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  1. Just a quick update for the thread, not heard anything since.
  2. Well its been 7 weeks since my Defence has been filed and Ive heard nothing more. My Defence is the last thing logged on money claim online on the 9th Nov. so I understand that proceedings are automatically stayed. Can I ask what my options are at this point please? Can this be stayed indefinitely until they come up with something or can I cause the matter to be discontinued?
  3. Should I address this at all (i.e. write to Restons) or just wait to see what action is lodged with the court?
  4. Ive come back from a week away with work to find this from Restons in regards to my Defence recently filed- “ We write further to the Defence you recently filed. We note you admit to having held an account with Lloyds Bank in the past but state you are unaware of any legal assignment or Notice of Assignment allegedly served. Your defence then goes on to put the Claimant to strict proof of various things. However in response to your Defence we wish to make the following points: It is our understanding that a Notice of Assignment would previously have been served upon you. In an
  5. Can I ask what the next steps are once the Defence has been filed. Mine was filed online on the 5th Nov and I have had confirmation of receipt [by the court] in the post but nothing else since. I read since that the claimant has 7 days in order to proceed but when should I hear about their decision?
  6. Apologies Andy its was from a post by Essemess (not Essermans, my eyesight must be going). Credit it where credits due if this originated from you.
  7. Ok Ive had a good look through the successes and their related defences, here is mine- Particulars of Claim 1.The Claimant claims payment of the overdue balance due from the Defendant(s) under a contract between the Defendant(s) and Lloyds Bank dated on or about Sep 26 1994 2.And assigned to the Claimant on Jun 27 2014. Particulars a/c no [redacted] DATE - [redacted but Sept. 2015] ITEM - Default Balance VALUE - [redacted but circa £8k] Post Refrl Cr - NIL TOTAL - £ [exact amount redacted but circa £8k] 1. The Defendant contends that the particulars of
  8. Is it messy to have a mixed SB and lack of assignment defence?
  9. So I'd have to send a SAR request to Lloyds TSB to establish whether this was sent I guess.
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