up/admin fees had been added twice, the representative I spoke to said that the dealer was wrong to add these fees at the point of sale as they are always added afterwards. A rather in-depth conversation led to me being informed that creation don't actually hold any physical paperwork, and that they would be unable to amend the loan amount without notification from the dealer. After some detective work I managed to locate the dealer (who had now leased his forecourt to someone else, but I found him in the end!). I explained the situation, and asked for a copy of our original sales document. A week of telephone calls and me harrassing him brought no joy. He told me that all of his paperwork was in storage and that he'd been unable to locate the document. Well, of course he couldn't find it - it would prove that he had actually received £450 more than he should have from creation, which they would obviously want back! For me, the actual cost of the £450 would be much greater due to the associated interest. Fortunately, I did find my copy of the sales document, and emailed creation again, informing them that I had a physical, SIGNED document showing the correct amount. I explained that I would be happy to send them a COPY, not the original - this was all the proof I had, it wasn't going to be lost in the post! They did not reply. On to the more pressing concern now... during all of this I noticed that creation had the wrong registration number for the vehicle. I informed them of this, without giving them the correct number. Again, they were unable to amend the details without verification from the dealer. I sent a final email informing them that this needed to be corrected (as did the loan amount) as I was hoping to sell the vehicle, with their permission of course. I was hoping that this would set alarm bells ringing for them - the vehicle did technically belong to them. No joy. after a couple more months, it became apparent that the car was going to need a lot of money spent on it - which I didn't have. I did a hpi check and, surprise, it showed no outstanding finance. So I traded it for another car at a local dealership. I now find myself in no position to continue with repayments - I am just setting up a debt managemnt plan, and have just been visited by bailiffs and had to agree a repayment plan with them (which I can't afford, but will have to find if I want to keep my possessions obviously!). I am in this position through my own actions - I was earning a good salary until a year ago but had to give up the job. This really is no-one's fault but my own. My question is this - what can creation do to me? I no longer have the car so they can't repossess it. Actually, I NEVER had the car with the registration number they hold, although the make and model are correct. I am willing to come to some arrangement with them if they will accept a much reduced payment, my concern is that they won't accept it and I have sold a car which didn't belong to me . But then, it didn't belong to them either maybe? I know I shouldn't have sold the car, but in my defence I did inform them of the mistakes with the agreement. The only document I have ever signed is the original purchase order with the dealer (which he can't find). Any ideas?! Thank you.
  7. Hello, I am due to move into my new flat on 11 December. I made an offer for it over three weeks ago, which was accepted by the landlord on 18 October (3 weeks ago). I then went successfully through reference checking and all that, and on 25 October (16 days ago) I made the payment for the first month of rent and the six-week deposit, plus various fees (in total circa £4500). The issue is that, as of today, the landlord has not yet signed the contract; the lettings agency say they are trying to get a hold of him but he is not returning their calls, the last time they spoke to him was "some time last week". they say they are sure he will sign eventually but cannot tell me when as they do not manage to speak to him. I am concerned that something may be going wrong on the landlord's side and that he may not sign at all in the end, otherwise I see no reason for such a huge delay. As my move-out date is approaching and the lettings agency keeps telling me that they can't do anything but insist calling him, I am getting more and more worried and am thinking of looking for alternative solutions, i.e. considering finding another flat. But as they have my deposit I feel my hands are untied, at least until either he signs or he pulls back from the agreement. The questions that I have are: 1) Does the landlord have an open-ended option to sign the lease whenever he wants, and possibly never sign? Can he basically keep me on hold until 11 December? Or is there such a thing as a "reasonable time" after which I can withdraw my offer without my incurring in any cost (i.e. I get everything back)? 2) Is the agency or the landlord to be considered liable for any of this? If I need to look for another flat, I will have again to take time off from work, go through the annoying and frustrating flat-hunting again, which I suspended because both of them agreed to signing a contract (as proved by offer acceptance letters, reference checking, deposit, etc.). I am trying to put some pressure to the agency but they are a bit helpless (and useless). Thanks, Daniele
  8. I recently applied for credit with a loan provider. I was accepted for the requested amount and was provided a loan agreement to electronically sign, complete with terms and all the necessary information. I signed it and it was signed on behalf of the provider, which was emailed to me as a PDF. Now, the provider is requesting bank statements and ID verification, and have cancelled the original loan from my account. Is the loan provider legally obliged to continue with the agreement they originally signed or are they even capable of backing out? Thanks in advance, Michael.
  9. I split with my ex almost 2 years ago. Since then ( prob irrelevant ) I have sorted out almost 100% of the financial mess he left us in. I have paid for and initiated all the solicitors fees and divorce . He was chased for an old debt last year and as usual ( because they had traced him to his mums house which he didn't like ) , he asked me for advice . As the debt was over 20 ! years old I advised him not to acknowledge it in anyway and no it wouldn't appear on his credit file . I then asked him if hed considered claiming for PPI and he said no. I asked him if he minded if I did as it was in joint names .He was fine about that . He is extremely lazy and would never do it himself . I put a random claim in and they've offered me an agreeable amount . It says the payment will only be made to the bank account of the complainant ( me ) but I did put both our names on it and believe it or not his name is still on our bank account because he wont take it off ( not because hes up to anything he is just lazy ). Theres a place for me and for him to sign. I was fully intending to give him half but he has paid nothing whatsoever towards this divorce and it will just about cover my solicitors fees. Following a long talk with a trusted friend she said- oh for goodness sake just use it to pay for the legal fees its not like your buying a new handbag !. So Im going to pay the cheque into our account and use it for that . I wont try and hide it and I will tell the solicitor so at the end of the day he gets his share when the settlement is made . I need the bit of savings I have ( and was going to have to use ) as I have a house and 4 children to support 100 % . If only I sign will then question it and not pay ? Otherwise ill have to own up earlier than I was going to by asking him for his signature .
  10. Hi folks, So I'm in a bit of a complicated situation, I'll try to sum it up as briefly as possible. I guess I'm just curious what people think/advice/am I doing the right thing/anything else I could do? Last year I split up with my ex. I knew he had looked into some sort of tax credits scenario a few months before we split, however I never filled in any forms and never saw any money, thus thought no more of it. In June of this year I discovered he's been claiming joint couples working tax credits under both our names since last year. When phoning the HMRC about this they "fixed" their records, and proceeded to inform me that "overpayment letters" would likely be sent out. I told them I'd never received any money nor signed a form, nor knew he was doing this, they told me that I "must have" signed a form. I got C.A.B advice and did a Subject Access Request for the initial application forms (as I disputed the existence of a signature), and while waiting for these to arrive I asked a solicitor for help and also (on a particularly stressful day) phoned my ex and told him to get this sorted out. He said he would, unforunately he uh... doesn't believe in working. Seriously. I don't think he works at all. So I can't really see how he can pay this back, and if he can't, they'll still chase me, right? Even though I never got the money and work hard every week to pay my bills! The solicitor was skeptical about the lack of signature on the form, and I was even starting to doubt myself as to whether I had inadvertantly signed the form as the last few months of our relationship were pretty horrible/a bit of a haze of stress. Solicitor suggested he would send a letter to the HMRC explaining that I did not know about the claim, received no money, and for them to only chase my ex for the money. This letter was sent over a month ago, still no response for HMRC. The past two weeks - letters start flooding in. Firstly, the fruits of my Subject Access Request labour - a massive envelope containing, among other things, the initial application form. It is entirely filled out in my ex's handwriting, and there are NO SIGNATURES on it at all. Not his, nor mine. I can't see why these would be redacted (perhaps his, but why mine? Especially when I asked for it specifically?). Finally, this week I've received two "notices to pay" for overpayments to my ex totalling about £4500. They have been sent to him too (he's told me in an email he's dealing with it). I just don't trust that he will when he thought it was ok to do this in the first place, and also where is he getting £4500 from?? The deadline for re-paying this is in October! If he has no money/offers a tiny monthly repayment, they might still come after me? I've thought of phoning them to say "hey guys, no signature, why are you chasing me?" but I thought it best to wait and see what the solicitor thinks. So that's pretty much where it's at. I've told my solicitor about the S.A.R news and am waiting to hear from him... what a mess! Hope I'm approaching it the right way.
  11. This is connected to my other thread on lending money but felt it deserved a thread of its own. The person who owes me money and to which he has confirmed with his signature and later agreed by the court has now turned round to say that he did not sign this document but if he didn't, then who did. By way of implication, am I being accused of forgery, slander, libel or anything else ? Be grateful what to do with this current issue.. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/showthread.php?381806-Lending-money-to-a-friend.
  12. I invited a local estate agent to view my property for evaluation in early May 2010. I also invited another agent for the same purpose a week later. I invited agent (a) to revisit my home to take the listing. They backdated their signature on the Sales Agreement by nine days, without my knowledge or authorisation. My signature reflected the correct date of the Sales Agreement. The agent did not advise me that by placing my initials in a box contained within the Terms and Conditions of the HIP Pack, I was waiving my rights to the seven day "cooling off" period. They said that they had me do this so that they could proceed with the HIP which was abolished six days after I had signed the Sales Agreement, leaving me liable for the cost of the HIP and their listing fees, should I change my my during that seven day period. They instructed their own conveyancing solicitors to send a questionnaire re the HIP Pack. It was dated the 18 May 2010. giving no time for me to process the paperwork and send it back to them before the HIP Packs were abolished on the 20 May, 2010. Three years later, they started to pursue me for the cost of the HIP Pack. They took the matter to court. I was unaware of the action because they did not send me a copy of their Directions Questionnaire. The Judgment arrived in April 2015. There had been no demand for payment of the HIP Pack and their Listing Fees, + VAT until 2013. I have successfully had the judgment stayed. The other party did not show up in court. They have until the 31st July, 2015 to respond to the Court. After that date has elapsed, the case will be struck out. They continued to list it until end 2011, when they removed it from their listings as they said that my property was too expensive, and had not negotiated a more realistic selling price. There were no negotiations during that listing period, and they had recommended the asking price! I had already reduced the price in 2010, at their request, and then relisted with them in 2011, at their suggested figure, which was £15,000 over the previous year. Following the Judgment, the estate agent sent the sheriffs to me, ignoring the Court's Stay of Writ. The sheriffs advised that they would be here Stay of Writ or not. The estate agent ignored the Stay. I was in a state of shock for some considerable time following the arrival of the Judgment and the sheriff's unexpected appearance. None of the major relevant agencies are interested in this situation, all giving varying reasons for their lack of interest. I wonder what the forum makes of this situation. I seems ludicrous to me that there is no recourse open to me, considering the amount of anguish and trouble that I have been subjected to, I should mention that I am a 74 year old lady, and feel that I have been thoroughly taken advantage of. The other, obvious concern, is that as the relevant agencies are disinterested, the agent is free to continue similar practices.
  13. Introduction I'd like to document the correspondence of my dealings with Erudio, aka Arrow Global / CarVal Investors in the hope it will help others; my student loans are from 92-95. Mission Objective To get written confirmation of deferment, as has been the case since loans were originated via SLC. Salvo #1 First contact was a big wad of paperwork as documented in other threads, asking for bank details, eye colour, inside leg measurement et al....and a signature! I ignored this first contact. They phoned and I requested any further correspondence to be in writing.. .they sent a second wad of paperwork, the same as the first; this accounts for three trees chopped down thus far for their thud of paper through the letterbox. This also had a cover letter saying I was in arrears for ~£200....huh? Salvo #2 I ignored their paperwork and instead scanned the original SLC document I had, with a signature and no more, I did not divulge any bank info on this form. I then copied my bank statements for the last three months into a PDF (I redacted all personal info from the statements) and along with the SLC doc, sent them via email: Dear Sir/Madam, Please find attached a signed deferment form and three months of bank statements. My customer reference number: xxxx Regards John Doe Salvo #3 They replied two days later via return email: Please be advised that the information that you provided is currently being processed and you will receive a letter in due course. Salvo #4 Almost two weeks later, they sent an email: Please be advised that the bank statements you sent were unreadable , could you please resend them again so that we may continue to process your deferral application. I resent my statements as a PNG picture on the same day as their email. This email from over a month ago, was the last correspondence I have received. Salvo #5 Today I received a letter stating another notice of arrears, this time it's gone up to ~£400. No mention of the deferment nor any other confirmation of the process thus far. It seems they are just sending generic letters with the computer regurgitating random amounts to scare the peeps; their goal is to get payment...any payment so they have your bank details. Salvo #6 Removed. Will update as and when they reply... -------------------------------------- Edit: I'm removed the email I sent in salvo #6 , as I'd prefer to wait for their response before publicly posting info; you never know who's reading these forums. He who is prudent and lies in wait for an enemy who is not, will be victorious. - Sun Tzu, The Art of War Txs dx - I think it was one of your posts buried deep in another thread that inspired my verbiage.
  14. Hi I've been reading about claiming money back for this type of account! I was advised to take this account out when money was stolen from my account and I've been paying it for quite some time but never had any of its so called benefits! I even pay Rac for my breakdown cover so I've no use for it to be honest! How would I go about claiming it back or even can I?
  15. I received a summons earlier this year for non-payment of council tax in a property I rent out, as the tenants hadn't registered themselves for council tax. That's not a problem in itself, a quick call to the council and the summons was cancelled. However, when I looked at the summons, I noticed the signature looked very familiar. The magistrates clerk who's signature had been used on the summons apparently has exactly the same signature as the best man from my wedding. Needless to say, I checked this with my best man and he confirmed the signature was identical to his, and that he could think of no reason why his signature should appear on the summons having never worked for the court or the council, although he had lived in the area. Perhaps this is just a remarkable coincidence, but I'm wondering if a mistake may have been made at some point and the wrong signature is being used, or if something else has gone awry. Anyway, the LA in question have confirmed that around 12k summonses have been issued in 2014/15 with the signature in question (and I'm waiting for them to clarify if there were any in previous years) , so if there is some irregularity then it could have significant impact. Does anyone have any thoughts how I might find out a bit more about the clerk and whether the signature is likely to be genuine? Would the clerk's actual name (the signature only has 2 initials and a surname) be covered under DPA or should the court provide that on request? Any other ideas?
  16. Ive recently asked my bank to provide me with the Credit Agreement relating to a loan from a while ago. The document I received back had my signature on it but instead of an authorising signature from the bank it had the name of the branch handwritten instead (in upper case). Is this still considered to be a valid signature?
  17. Hi I ordered some sofas from buy as you view. When it came to them being delivered I arranged it for a day when I was off work as I had to - the agreement due it being in my name. They never turned up! They turned up the next day surprising the missus. They brought the sofas into the house and asked where I was as I needed to sign the credit agreement, the missus told them I was at work (which I can prove I was) and explained that they were supposed to arrive the day before as arranged. Instead of rearranging the bayv guy told the missus to sign the agreement, so she went sign her name. The guy stopped her and said 'No sign your partners name, as long as it looks as though he has signed it that's good enough!' So she naively did. There was three blokes in the room so I suppose she felt a bit wary when it happened the way it did! Surely this is wrong?
  18. Good evening all. I would greatly appreciate any guidance on this as its stressing me out beyond words. My health is not fantastic at the moment and i am having to take numerous medications. In Sept 2005 i had some windows from Crystal windows. The man who came to do the financial forms etc asked if any one was on the mortgage with me, and i told him my Mother was, he took her details and address, saying it was his companies policy to do so. I made it quite clear to him that my Mother had nothing to do with the loan. She does not live with me, but somewhere else. The loan agreement went through and the windows were done. i received letters from Black Horse and they had my Mothers name on, i contacted them to be told the loan was in my Mother's name! I asked them how that was possible when i had signed and filled in the forms. they would not have it. i took all the paperwork i had to their local office, and they said they would sort it out. They never did and the office closed down. This was 8 years ago and the problem is still going on. I have been paying the loan from my bank, since then. Even though it is in my Mother's name. Recently i was hospitalised with a suspected Brain Tumour and was off work for 6 weeks and unable to pay this loan, they have sent a letter saying they will put a default on my Mothers credit report. She is elderly and very upset by all this. I have repeatedly contacted Black Horse, and both my Mother and i have sent in copies of our signatures and my paperwork. They sent me back paperwork for the loan that is quite different from my copies. they still insist my Mother took out the loan! I contacted Crystal Windows to see if they could help. I was told that the loan did go through in my name but was refused, then put through in my Mothers name! How can they do that! My Mother did not sign anything! It would seem the man who did the papers, afraid he would lose his commission, put the papers through in my Mother's name, and changed the initial in front of my signature to match her name. We share the same surname. I asked for contact details for the man that came but was told they had none for him as it was over 6 years ago. Black Horse want me to report it to the police but i have no name or details for this man. Also it is clear this man forged the forms, as Black Horse have copies of 2 direct debit mandates, one in my name, signed and filled in by me, and another with my Mother's name and filled in by someone else, not by my Mother, with my bank details. It is quite plain to see the writing is nothing like mine. This is becoming a nightmare, as the loan is mine, with my signature, but with my mother's name and my address. Can i go to court and have this cancelled as non executable as the details are all wrong? And would i have to do it as i signed for the loan, or my Mother as her name is on it? Many thanks.
  19. I took a £20k secured loan out about 1 and a half to 2 years ago now and been paying the extortiante rates back since. Never missed a payment till now. Ive hit financial difficulties and need some help. I believe my CCA in incorrect and am considering putting it into dispute also. I sent of the subject access request and the CCA request along with 2 seperate postal orders. One for £10 and one for £1. I received a letter today saying thanks for the requests but please send a cheque for for £1 and the £10 !! My postal orders were no where to be seen or even mentioned in the letter !! Totally Stolen by Welcome !! Whats the best route now? I really dont want to send cheques as ive heard they can uplift signatures. I sent them recorded delivery and never signed the letters as I was told just typed my name. Help !
  20. Hi, I have a debt to Capquest (owned by them purchased from Vanquis in 2012). I have been trying to sort this out and three weeks ago sent off a CCA because I could not recall signing anything when this was taken out. I spent £500 in total which needs to be paid back but the amount claimed by Capquest is £701, presumably these are credit charges, interest and default fees etc. Because I don't recall signing a CCA what I would like is for the amount owed to be agreed at what I actually spent, which is what I feel comfortable with on moral grounds on repaying. I am still in a financially weak position and the £201 additional fees are more than I am prepared to accept. My "CCA" came yesterday. I expect other people will have had this, it is simply a spreadsheet containing information that was on the web application form. There is no tick box or anything pertaining to being an electronic signature yet the pages are titled "Digital Signature Application details". I happen to know rather a lot about digital signatures, having designed many compliant forms for many organisations in this country and from what I learned is that the burden of proof always lays on the organisation requesting the signature. The purpose of the signature is to provide trust that the document was signed by the intended party and that it has not been altered or tampered with in any way since. While a "tick box" may be all that is legally required to form an electronic and legally binding signature, the person making a judgement on whether it is valid or not has to be assured there is no doubt the correct person ticked that box, and therefore is not really enforceable. Normally you would use a trusted third party such as Echosign or Docusign which would take your document, encrypt it with a unique key and take other supporting information such as IP addresses, the email addresses used, metadata from the browser as well as more advanced forms of ID checking such as automatically dialling your telephone number to provide you with a pin number you need to be able to sign. This provides little doubt that if the telephone number you provided is in fact yours, you more than likely signed the agreement. But nothing like that here, no IP address, no tick box, nothing to rule that I ever agreed to the terms and conditions that are attached. I am confident that if this is all the information they have, that it is completely legally unenforceable. Also the terms and conditions they provided say "The actual interest rate you receive will be communicated to you when we open your account". I am surprised this information is not required in advance to signing a credit agreement. This just leaves me to think that all they have given me is information that would have been presented on-screen at the point of application, prior to credit checking purposes etc. I do remember that I was never asked at any time to go and sign anything after the initial online application process. Capquest are not nice people and will not agree with my point of view, even though I know, based on what has provided, they cannot prove that I have ever agreed to the CCA. The data they provided me is in response to my official and paid for CCA request which therefore I would have thought meant they had to provide everything. If they do happen to have a record of my IP address for example it would weaken my case, especially as the IP address was static at that time, however it still isn't exactly bullet proof on their behalf. What I would like to know is, has anyone got experience in approaching this situation. I will not agree to repay £701 and will not agree to pay anything more than I spent, especially on the basis that I didn't enter a CCA with that company on technical grounds. Any suggestions are appreciated. Thanks
  21. Hi there People Can an email address be classed as a signature ? I have found something from William Robbin who is a solicitor in Keystone Law's corporate team. http://realbusiness.co.uk/article/8106-digital-signatures-are-they-considered-legally-binding Has anybody got a CPR or a Practice Direction please. Tony
  22. Hi all,helping a family friend out,basically he has a loan from black horse and has got serious debt issues. I helped him fill a income form in with his incoming and outgoings and typed up a letter asking for reduced rate. Now im sure ive read on this forum before that you never sign the letter with your signature so he printed it in capital letters,however they have wrote back acknowledging the letter and form BUT cannot help any further until they get his signature on the form? Any help/advice please thank you
  23. I have an old lloyds overdraft debt that was in dispute due to charges etc from around 2008. Last I heard was in 2010 when I replied to a DCA stating the account was in dispute and to refer back to original creditor. In Nov 2011 I went abroad (and had heard nothing further by that point) and have been pretty much living abroad ever since apart from the odd visit back to the UK. I just went back to the UK in Feb 2014 and discovered a new DCA had taken over the account and had obtained a CCJ against me in my absence in Jan 2013. After a bit of research I have discovered that “If you are the Claimant and you become aware at any stage that the particulars of a claim may not have reached the Defendant you should apply to set aside any judgment which has been made” Needless to say the particulars of the claim never reached me as I was out of the country. Also - it seems that a court cannot make a judgement against someone whilst they are out of the country. So, I wrote to the solicitors in question requesting that they make the necessary arrangements to have the judgement set aside. They have replied and have asked that I sign the letter I sent them as "they need to be sure they are communicating with the correct person about the account" This is sounding all sorts of alarm bells for me, is there any reason why I shouldn't sign the letter and resend it? (The original was unsigned) Thanks in advance for any advice
  24. I made a formal request for a true copy of my CCA to RBS but on various advice I did not sign it. RBS refuse to send it unless the application is signed. They also say that because I have changed address they require copies of Bank Statements, Utilility Bills and copy of Passport with my signature on it, yet they have sent correspondence to my new address and even gave it to four different DCA's. Can they do all this ?. Advice would be appreciated.
  25. Hi All, I hope you can help me with a letter I have received from Tesco Bank. I have defaulted on a Tesco Credit card and this debt was passed to MDRL. I requested proof that MDRL were legally allowed to claim on this debt and they passed on the CCA request to the original lender. After many months and as far as I am concerned a default on my CCA request, Tesco have replied. The letter is attached. Please answer these questions if possible. Are they right, should the CCA request be signed, bearing in mind it was sent to MDRL? If they have done nothing wrong and are not in default of my request, why offer compensation? What would be my best course of action to reply, is there a template or a quote I could use? Do I need to send off the signature request? Any advise will be appreciated. Many thanks. AS
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