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Found 4 results

  1. Hi, newbie here, thanks in advance for any advice. My daughter started a full time btec level 3 course prior to her 19th birthday.She is currently entitled to child tax credit, child benefit and I get child support via csa. I am trying to work out when her benefits will stop as she although turning 20 in december, will have not finished her course till the following summer as year two of course will have started just september prior to her 20th birthday. Can anyone advise me, when date wise her child benefit, child tax credit and support from csa will stop so I can plan ahead, thanks as I have found it very confusing to understand. I myself are disabled on support group esa and pip.
  2. I've been so stupid. I moved in with my partner in May this year, we claimed HB, JSA, council tax ttogether but not Child Tax. I'm as aa single claim and they found out after I wwent on Experian website. They have sent me a letter only mentioningaAugust to now they think I am lliving with Mr ******* which I am. I am bricking it. I should have called them and was goingto until Bailiffs aarrived a month after for council tax from a few years ago (my housing didn't even say it had gone to them when I paid 5 days earlier) so I had to pay council tax in full. And bailiffs wanted their fees so since then have been in hiding. Then. The licence turned up as I cancelled DD and I got a summons to court. I was fined and am still paying my fine off Inc TV licence. My step daughter went to live with a relative so we have to pay a large sum of CSA monthly. Stupid I know not to tell them as I didn't want to have no money for 8 weeks. But now it's near Christmas and this has happened. If I don't pay my fine bailiffs are back. If I don't pay bailiffs they are back if I don't pay TV licence I will be in court again. I'm too scared to call Child tax credits I can't eat (good diet but wouldn't recommend it) me andmy partner are arguing We are having to sell out dog just to get food as I know it will be stopped and I will get sent to prison or in the paper and all over social media. I feel sick at the thought of it, and I don't know what to do. I have until December the 4th. They want me to call them or send in paper to prove I don't live with him. What will happen to me?Please help! My family don't want to know or help and my partners family don't talk tohim. I have a 11, 10 and 5 year old. I can't even afford schoolshoes my 11 yyear old has to wear plimsolls to school . I've been so stupid.
  3. got letter from hmrc stating wed been o/p ctc got married good Friday last year and reported change in circs on april 26th after returning from honey moon explained this to hmrc this am not good enough. good Friday was 30/03 and was told we should have reported it then. how many hmrc work good Friday or easter Monday. am I being daft or unreasonable in thinking I may have been a couple of days late and that the tax man is just being silly. to be perfectly honest @58 widowed and remarried I wasn't thinking about ctc reporting for a fortnight .I am of course asking for a mandatory reconsideration. I would be very gratefull for some advice as to how to proceed when the mandatory recon is declined; I suppose if I owed them millions a couple of lunches would have cleared the matter up ok but it appears being honest must be done on a bank holiday, oh yes got a call from some dca about this but they don't count.
  4. Hi I have 2 overpayments currently being reccovered from my ctc these are for 2011/12 I have being disputing and complaing etc since then. I have all my sars data with parts missing have wrote complaint about missing data also contacted my mp who contacted them. What i am wondering now I have majorityof call reccords and screen shots I feel it should go to offical error, however was wondering if i should await response from ministerial complaints or carry on and submit letter of official error.
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