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  1. Hi, I work in sales and my contract was amended some months ago to give me 1% commission on all combined sales above a target figure. The target was designed to be easily achievable as my base salary was lower than I'd liked and I was effectively doing two jobs - both sales and IT. The commission became due so I requested it twice via email (no response) I then raised it again via telephone. I got sat down in a meeting with my manager and the finance guy, they tried to tell me it was not payable for several months longer and also that the company didn't have the money.. Aft
  2. I called Autoglass for a replacement windscreen quote. As it happens the windscreen on my new car is fine but I wanted to know how much a replacement would cost for insurance purposes. The telephone sales person took the registration and looked up the model. I was asked did I need it replacing now" and I answered yes. "That will be £950". I said OK thanks. I was then asked "did I want to book an appointment?". I said no thanks.... "but you said you needed it now" Yes but its too expensive, I'll look elsewhere. "If you book an appointment today you'll get
  3. Hi, Looking for help regarding Everest conservatory sale procedure when the point of sale is on customer premises. We have a long running dispute with Everest going back to 2014, when we were mis-sold a conservatory. We clearly asked the salesman for a specific type of foundation and base work, but as his sales tool was unable to specifically detail the type of foundations being requested, we made certain it was written on to the sales contract. To set the picture, the contract was signed very late on a Thursday night, and the salesman used an excuse that he couldn’t take our dep
  4. Hi My wife and I recently made, and had accepted, an offer to buy a property. The first line of the particulars said "A most spacious five bedroom detached family home with approximately 3,000 sq ft of living accommodation..." There was a plan of the property later in the particulars but no dimensions on it. There were dimensions on a room by room basis included as part of the description of individual rooms. I had a full survey done. That states "The overall internal floor area extends to around 2085 sq ft". We have withdrawn from the sale principally because
  5. I'm posting to see if anyone else has had been sold a faulty car from this garage (jk cars derby) ive seen a past thread from the same garage for the same problem. the salesman is refusing our refund after owning the car for 23days and it breaking down. we cant even tow the car as it has electrical steering lock and the key fob doesn't even work. we are currently i the process of the trading standards but have a feeling this is going to be a long process. would anyone concider me using the small claims court?
  6. Hi there I am yet another person with problems with The Community Network TV. I had an appointment with a Sales Rep of the company who sold me a package which, it turns out, was mostly a complete fabrication. Here is what was offered: Two 42" screens in a GP practice, which were to be used to flash the name of the next patient to call them into their appointment. Full screen display of adverts, which would freeze when a patient's name popped up. I signed a contract on the basis of those promises, however, I became a bit suspicious about the company, when
  7. Having moved to Northern Ireland and confirmation i pick up the keys to my new place in two weeks, i decide to phone BT. My BT account is still live in the UK as my brother took over my flat and he is currently paying the bill. Simple you might think, the only way he said was that i have to change my contract or be hit with a £130.00 bill for install. He said no line is on his system so the engineer will have to run a new line. First question is if no current line into the property why do i have to pay?? Second there is a BT line as i have seen it myself, The last owner had v
  8. I invited a local estate agent to view my property for evaluation in early May 2010. I also invited another agent for the same purpose a week later. I invited agent (a) to revisit my home to take the listing. They backdated their signature on the Sales Agreement by nine days, without my knowledge or authorisation. My signature reflected the correct date of the Sales Agreement. The agent did not advise me that by placing my initials in a box contained within the Terms and Conditions of the HIP Pack, I was waiving my rights to the seven day "cooling off" period. They said that they had
  9. Hi Everyone I just bought a second hand car and discovered there is a general [problem] going on. The con basically involves any kind of car with a price range of £1000 to £1500. There are a lot of people now who pretend to be car traders. They look for drivable cars with faults, buy them cheap, somehow get these faulty cars MOTed and sell it on for a much higher price. BEWARE OF ANY TRADER WHO SAYS THEY HAVE JUST STARTED THE TRADE AND SO DON'T HAVE A PROPER CAR SALES GARAGE. BEWARE OF ANY TRADER WHO SAYS THEY JUST BOUGHT A CAR OR JUST HAD A CAR IN ON PART EXCHANGE. THE
  10. In other countries such as Australia and US, they have organised garage sales, by people living in residential streets, but I have not come across this in the UK. People tend to load up their cars and pay to go to a carboot. Has anyone come across organised garage sales in the UK ? If not, why do you think this is the case ? Do people think it would be too disruptive and may bring the wrong crowd of people right to your doorstep ? UK residential roads tend to be narrower and if you have people coming to take a look by car, it might block the road up, which would p*ss peop
  11. Hi all, new on here, and wondered if any body else has this experience. Broadband (not fibre) has worked fine all summer, since being sent a new router and buying a new computer,about March. In August/September I began getting sales calls, "go to Fibre", being the message. At about the same time, the BB performance began to decline again, being particularly affected by the passage of electric trains on the West Coast Main Line, about 50 mtrs or so away. I complained to TT, who couldn't find a fault with online testing, so a service call was arranged,for 17.10. I knew from Ts & Cs t
  12. Hi everyone. This is my first post I hope I'm posting it in the right place? I had an incident with the Halifax recently and I'd like to get a few opinions on how to complain about it. I entered a branch with my little boy to ask about opening a bank account for him. The man I spoke to took us into a side room to talk about it. He very quickly sidetracked the conversation into talking about Halifax insurance options. I didn't ask about insurance, but he was telling me about it anyway. I politely told him that I wasn't interested in any insurance, to which he replied "You ca
  13. Vodafone Customer Relations Manager Vodafone Limited The Connection Newbury Berkshire RG14 2FN Ref: Mobile No. ********** Dear Vodafone, Supply of Goods & Services Act 1982 I was sold a Sony Xperia Z as part of a 24 month mobile contract in July 2013, which is not of satisfactory quality, fit for its purpose and as described when I made my agreement with Vodafone, which is classed as mobile mis-selling. During the week prior to 6th September, 2013 my Sony Xperia Z phone needed to be charged more often than usual even after disabling apps etc a
  14. I attended 4 day boot camp and on the last day there was a sweet mouth sale talk which I unfortunately fell for. all training cost £12k + VAT for a year property training. I did not have the money there but some days later I called their office and discus with a staff member which I was told that if I pay something down I can start the training and have access to the mentor. I borrowed £3000 from my sister which she transferred online to the company direct, it was confirmed by email they got the payment. But still I can't have access until I pay half
  15. Lloyds Banking Group has been fined £28m for "serious failings" which rewarded sales staff with 'grand in your hand' bonuses, even when products they sold consumers were deemed unsuitable. The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) said the penalty was the biggest it had imposed against a retail banking operation, which took in behaviour at Lloyds TSB, Bank of Scotland (BoS) and Halifax between 2010 and March 2012 - a period when it became clear that Lloyds was particularly exposed to the separate payment protection insurance mis-selling scandal. The regulator said the bonus schemes at the hea
  16. Hi all and hope someone can help me. I've been a sales rep with a company for the past 12 years and have done a reasonable job. I've met targets, called on customers regularly and have been told by many that I'm in with the bricks! The past 2years have been tough as my territory has been decimated with customers going bust or just not spending and as a result of this, my figures for this year are down and my position is now on a shaky peg! My manager, off record, has told me to start looking for another job as he does not want to go down the route of micro-managing me - this
  17. This one is for a friend who purchased goods from the UK and had them delivered to an EU country. The goods are two safes, purchased over the phone, so description and transaction were carried out by phone. The safes arrived in good looking condition and have dial lock doors. When my friend tried to adjust the dial locks according to the instructions, they couldn't get them to work (on both). Another person in the company tried following the instructions to the letter and again they couldn't adjust the locks. One of the locks was also stuck. They got in touch with the retailer, over
  18. Hi Bought a car (BMW 520) from carcraft Merseyside, 8months ago. They sold me a finance package with exorbitant interest rate (black horse) on the pretext that If i paid the whole sum within 14 days (which I was going to), I would not pay a penny in interest & by me signing upto this finance package, they Will get a commission. As I had nothing to loose, I agreed & signed in good faith.i was also promised that should I find it difficult to pay the full amount within 14 days, they will refinance within that period in a very competitive interest rate as they (car craft) had their
  19. Hi, I bought a laptop from apple a few years ago (2008), which was subsequently replaced due to issues and faults last year (April 2012). My new laptop has now also come up with a bunch of issues, which after an appointment with apple has indicated an internal issue. I talked to the manager asking whether my laptop would be covered under the "Sales of Goods Act", to which the manager said no due to the fact that, the protection granted from this only applies to the original product and from the original point of sale and that I have no claim. I asked the question before I left aski
  20. Hi. Hoping for some advice. Mum has an ipad 1 3g model, roughly £500 cost. Bought from Currys 2 years 2 months ago. Problem when charging. If its left in charging and gets to 100% it shuts down completely. Can take up to an hour to reboot. For the parents its a lifeline. Elderly, dealing with cancer, keep in touch with skype, emails. To me this doesnt sound like a battery issue, as it holds its charge. Seems to be more hardware related. Currys simply state under sales of goods act that batteries are consumables and therefore the SOGA doesnt apply here. They also tell my pare
  21. I opened a Business account with Barclays and was also placed in their Sales Financing Scheme [Factoring] back in 2007 It was never explained to me properly and in my mind as mis sold as PPI I have struggled since being stuck between a Rock and a hard place, and my charges have been approx £8K a year! It has also lost me 2 high value customers who were sick of constantly being harassed by Barclays to check statements etc. They did noit like this and are no longer using our services. At long last I am now in a position to end my nightmare with this sales finance, but on ask
  22. what are my rights? I'll try and keep this short. Based in Northern Ireland - I received channels from Rep of Ireland and Mainland UK - via freeview and analogue aerial in UK and analogue aerial from ROI. Well aware that both UK and ROI would be switching to digital, my requirement was that the new TV should receive both freeview and ROI equivalent. When shopping (more than 1 year ago) I asked assistant if the TV in question would be able to pick up Channels from ROI without the need for separate set top box(this would have been a common request for consumers in Northern Ireland) and the
  23. Lloyds TSB has placed a temporary ban on the sale of controversial "packaged" current accounts, which will not be sold in branches or over the phone from January 1. These accounts, which can cost up to £300 a year, have been widely sold in recent years, and offer a range of additional perks, including travel insurance, breakdown cover and mobile phone insurance. But the regulator has been concerned that many people paying for such accounts do not always make use of the benefits, either because their age or a medical condition disqualifies them from cover or because they may already have
  24. So, today I had a puncture on the motorway, managed to get the spare on and drove straight to Kwik Fit at Manor Royal in Crawley, which is just a few yards from my work.. Several things happened that are obviously dubious, and repeated thousands of times all over the web where Kwik Fit is concerned. 1. The sales guy tried to quote for new tyres even before he inspected the flat one. 2. When he did look, he pointed out hairline cracks that were found to be superficial by the Mercedes garage. 3. He said both back tyres needed replacing 4. He then checked the front tyres, of whic
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