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Found 13 results

  1. Help for nursing students affected by loan overpayments READ MORE HERE: https://www.gov.uk/government/news/help-for-nursing-students-affected-by-loan-overpayments
  2. me and my partner have decided to end our marriage and go our separate ways. we have tax credits and housing benefits claims that both have overpayment recovery on them. I am the one that will be leaving the house we currently rent leaving my husband and 2 kids in the house. I have been told that i will have to cancel the tax credits and housing benefit and my husband will have to make a new claim for universal credits (both our names are on both claims). I will just be living off my wages and will not be able to afford to give my husband any money (I will be paying the bills while universal credit is being processed and all the things we have on finance anyway). He is fine with this but I am wondering what will happen about the overpayments. I will not receive anything in terms of benefits and I will not be able to afford to make any payments. any help would be much appreciated
  3. I recently switched gas and electricity (together, dual fuel) suppliers. The switch completed a couple of weeks ago, on 13th May. I was on a fixed monthly DD tariff with my previous supplier, and my account had built up to be significantly in credit (should be over £400 after my final bill, going by my calculations). I provided meter readings to the new supplier on the switch over day, and I was told (by at least one of the suppliers) that the new supplier would forward these on to the old one, in order for the final bill to be raised. My online account with my previous supplier isn't showing any updates yet, I contacted them to be told that it takes up to 28 days from the switch to produce the final bill, and I'll be refunded sometime after that. Is this normal? Sounds like there's nothing I can do to speed it up. I did raise the issue of the relatively large credit on my account with the supplier some time ago, but they gave some waffle about how it could be wiped out by my next bill, even though my usage history didn't suggest that at all.
  4. Hi folks, So I'm in a bit of a complicated situation, I'll try to sum it up as briefly as possible. I guess I'm just curious what people think/advice/am I doing the right thing/anything else I could do? Last year I split up with my ex. I knew he had looked into some sort of tax credits scenario a few months before we split, however I never filled in any forms and never saw any money, thus thought no more of it. In June of this year I discovered he's been claiming joint couples working tax credits under both our names since last year. When phoning the HMRC about this they "fixed" their records, and proceeded to inform me that "overpayment letters" would likely be sent out. I told them I'd never received any money nor signed a form, nor knew he was doing this, they told me that I "must have" signed a form. I got C.A.B advice and did a Subject Access Request for the initial application forms (as I disputed the existence of a signature), and while waiting for these to arrive I asked a solicitor for help and also (on a particularly stressful day) phoned my ex and told him to get this sorted out. He said he would, unforunately he uh... doesn't believe in working. Seriously. I don't think he works at all. So I can't really see how he can pay this back, and if he can't, they'll still chase me, right? Even though I never got the money and work hard every week to pay my bills! The solicitor was skeptical about the lack of signature on the form, and I was even starting to doubt myself as to whether I had inadvertantly signed the form as the last few months of our relationship were pretty horrible/a bit of a haze of stress. Solicitor suggested he would send a letter to the HMRC explaining that I did not know about the claim, received no money, and for them to only chase my ex for the money. This letter was sent over a month ago, still no response for HMRC. The past two weeks - letters start flooding in. Firstly, the fruits of my Subject Access Request labour - a massive envelope containing, among other things, the initial application form. It is entirely filled out in my ex's handwriting, and there are NO SIGNATURES on it at all. Not his, nor mine. I can't see why these would be redacted (perhaps his, but why mine? Especially when I asked for it specifically?). Finally, this week I've received two "notices to pay" for overpayments to my ex totalling about £4500. They have been sent to him too (he's told me in an email he's dealing with it). I just don't trust that he will when he thought it was ok to do this in the first place, and also where is he getting £4500 from?? The deadline for re-paying this is in October! If he has no money/offers a tiny monthly repayment, they might still come after me? I've thought of phoning them to say "hey guys, no signature, why are you chasing me?" but I thought it best to wait and see what the solicitor thinks. So that's pretty much where it's at. I've told my solicitor about the S.A.R news and am waiting to hear from him... what a mess! Hope I'm approaching it the right way.
  5. Hello, I will keep it short. Have read the various threads and found them very useful. Out of the blue last week DWP Wrote to me requesting payment of £3109.00. £1,100 from 2002 and the balance for 2009. 2002, I can vaguely remember what happened in 2002, both JSA matters. 2002, had interview under caution no charges and no Court. I am sure they sold the debt to someone them gave it back then sold it again and since 2002 I have heard from them no more than twice, have no paperwork at all from then to remember anything else. 2009 debt, JSA matter, went to Court got convicted of benefit fraud, no order was made for me to pay. Started paying, lost job, they would take money from benefit, get job never heard from them again and I am in work out of work on JSA regularly but they never took any money from my JSA for years never heard from them. I am now working. Before anyone judges me re my conviction 6 years ago. I write to JSA and declared a change of circumstances for work of less than 16hrs, they told me I was still entitled to JSA so I kept claiming it...::: I ended up in Court and although hey kind of acknowledged their error I got convicted as technically it's fraud. Please could you give me advice how to reply to both th above. They have clumped the 2 debts together from 2002 and 2009. Are both now statute barred!!!!! Can they as they say contact my employer and take deductions. I really don't want that, can they take me to court or send bailiffs?? I understand there is some new rule form last year rhat that they can do an attachment to my earrings but I didn't think that was on debts that are old?? Please advise and let me know how to respond to their letter. Thank you.
  6. Parking charges are one of life's little irritations, but what's really annoying is ticket machines that don't give change, forcing motorists to make a 'donation' to their council.... grrrrr! Across the country these overpayments add up to hundreds of thousands of pounds. But one council has taken the sting out of the tail by voting to use that money to help fund local charitable projects Torridge council has decided that £40,000 overpaid to parking meters in Torridge will now go towards community organisations and charities, Read more: http://www.northdevonjournal.co.uk/Thousands-pounds-overpaid-Torridge-parking-meters/story-26073790-detail/story.html#ixzz3SwVxxvKH
  7. Hi to all and hoping you can help, below I have provided a brief summary of the issue at hand which I hope isnt too complicated.... my wife has been on contribution based ESA since 2012 She suffers clinicial depression and has short term memory issues due to treatments previously received whilst admitted for 2 months in hospital my wife had previously worked full time as a pub manager running a very busy pub for a large company During the intial medical for ESA we declared that I sell a couple of items on Ebay in an attempt to force my wife to leave the house and take items to the post office in an build my wifes confidence I registered a company in my wifes names. I did this with the help of an accountant friend, this was also to ensure that we were legit to declare any monies earned unfortunatley my attempt to support my wife in this way had the reverese affect and may her withdraw even more (I know, I am stupid and didnt understand at the time, I was desperate) consequently the business did not trade, but my account friend had submitted accounts to HMRC with a provision for a salary, I didnt take much notice at the time DWP stopped ESA payments in Oct 14 on the basis of the salary provision being made I had sent a recorded letter to DWP advising that no salary had been drawn in Oct 14 in Oct 14 I chased DWP for a reply as we had heard nothing - they advised they had not recieved anything even though we know the letter had been received I sent another letter outlining all above points along with a letter from my accountant stating that no salary had been drawn. DWP advised they had received this Dec 14 I received a letter from DWP advising overpayments and the debt will be collected as the ESA dept had not advised of a mandatory reconsideration I contacted ESA and they advised I needed to send in another letter to request a reconsideration My wife phoned ESA in Dec 14 to see if they had received our letter, they state they had not and advised we phone back the folowing week My wife phoned back and they say they had received the letter, but also requested evidence from HMRC that no monies had been drawn from the company We obtained 2 documents from HMRC covering the periods 2012/13 and 2013/14 clearly stating zero income - we sent this in Jan 15 along with a covering letter We waited a week and called ESA who advised they had not received anything (again) and we should make an appointment with our local job centre to take in all of the documents sent by post to avoid any further losses we then received a phone call to say they had found the documents and we duly cancelled the job centre appointment we were told to wait a week and we should here something, we didnt so we started chasing again only to be told the documents had been lost when sending to our local job centre!!! This morning we have received another letter from DWP to recover the overpayments from my wifes DLA!! they will not change this until they have been notified from ESA dept?? We now have an appointment at the local job centre again Phew....is there any advice anyone can provide as we feel we have done everything we can, provided everything they have requested. I am feeling due to their incompetance that I am now losing the plot myself and I need to be there for my wife. Help....
  8. Hi I have 2 overpayments currently being reccovered from my ctc these are for 2011/12 I have being disputing and complaing etc since then. I have all my sars data with parts missing have wrote complaint about missing data also contacted my mp who contacted them. What i am wondering now I have majorityof call reccords and screen shots I feel it should go to offical error, however was wondering if i should await response from ministerial complaints or carry on and submit letter of official error.
  9. Hi I have received a letter this morning from DWP saying I owe them £1939.17 and advising me that they will proceed with either debt collectors or Attachment of Earnings order to recover this unless I agree a repayment plan. I rang them to ask what the debt is for and they told me it was for overpayment of child tax credits from Sept 1993-Dec 1993 and for Oct 1995-Nov 1995. They have agreed to send me the relevant paperwork but said they will still proceed with collection while I am waiting for the papers. I have recently requested a pension forecast and am presuming this is how it has all come to light. Am I still liable after all this time? This is the first time I have heard about this `debt`. Thanks for any help
  10. Advisors guide [ATTACH=CONFIG]49002[/ATTACH] Website for guide and further information http://www.revenuebenefits.org.uk/tax-credits/guidance/how-to-deal-with-hmrc/challenging-overpayments/
  11. I am going to write to the HMRC Pay As You Earn office to claim a tac overpayment for last year. Back in the day the HMRC would pay back with a check. Can I ask the HMRC to pay the amount to a bank account or alternatively directly into my payslip? Thanks.
  12. Hi All Not sure where to start with all this!! Husband received a letter from the Debt Management Corby in July 2010 about an over payment of pension credits of 8K which was amassed Feb 2004 to June 2007. We were both shocked by this and contact the centre same day as he received the letter. They could not give us any information in regards to this and referred us to the pension service. We contacted them and they could not give us any information either. So we wrote to them disputing this amount and asking if they can send details as to how the payments where made i.e. bank,building society or giro. We didn't hear anything from the DWP until Jan 2013. When the DWP said they had reviewed all the "facts" and the overpayment was valid. Well in 2003 my husband opened an PO account and had the benefit he was claiming paid into it, he was in receipt on incapacity benefit then in 2005 he turned 65 and his benefit changed to old age and his statements from the PO show this clearly. We don't know what to do now as no matter we tell them or send them the DWP are insistent he owes this money and they have started to deduct money from his pension. What can I do about it? I am in the process of formulating a complaint and sending the copies of the statements and asking yet again where was and how was the money paid to him! I am so tired of this and frustrated to say the least. Today I contacted the debt place again only to be referred to the pension service cos they can't answer my questions and the pension service refers me back to the debt people again. Surely to God there is somewhere in this country that can help me get this resolved! Sorry for the rant and any help will be appreciated. x
  13. my daughter & partner are being asked to pay back around £4000 in a lump sum in 10 days. is there any way of spreading the payment? After months of saying it would come out of tax next year (by phone), the tax office now say its got to be a lump sum & suggest taking out a loan or paying be credit card! this is despite my daughter phoning the tax office several times because she didn't think she was due the money initially, but the tax office insisted they were right.
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